Mastering the Live with Michelle Cunningham

You can take the girl out of Mary Kay, but you can’t take the Mary Kay lies out of the girl! Michelle Cunningham was unceremoniously booted out of her position as a “top director” with Mary Kay last year, and turned to “coaching” to earn a living.

She can’t help herself but to turn the coronavirus pandemic into an opportunity to peddle her coaching services to MLM women (who are already losing money, and which is magnified by this crisis). Michelle calls this “Mastering the Live” and she has (yet another) website devoted to this training scam.

Of course, Michelle can’t shill her coaching nonsense without lying:

No, you did not. You built a team of a couple hundred women. Other sales directors in the pyramid below you built THEIR teams of  50 to 200 each.

No, you did not. Your entire downline ordered something like $4.8 million wholesale from Mary Kay Inc. Most of that sits in basements and garages. It’s a downline, but it’s not YOUR team. And they didn’t sell it.

What is Michelle going to show you in this “masterclass”??? She says the direct sales business is changing and you don’t have to do home parties. You can do virtual home parties, and there is no time like the present with COVID-19 keeping people locked in their houses. Opportunism at its finest.

She says she did a live with some of her unit members (before she got kicked out of MK) and as a result of that live:

Here’s more of the wording that Michelle is using to peddle this class on her website:

  • In this LIVE training, you’ll learn Michelle’s sure-fire method for generating more sales and recruits using only your phone or computer! And you can do it all without leaving the comfort of your home…
  • Are you ready to duplicate yourself and create more time freedom?
  • Are you ready to have others reaching out to YOU wanting to join your team & buy from you?
  • Are you ready to learn a system that works even when you aren’t working?
  • The Hidden Cash Source That You Are Overlooking While TOP Direct Sellers Are Secretly Raking It In.
  • The #1 Ugly Truth About Home Parties That No Up-line Or Leader Is Willing To Share.
  • ​How to Work Smarter and Not Harder for Maximum Product Sales And Recruiting Without Sacrificing Extra Time Away From Your Family.

And here’s the text from the Facebook post she was using to market. I’ll give her credit for one thing… at least she kind of admits that in-home parties are a loser business model.



  1. There’s an old saying:
    “Those who can’t do, teach.”

    It applies all too well here.

    • Total – this is hilarious. She would try and recruit other consultants customers so, again the company’s total philosophy. Couldn’t make it on her own, so had to stoop to stealing business from others in the company! So glad this type of individual was kick out of our great company!! Thank you Mary Kay!!!

    • No one is saying. The speculation is that her side ventures got her in trouble because the sales director agreement prohibits selling non-MK products and services to MK consultants without permission from MK. I haven’t seen any proof this, though.

      • I think she had her hand slapped once when she first started her videos about using the MK name. I remember her saying she had to redo them to omit any mention or affiliation with MK. That was before she started charging and she just had the one website but she had to change her wording to “direct selling company.” At one point, she had a YouTube video on what it’s like to drive a pink Cadillac. It. was. Boring.

        • Hey, EWSNM, do you remember the Herb Tarlick character in WKRP in Cincinnati? He had slideshows of his car. Your comment about the “Driving Miss Michelle” video reminded me of him.

          • No, but I bet it was funny. That was a bit before my time, there doesn’t seem to ever be any reruns on of that show, which is strange. It was pretty popular.

            I’d watch that show any day over Michelle and her day in the life of a pink Cadillac driver! Not winning any Emmy’s there.

            • Well, EyesWide, if you’d like to see a sample episode,
              Herb’s the one with the big hair and loud sport coat. (His last name is spelled “Tarlek,” as it turns out.) You can see what Loni Anderson looked like in her prime. And the far, far cuter (IMHO) Jan Smithers. This one doesn’t have Herb showing slides of his car (“Here’s one with the doors open…(click)…closed….(click)…hood open….(click)…doors and hood open…”) but it is a good example episode.

              • Thanks, Nay! I love old shows! I only know Howard Hessman from Head of the Class. Just realized that’s an old show now, too. Wow, kind of feeling old lol.

      • Tracy, have you seen Gloria Banks Queendom series? I saw on a FB posting today about it and how it conflicts with her NSD agreement
        Look at all the people who are getting out/ got out/ and or promoting other ventures within the last 3 years. Maybe they see the writing on the wall.

        Here’s some: Gillian Ortega, Cecilia James (interior design), Jamie Cruse Vrinios, Kelly Brock, GMB (promoting Queendom), Dacia (like it to know it)
        Also on IG it seems as though Dacia (in the last 2 weeks) has been doing more MK promotion for FB and IG. Maybe Corporate gave her an ultimatum? And btw, did you see her poor kid in the last FB video about mom and son skin care? Poor kid looked miserable.
        What is your take on these happenings?

        • I feel the most sorry for Dacia’s son. She records him after dentist appointments, and it’s all because she is the least intelligent Education major I’ve ever seen.

          They’re all hurting, so they’re casting nets everywhere. I saw one doing a smokey eye tutorial…during our current Stay Home orders. Most women aren’t even wearing makeup right now, so does she think anyone wants a smokey eye?! Anything to get a booking and secure Seminar recognition.

          It’s appalling what they’re stooping to, and I am even further embarrassed I ever had my name associated with it. First it was house slippers at Seminar and now it’s schlepping makeup while we are in a global crisis. And then trying to grow a business by targeting nurses. Unbelievable!

        • ACUTALLY, NSD’s (National Sales Directors) are allowed to do that in Mary Kay. Also, Those that you say are “getting out”, have actually RETIRED from Mary Kay and get the last 5 years Avg of their income, Usally 200K-1M, for 15 years, so theres that. I hate when people speak of things they know nothing of. Get your facts straight. As far as this post goes, SAME THING, you know NOT what you speak of. Michelle BUILT her whole team…As a leader in Mary Kay, when you build your personal team you also HELP build your team members team and put A LOT of work into it. It is NOT based on how much product people order because Mary Kay gives a 90% buy back guarantee of anything you bought within the last year so if you (Michelle) does not help them succeed, they lose and she loses. Stop talking about stuff you know nothing about or you have only heard bits and pieces about (rumors). I could go on and on correcting this, but it would take too much time, energy and I know people only hear what they want to hear to make themselves feel better about why THEY didn’t succeed.

          • Not Giving – Speaking of not knowing what you’re talking about: Michelle wasn’t an nsd. She was a sales director. She didn’t retire, and she gets no money from MK after she leaves.

            Also, EVERYTHING in MK is about how much product is ordered. Those who were sales directors know the truth:

            Units, cars, unit clubs, nsd are ALL built on initial inventory orders from new recruits.

          • Actually, Not Giving, we DO know what we are talking about as many here were SDs and in large national areas. NSDs are “allowed” a side business IF and ONLY IF corporate clears it. (Think Pam Shaw and her planner-notebook thing.) Many of them do this to supplement their NSD incomes, and they continue it into their “retirement,” especially if their annuity doesn’t pay out very much.

            If you aren’t an NSD when you “retire” from MK, you get nothing. Zero. Zip. Nada. Diddly and Squat.

          • NSD Allison LaMarr flat out quit. No retirement. And Amie Gamboian. You clearly don’t have a long history in MK.

            I have over a DECADE as a Director. And you??

      • She had a place called studio pink. Where she would do makeup for brides and other things. She also had another business where she would do princess parties out of same place for little girls. She would do make up and stuff. All this abruptly closed when she decided to “move out of state” but then moved to an apartment for 6 months and now is living in hotel for a month. All very werid

    • There were some legal things that she crossed the line on a lot. Apparently mk gave her several warnings. We were all so sad to see it happen. But regardless, she’s amazing and the pink truth is such a load of crap and bitterness. Mary Kay is an amazing company. & Michelle was teaching others to get leads and sales before she was terminated from mk.

      • Awwww Mikaila, why are you spending time on Pink Truth if we’re so terrible? Michelle violated the terms of her contract, but she’s amazing and we’re bitter? LOL

      • Mika, your website is wrong. MK absolutely tests on animals. Same lie I believed as a Director! Not vegan, either.

      • As patriotic as you are, doesn’t it bother you MK profits in China? Tests on animals because of China!

      • So someone who violates the terms of the contract they signed, is warned and does it several more times is “amazing”?

  2. Let’s accept her statements at face value: a team of 1,000 and $10,000,000 million in sales over “a few years” …

    That’s $5,000,000 gross markup (assuming it all sold immediately at full retail, which we know doesn’t happen)

    So $5,000 spread over “the past few years” for each team member (before expenses!)

    That’s maybe $1500 per year before expenses.

    Color me totally unimpressed, please.

    • Ha! That’s terrible. Yet another example of not tracking; otherwise, she’d realize how much she’s embarrassing herself with this ‘brag.’

      • It reminds me of the various MLM corporate income disclosure statements that say things like, “In 2018, we paid out $238 million in bonuses and commissions.” That sounds great until you divide it by the number of reps and realize it comes to less than $1,000 each. They, and Michelle, count on no one doing the math. And few people seem to.

  3. Clearly Michelle Cunningham is not the marketing genius she claims to be.
    She has over 10 websites.. google her name… they don’t link. Michelle needs to learn SEO.

    • She is throwing as much crap up on the internet as possible, and hoping something sticks.

      • Same as Dacia. She’s using cheap prize bags to sew a mask and then awkwardly dancing in another post. I want to tell her so badly that her mask isn’t tight enough to do any good, but then I’d have another NSD acting like they know everything. (AKA Pam Shaw)

  4. She learned every bit of this from John and Nadia Melton and Ray Higdon, some of the most shady NWM coaches ever. She’s word for word copying them. They made millions in MLM but made tens of millions shilling coaching crap like this.

    • on her LinkedIn page she calls herself a serial entrepreneur and has a degree in marketing ?

  5. ….if you check out the latest…online virtual princess parties at the old MK pink party place, to one of her offspring director Stephanie–who seems to be on the same path as Michelle (getting out of MK to sell trainings?)… to hair straightener (tip: if you search on Amazon you will find it cheaper than the 70% off coupon she’s shilling….the company gave her to give to her “tribe”) Interesting.

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