Get That Agreement Signed!

Written by The Scribbler

This script by retired nsd NSD Anita Garrett-Roe is titled “Five Effective Questions,” but ironically, the download name of the document was “GetThatAgreementSigned.”

For a potential recruit to buy in, they may have to hear the words in their own voice. When you ask someone a question, and they answer it, they are hearing their own voice. If they are answering the right question, they will convince themselves.

1. “If you don’t become a consultant today, what will be improved a year from now?”

This is powerful because you are asking them to look at what their life will be like a year from now if they don’t say yes to this opportunity.

2. “If you were to become a consultant today, what will be improved a year from now?”

The wording here is very important…notice that you didn’t ask them what would be different, you asked what would be improved. You also used the word “will” instead of “would” which gives a sense of expectation. When you ask closing questions you can—by your choice of question—direct the type of answer they will give you. For this question, they will tell you, in their own voice, what will be better about their life a year from now if they become a consultant today. You’re not telling them, they’re telling you. , They know the answer… they’ll say it… and they’ll hear the answer in their own voice. In the process of that, they will begin to convince themselves that this is what they want.

3. “What qualities do you have that would make you shine as a consultant?”

They’ve just told you how their life will be improved and now they’re going to tell you why they’d be good at it!

4. “What are the two most important reasons for you to become a consultant today?”

Powerful question—especially the use of word “today” which adds a sense of urgency. Because you’re asking them for only 2 reasons, they will pick out the two most important ones. it might be their family, or children, or finances, or because they don’t want to work a j.o.b. anymore…they’re going to tell you now the 2 most important reasons why they need to become a consultant today. You don’t have to convince them if you ask them the right questions—they convince themselves!!

5. “It does sound like you’d be an excellent consultant. Why don’t you give it a try?”

The reason that this question is so powerful is because when they think about giving something a try, they believe that they have options. that they’re just testing it out. They don’t believe they’re making a decision. In actuality, they are making a decision, but it gives them the felling of having an ‘out’…that question — in exactly those words, “Why don’t you give it a try?” will allow them to give themselves permission to say yes!


  1. Char

    This is actually two-fold scumbaggery. Not only the manipulation to sign, but also WHAT she is selling.

    Imagine a used car salesmen convincing a poor, dumb, old lady to buy a car for three times the price of the sticker. Bad enough, right? But what if that car was also known to accelerate on it’s own and mow over crowds of people? And he still sold the car to her!

    To become a successful MLMer, you “leave a path of destruction”.

    Quoting Tracy from yesterday and worth repeating:

    “This may be how you can get to national sales director in Mary Kay, but make no mistake: You will leave a path of destruction behind you. The process of getting to NSD isn’t just about working hard. It’s about putting those below you in financial trouble, because the only way to move up is to get those in your pyramid to put in thousands of dollars toward products they have little hope of selling. That’s not an accomplishment.”

    The tricky part that often gets missed: The target in the article is in the path UNLESS she decides to “work hard” in the business of conning and manipulating other women… what is being done to her!

    Why, oh why do you lurkers worship NSDs? Don’t you get that you are aspiring to be a manipulative con artist? And, in case you’re thinking that not all “leaders” are the same, WRONG. You cannot be a leader in MLM by telling the truth. Due to it being an inherently flawed method, that would be impossible.

  2. morningstar

    Gleaned this nugget today passed on to me by frustrated kabot on MK changes. She is out at the end of april. Thanks PT.

    *NEW UPDATE! In light of the current environment, Mary Kay is creating a digital-only version of The Look for the May product launch, so there will not be a printed version. Because of this, they are suspending the Summer 2020 Preferred Customer Program. Those who have already registered for the quarter will receive a refund to their account by April 17 for the total amount of their Preferred Customer Program.
    *From National Court of Sales Achiever, Wende Holmes… Just an idea ? Reach out to your customers, make sure you have the correct email, advise them of no mailing, it’s all virtual and we can email them. We still give them Great Customer Service, they can browse at their leisure, order online, and we can offer the virtual service of pampering/color. Thanks Wende!

    We just took it up a notch! NOW through April 30, Mary Kay wants to help support your Golden Rule Customer Service in these difficult times by offering DISCOUNTED SHIPPING ON CUSTOMER DELIVERY SERVICE (CDS)!
    Yes now, more than ever…. it’s important to continue to provide Golden Rule Customer Service. Customer Delivery Service can be a great option to do this! You can ship orders generated from your Mary Kay Personal Web Site or a sales ticket directly to your customers! Stay safe and save time while your customers stay happy! Win – Win!
    A few important features of this limited-time DISCOUNT PROMOTION (4/15 – 4/30):
    • USPS shipping rate discounted from $6.95 to $3.50
    • UPS Shipping discounted from $10.95 to $7.00
    • Through CDS, orders accumulate throughout the month towards the $225 required to stay active.
    Would you believe more women are looking for another way to earn extra money right now? We are seeing a surge of New Team Members…who do you know? Need support in doing so? Any questions? Please call, always here for you!
    Hugs, xxxxxxxx

    What does CDS mean here?

        1. isparklenow

          But if the cut out the consultumer and sell directly to an actual customer at the retail price, they’re eliminating the 50% AND commissions, trinkets, cars, etc. They could also try to get their product into stores like Ulta.

            1. morningstar

              And the car program insurance, rings, events, printing costs, travel costs etc.

              Salvage the monolith manufacturing company by buying into mainstream market ( to support in store ventures).

              Wondering if the notice will be abrupt to the sales crew?

              PS how nice of them to lower the shipping costs.

              1. Shay

                They are not even giving them the commercial rate for usps. It goes by how far package travels and weight , but it starts out at $2.73 on paypal and pirateship.

    1. pinkienomore

      Funny you mentioned this… the part about them receiving a REFUND is true, but here’s the ACTUAL wording from MK…

      **Those who have already registered for the quarter will receive a refund to their account by April 24 for the total amount of their Preferred Customer Program℠ and/or Consultant First Look orders. With exciting Summer products launching soon, you may want to apply your credit balance to a product order!

      [SO…. when they say “refund to account,” it actually means a CREDIT to their Intouch to be used on orders.]

      Then it goes on to say:

      For BALANCES that are not used by May 31, we will initiate a REFUND to the same method in which you receive your commissions no later than June 2. For those who use direct deposit or already have a pay card, you can expect your refund in 2-3 business days, all others can expect their refund in 7-10 business days. If you have not signed up for direct deposit, it’s not too late! Click here for more details.

      Additionally, Independent Beauty Consultants who have already signed up for the Preferred Customer Program℠ for the Summer quarter, as well as those who participated in the Spring quarter, will receive early order privileges for the Summer 2020 quarter on May 10.

  3. roo2

    how about the NSDs showing how they just got a “free box” of hand sanitizer. I am just that will only be used for the most virtuous of purposes gross gross gross.. If only that product could cut through the utter malarky

  4. Lazy Gardens

    Wow, that’s some Manchurian Candidate level propaganda “they’ll hear the answer in their own voice. In the process of that, they will begin to convince themselves that this is what they want.”

  5. MLM Radar

    become a consultant today…
    become a consultant today…
    become a consultant today…
    today… today… today…

    Why the pressure to sign up today? Don’t you want me to be comfortable with my decision? Is the world going to come to an end if I take a few days to think about it?

    Or are you pressuring me to sign up right now because you’re afraid I’ll learn something you haven’t told me that may make me change my mind?

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