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Mary Kay 2020 NSD Suit Prices

Who wants to be a Mary Kay NSD? One of the many fun things (in addition to the fact that only about half of the NSDs make more than $10k gross income per month) you’ll be in for is purchasing your uniform each year. The suit has to be worn at all official company functions like Seminar and Career Conference, and it is also expected that you’ll wear it to all the “guest events” that you’ll go do.

You see, the uniform is mostly intended to create envy. It’s something visible that separates the haves and the have-nots. And it is intended to make the have-nots want to move up into the privileged group.

Get ready to shell out $1,200 or more, just for the jacket part of the uniform. If you want pieces to wear under, it, that will be extra, thank you.


  1. Juliet

    My horror stricken question here is how do they keep the NSDs size 18 or under?? Assuming, of course, that if you are size 20+, you obviously can’t be an NSD because even the JACKET won’t fit you, and since size 18 – granted – is a generous size, well……NSD and size 20+ must be an oxymoron? Perhaps the larger size, and likely older, woman would just then be going the custom made route but can you do that with a designer label & corporate design?

    Second question is truly meant, do businesses the size of Mary Kay, and not MLM, require these kinds of coordinating, mandatory outfits? i am so far from sophisticated, I figure it’s probably pretty routine in the higher echelon clubs, or something, that jacket styles etc., may well be commonplace to clearly convey hierarchy, but I don’t have any idea if I’ve read too many novels or what lol.
    Thank you!

    1. TRACY

      Also, I suspect the not-so-subtle message is that you better not be larger than size 18 because it’s not good for the image of the company. After all, they’re in the image business!

  2. BestDecision

    When barely 50 NSDs have made $70,000 for the year, a $1,200 jacket is ridiculous pressure. The color is awful, and it will be the ugliest Seminar yet to see that pink alongside the Home Ec-disastrous blue of the new Director suit.

    *If you’re a Consultant, Director, or NSD reading this, my source is the new May Applause. Only 52 NSDs have earned $70,000 or more for the Seminar year according to it. —Page 10.

  3. nomoremlm4me

    $1200?!? Good grief, that is a house payment – for an ugly jacket. It takes a lot to boggle my mind anymore about MK, but consider it completely boggled.

  4. Talia

    The brand is so ‘global’ and ‘luxury’ that I’ve never heard of them. Also, (leaving to one side the fact it looks like something a pepto bismol saleswoman would wear and leave at work with a sigh of relief), at that price, shouldn’t it be 100% wool (if not cashmere)?

    1. MultiLevelMoneylosing

      They sell St John at Neiman Marcus. It’s a brand of choice for ladies of a certain age to wear to their children’s weddings and husband’s work Christmas parties.

    1. BestDecision

      NSDs are treated to private shuttles and limos at Seminar, whereas everyone else melts in the heat standing in lines and walking in concrete. Nothing motivates people more than seeing them cool and polished in their suits.

  5. Pinkiu

    It should bother NSDs (and maybe it does) that this suit should be a perk for them. After all, frontloading one recruit with a full store pays for that suit for MK.

    I just bought my first St. John suit from a resale store last month. First, OMG, it fits divinely and now I know why people love these suits. Second, I am a size 8-10. The suit jacket was an 8 and fit me well, a bit on the large end of 8. I was only going to buy the jacket because the skirt was a 4. There is no way I could wear a 4. However, because it stretches, it fits me like it was made for me. My guess is that the sizes are generous and one could be a 20 and still fit into an 18. Third, my cost…$95 total.

  6. MLM Radar

    One reason it costs so much is that the manufacturer will only sell about 100 of each design. Reprogramming and retooling for each new job takes time and costs money. The cost (high) gets divided by the number of pieces produced (few).

    Also, knowing that Mary Kay never does anything for free, there’s probably a generous profit going to corporate for each suit sold.

  7. morningstar

    I pick up St john pieces at around 60.00a t second hand stores. Great quality. I purchased a dress at the rack for 131.00 marked down from 1275.00 in Jan. My friend used to manage a St John store and she told me the MK snob ladies were abound (circa mid 1990’s). The side label has the date month/year they are made. I use them to throw on for DOD and aerospace meetings, great when you are in a time pinch and travel well.

    That said, this is too much to demand FULL price on these items (newest items on website are these prices) that look fuzzy esp. in the summer. Gaberdine is so much professional looking. The jewel neck is not for me and many others but you do not have a choice.
    My problem with this to pay this price for no choice on style is really demeaning at the NSD level from MK corporate. This is indoctrination at 2525.00. So they aspire to this fuzzy wuzzy style from a prestige brand that is popular with upper crust all around the country. So sad. Men picked this? Don’t forget that tax on 2525.

  8. Char

    “You see, the uniform is mostly intended to create envy. It’s something visible that separates the haves and the have-nots. And it is intended to make the have-nots want to move up into the privileged group.”

    This.^^^^^^ And what infuriates me is, NSDs are NOT what anyone should aspire to be. Leaders in MLM (NSDs in MK) are the top liars, as they have scammed the most people. This is what everyone needs to comprehend. You should be spitting at their feet and not kissing them.

      1. Any

        I buy a Chanel purse and I’m not fancy LOL
        Bitch, please. st. J… what? And I am a poor Hairdresser in my country… so poor of me. I am not buying any nsd… any used scarf in a ugly closet. MkSucks!!

  9. Peaches

    So, how much is the skirt (I hope here is at least 2 choices because some woman have more @$$ than tits.) how much for the sleeveless shell (glorified tank top) and is there a shell available? And is there a scarf? and what about a button down blouse that is “oh so feminine?
    Or is the NSD supposed to show her @$$ so people can kiss it instead of her ring?
    Just sayin’

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