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MLM participants have been using the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to shill their wares. Most importantly, they use job loss and financial fears to recruit people into their schemes. And with companies like Mary Kay, they are also using the coronavirus crisis as an opportunity to peddle their cosmetics.

Who needs makeup during a health crisis? Exactly no one. But that doesn’t stop the Mary Kay ladies like NSD Lily Gauthreaux. They have created this “donate to a healthcare worker” ruse. Even CNBC has noticed that this is a nonsense marketing ploy. Hospitals need medical supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE) like face masks. They don’t need a MK Satin Hands set.

From the article:

But experts warn this is a marketing ploy to improve sales volume and that consumers’ donation money is better spent directly donating to hospitals or other reputable organizations.

Distributors for companies including Arbonne, a skincare, cosmetics, and nutrition MLM; and Scentsy, an MLM that sells wax warmers and products, are soliciting funds through Facebook fundraisers, asking for money on social media through Venmo or PayPal or asking for consumers to buy items directly through their sites so they can be donated. On Facebook alone, dozens of fundraisers had gathered more than $13,000 for “care packages” or “break room bundles” containing items like “fizz sticks” or protein bars from Arbonne. Distributors are posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even LinkedIn to raise funds. 

Mary Kay vultures like Lily Gauthreaux want consumers to pay her $10 to $30 to “bless a health care worker.” No word on how much profit SHE makes. I assume you pay her $30, and she gives $30 of products to a doctor or nurse. Is that $30 at wholesale value, or retail, whereby she is profiting from that? Even if she doesn’t profit from the product sale, she is still getting her NSD and sales director commission on those products. Any way you slice it, Lily is using a crisis to line her own pockets.

And let’s not fool ourselves. The samples in the “pampering pack” aren’t really meant to do anything other than induce the recipient to buy products. The opportunistic behavior is shameful.





  1. Notice the headline on the second page: “Because of your orders this week.”

    Is it me, or does the orange graphic behind those words look like it’s giving us the finger?

      • Lol! Right? “A” medical professional.
        Barf ?
        Unless a kaybot is selling sleep or quick, pre-made nutritious meals, I can assure you, they have absolutely NOTHING we “need” right now.

  2. What nurses and doctors need are warm meals, hot showers, quiet, movies to escape in, and sleep. They don’t need samples. They don’t need someone following up.

    This is appalling. And it just fires me up even more to come on here and tell my story and cheer those on that are leaving it behind.

  3. You only get a tax deduction for a charitable donation when you personally donate directly to a registered charity.

    Your Mary Kay consultant is not a registered charity.

  4. Per our newspaper:
    The major hospital was “appreciative for the outpouring of donations”, however, it asked that they stop, because “…we have no process to handle them.”

  5. To be fair, Scentsy did scold their sales force when Irma hit telling them to stop doing “fundraisers” and said it was tacky and they would be making a cash donation on behalf of everyone.

  6. A MK sales director made up boxes and boxes of hand cream, etc. in pink cellophane for EMS /First Responders. The local TV station was there to film her as she made the deliveries…to the male personnel. Did the men really use (or want) those MK pampering products? I’m sure her business card was included in each package.

    • They don’t have the time nor the desire to use hand cream. Do these people not realize healthcare facilities use soaps with aloe in them? It’s tacky on every level.

  7. As a “healthcare professional,” this opportunistic bull? is nauseating and unconscionable.
    I *wish* some greedy kaybot would try me right now. I’d love to give one of them a faceful for their blatant exploitation of this unprecedented disaster.

    My usual Bath & Body Works products serve me wonderfully, the price is right, and I guarantee they smell better. “Strawberry poundcake” or “confetti cake pop,” anyone?

    A lovely elderly friend of mine is making and donating cloth face masks. She refused to even charge me shipping when she sent some for myself and the other nurses I work with. Now THAT is “blessing a healthcare worker.” THAT is charity.

    Know what we really need right now (aside from the obvious PPE)?


  8. I mailed all my inventory back last week and it couldn’t have been at a better time (other than sooner). I have been sickened over the past few weeks at the cranking up of deceptive lines and practices at this time when so many are vulnerable and hurting. All the issues I’ve been having with the lack of integrity and the requirement to prey on others to succeed came to an awful head as I realized there truly are no boundaries. Golden rule service means prey on people who have lost their jobs? On medical personnel who need many things but certainly not these products? And when so many need donations towards basic needs, not a “fake” donation in which the product has been purchased by another consumer and the consultant and recruiters and directors still all benefit in one way or another! I work for a nonprofit that actually DOES meet basic needs and my choice to focus on that work was dismissed and ridiculed as having lack of belief or just not having a make a way attitude. Since “make a way” clearly means preying on others, I pass. When I get my 90% back I will do something truly helpful for someone. It will take me awhile to get over how blind I was and to get rid of this guilty conscience for being part of something so unethical. I hope there are many other news reports calling out this scam and the scam of the “opportunity!”

  9. Here’s the latest one going around on social media:

    “IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY STUCK IN ISOLATION WITH SOMEONE WHO IS ABUSIVE, shoot me a message asking if – “I’m still selling Mary Kay”. If you message specifically about liquid eyeliner, I will ask for your address (for shipping) and contact law enforcement for you.
    You are NOT alone!”

    • Wow. I saw that from a FB post and thought it was a genuine good idea.
      Now I see it’s the usual cut/paste copycat bs.

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