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Mary Kay Math

You can take the girl out of Mary Kay, but you can’t take the MK out of the girl! Kelly Brock left MK months ago, but she still uses Mary Kay Math (i.e. bad/wrong numbers). She’s promoting her coaching services and how she’s going to help someone get Instagram followers.

And with Kelly’s awesome strategy, she’ll get 750 new followers a month and have 4,000 new followers in 4 months.

Oh, wait. 750 a month is 3,000 followers after 4 months, not 4,000. Meh. What’s 1,000 followers give or take?


  1. Wasrings90

    What is organic value adding? I will admit I follow very few in IG, those I do follow are independent make up brands, a few you tubers and some vintage resale/ clothing shops. So maybe I don’t get how IG works…. Also contingent your money back if you don’t have that many followers after 4 months?

            1. BestDecision

              You have GOT to go see Pam’s Stories about the new skin analysis app where it recommends 10+ products SHE IS ALREADY USING. So much for effective products! Bad skin tone, wrinkles, etc. —Instagram @pamelashaw

                    1. TRACY

                      I don’t think she mentions MK at all, likely because she’s prohibited from soliciting MK ladies. That doesn’t necessarily mean she can’t sell to them, but she can’t approach them. I also think the strategy is to not mention MK directly because people outside of MK think it’s such a joke.

    1. Enorth

      “What is organic value adding?”

      The MLM crowd throws around the word “organic”, as in, “I grew my team organically.”

      I won’t go with the obvious joke.

    2. J

      I’m not well versed in IG either, but I know you can pay to basically have a bot gather followers for you by following people in hopes that a certain percentage will follow you back. Heard about it on Kiki Chanel where she has an anti mlm video segment. Linking a video where she’s watching beach body coaches talk about it; it’s at the 12-15min portion.

      So growing organically would be getting thousands of followers yourself vs having a bot do it for you. Not sure what she’s charging, but it’s probably cheaper to pay $40/month for a bot with an algorithm than 100/hr for her elusive secret solution.


      1. Wasrings90

        So I also heard you can pay for followers on IG, and saw Kiki’s video…. That’s quite a statement to make… Wonder if you can turn her in for false advertising when it fails miserablerly….

  2. roo2

    I find it fascinating how anyone would pay money for her business “tips” since she left the business. I mean it was no secret she was salivating for national and never made but yet she holds the key to your business success. if that isn’t twisted, I am not sure what is..

  3. roo2

    What’s funny was something Crystal Trojo mentioned you can not plug products on IG until you hit 10k followers. All these nationals out here with this inflated sense of self thinking they are influencer status and yet don’t even hit the follower mark yet to plug products yet. so Kelly must be desperate to push over 10k followers. also, with quarantining and Instagram being one of the most effective ways to market products to a younger generation, Kelly’s made up way to grow your followers by that much might sound appealing to a desperate Kaybot. As so many people in MLMS move away from the desperate posts of please order, I am hosting a sale..etc… they are essentially “warm chattering” through IG.. here is my family, my prayer journal, tell me your monthly goal… I wonder if then the next thing you know they are in your DM telling you how great you would be at MK.

    1. Coffee Canuck

      Maybe not for pay, but I share products that I love on Insta, (mostly local companies and products that help with me being celiac), and I have gotten free products and discounts from them because they appreciate the payout. I do not want to be an influcener, nor do i profess to be, but if I like I product, I tell people about it, if I dont , I tell people about that too.

      1. roo2

        omg I am celiac too! another reason Mary kay is joke good luck asking someone if this stuff is safe for celiac. I don’t use products on my hands, lips or face with wheat for fear of ingesting it. Yeah, I hear you nothing wrong with a shout out of products you like but really I think the purpose of growing their followers is the new warm chattering especially right now.

  4. Banrion

    She’s using the Amway model now. When peddling pyramid products becomes too problematic, sell the solution to the slaves. IOW, she has realized that her money is coming from the same place whether they are her downline or her clients. But by being a coach, she gets to exploit the pyramid network while cutting out the hassle of shipping product and abiding by the pyramid’s rules.

    I do wonder if these “coaches” are actually Ponzi schemes by the legal definition, eliminating the physical product could be a bigger issue than these girls realize. They need to brush up on MK history to remember why MKA could sell a grocery store rose for $100.

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