Mary Kay NSD Kristin Sharpe’s Hand-Me-Down Prizes

Don’t get me wrong: Hand-me-downs are awesome for growing kids and people who like yard sales (we call them rummage sales in Wisconsin!). But as a “prize” in Mary Kay?

NSD Kristin Sharpe proudly displayed on Facebook the fun time her unit members had shopping from her closet of used things. Who got to participate? Anyone who “maxed out” double credit. Yet another prize related to how much you ORDERED from MK, without any regard for whether or not you sold anything.

Also a problem for the me is the fact that ENVY is used to get people to order. It’s all about the “classes” of people in Mary Kay. The NSDs are above everyone and are to be worshiped. OMG… you get a chance to shop from Kristin’s closet!!! You can have some of what she has! That’s demeaning.

What’s even more demeaning? Using old, crappy Mary Kay prizes as the items in your closet. Kristin didn’t offer any personal clothing, designer bags or shoes, or any of the other higher end items you might expect from someone who brags about how much money she makes from MK. Nope. What she offered were things she got for free from Mary Kay. Things she had used and no longer wanted, because you have to use the current MK prize to get your unit and area interested in ordering more to earn that prize.

Take a look at these pictures and tell me how you like the prize choices Kristin offered. How would you feel being offered something Kristin got free from MK, used for a while, and is now giving away as if it’s a treasured reward?

(Also, is anyone else sick of Kristin always smiling with her mouth wide open as if to say “I’m soooooooo excited!!!”)


  1. BestDecision

    At my last Leadership Conference, people living near her said she is horrible to work with, has a huge ego, brags constantly about her unit meeting size (which she co-hosts with multiple Directors), and has sketchy recruiting practices. I remember being told Sean Key was flying to Atlanta to attend her meetings “because they’re the largest in the entire country”.

    She looks as fake as they come, but she capitalized on something no one had at that point and that was plastic bags and mailers to her unit for everything. She must spend a fortune on ribbon and supplies because she wraps everything. Weren’t we taught “the eye buys”? Guess if it has to be dressed up that much it’s not worth all that itself, is it?

      1. J

        Sorry to hear that, was she disappointed at all/realize she’s being treated like a “lesser than”?

        I think it’s really disgusting that this was presented as a prize to her unit. “I’ll allow you to pick one possession of mine that I consider trash.”

        1. Z

          Omg no! She was happy and excited. She’s all about it, but it’s SO fake. I think she might know deep down that this is insulting, but she would never admit to that. She recently got a real job. I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time and hoping this will be the gateway to getting out of MK.

          I’m just a family member affected by MK and have never sold. I lurk for the posts on Kristin and her mom – super sketchy hard core manipulation recruiting tactics too. Has caused so much family drama over here!

          1. J

            Wishing her all the best; that’s a tough place to be in.

            I only saw NSDs twice a year (Career Conference and Seminar), so it took longer than it should have for me to realize how manipulative they were.

            Hopefully her job will leave less room in her schedule to be treated poorly and told it’s the norm.

  2. J

    Ew, no this is bad. This has “I don’t know how to people” written all over it.

    The look of utter (social norms) disconnect in her eyes… it’s unsettling. Feels like she’s offering poisoned apples.

    1. NayMKWay

      My first thought when seeing that fake open-mouthed smile (as in the 1st pic): “She looks like she wants to eat children.”

      I’m glad it isn’t just me.

  3. Emmapeelfan

    I work for a large online retailer. That stuff looks like the cheap swag we get every year for “Customer Service Appreciation Day”. Definitely not worth whatever maxed-out double credit is!

    1. Neverpink

      This! These “prizes” look so cheap and tacky, like they’re bought from discount bins. Not that there’s anything wrong with buying things from discount bins, but these are not at all special.

  4. Juliet

    The only thing wrong with buying from discount bins and dollar stores is lying and – and sins of omission – giving every impression they are NOT discount. Or multiplying the value of items by 5000% and listing them as “awards” or “rewards” or whatever for spending multiple thousands of dollars on discount makeup and skincare.

    1. Mountaineer95

      I’m a year late but the recent K Sharpe post led me back here. I have a question in relation to your comment, if you know or if anyone else does: so the Kaybots who earn prizes are taxed on the retail value of the prizes, yes? Like if MKCorp values a diamond ring at $1000, the recipient must pay taxes on that $1000 (understanding that this might vary by state of the recipient)? But what if the recipient contests the “retail value”? Like, MK gives me a ring that they “value” at $1000, and I’m expected to pay 20% tax (I have no idea if this is a common percentage, just using for the example) so $200…but what if I suspect the ring value from MK wasn’t correct? Can I get another appraisal and then pay the tax according to that appraisal? I hope I explained that well, I’m not sure I did!

  5. morningstar

    She is not too busy, and since everything is about money, she really cons the downline into more crap, the crap that is the star prizes in some cases. How much ordering and layering for the downline is needed to get her shiz.

    She has her mouth open so much I wonder if she needs oxygen for her brain. Not a good habit.

  6. roo2

    Wow, this is truly a new low. I am always appalled by Kristin being so excited over the new Charming Charlie quality bee jewelry she “won” for the month. As if she ever wears it again. As someone that truly cares about the plastic pollution and overall throw away rate of things in this country, Mary Kay truly embraces sending useless junk that ends up in landfills and our environment which makes me sick. A prize? no one won anything. They simply bought it with those made up makeup numbers.

    and Sean as a Herbalife rep??? my gosh, this afeels like something straight out of the twilight zone. If he truly felt he could win big at MLM, why not do Mary Kay? how many kay bots do you think he will try to steal to Herbalife?

  7. EyesWideShutNoMore

    Anyone have her mom as an NSD? Was she just as fake?

    I think they likened themselves to some kind of MK version of The Judds when they were on stage. Except of course, The Judd’s have talent.

  8. nopinkpunk

    She’s good. She conned a bunch of fools into taking her garbage, which they will eventually have to pay to dispose of, and likely got them to pay postage for the privilege. That’s harsh.

  9. Pinkiu

    I think she deleted all but one of the photos. They aren’t on her page any more. I wonder why she would do that? Maybe she reads PT secretly and was embarrassed by being exposed.

  10. MakeupLover

    This is incredibly tacky! I can’t see anything worthwhile to win by maxing my credit. When I think about how much I spent on inventory and what I could have done with the money instead (i.e. go on trips, buy real jewelry, furniture, clothes, etc.) I cringe.

    1. J

      Same. I cringe about how much further I could have been in my career. My director was disappointed with my decision to go (yes, go) to college at 18. I can STILL hear her saying “you know they say, in just one year of being in mk, you get the equivalent training of 4yrs in business school.”

  11. pinkschmadillac

    The ONLY reason she did this ‘win crap from my closet’ contest was to write it off on her taxes. Well, one other obvious reason – for the ‘gram. Notice how she had someone (probably one of her 5 assistants) following her around taking pictures and videoing her on video chats with her “winners” all so she could post them. I once attended a Director “money management” workshop she did and she flat out admitted that she was taxed so heavily on her MK prizes that she gave them away to write them off (and encouraged others to do the same). So there you have it folks! She’s as fake as her smile. And that’s not even her closet. She’s living in her mom’s basement (which is bigger than most peoples size homes).

    1. TRACY

      The taxation on the prizes is true. MK assigns a value to the prizes and puts them on the 1099. You pay taxes on that value. If the value is inflated, then your taxes are high too. You better believe that “top director trip” is reported at the “full retail value” of it, rather than what you could get the trip for through a travel agent or travel website. Why? It looks much better if you say the director went on a $20,000 trip than if you say she went on a $6,000 trip.

      1. BestDecision

        And I laugh knowing a now-NSD told me she bought $10,000 wholesale to finish Trip. So, she had that cost PLUS taxes to pay on their valuation of the trip.

        And who says we are the ones on “the journey of the broke”?


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