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Red Jacket Promotion

Numbers are down so far for Mary Kay, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, that they’re pulling out all the stops to get recruiting numbers up.

You can get a FREE red jacket if you recruit 3 new people who each place a wholesale order of $600 or more. If you’re a sales director and you recruit 3 who come in with $600 orders, you get a red Kendra Scott necklace. Both consultants and directors also get to go to the “Prize Party” at seminar.



    1. eric

      10,000 people out of 365,000,000 is not quite “risk your life” material in my humble opinion

      I live in GA where our of 10.8 million, barely 200 have died, so saying we are risking our lives meeting people seems a bit out of perspective doesn’t it?

      sorry for the off topic commentary but I’m getting sick of the media induced hysteria over something while us certainly a legitimate public health issue has lost all perspective with reality

      1. Mickey

        I guess those 200 parents/grandparents do not matter to you but they do to me. It won’t stop at 300. Are you saying the agreements can be emailed and signed electronically? That you are such superstar salespeople that you can sell a total stranger on joining MK on the WWW? No way! Lol!

      2. Mountaineer95

        Hey man, I agree with you. I live in the last state to get a positive case (West Virginia). And while I know that the virus is still “behind” us here, we have a huge concern with the people coming here from neighboring states.

        Last week our liquor stores near the PA border had to start refusing any out of state liquor and tobacco purchases (because PA shut down these stores).

        Our biggest hospitals are in state border towns…and since we’re behind in this, our hospital beds could likely be taken over by out of state patients from bordering states (Ohio, PA, VA, MD) and then, when our residents later become sick, they can’t get proper care because all of the resources have been used on out of state patients…yes, I’m worried, immensely. I want our residents to survive. We’ve worked hard to keep this virus out of our state. We implemented restrictions well before our neighboring states did. Why should we be penalized? No offence, but non-residents of our state should stay out.

        Sorry for the soapbox!!!

        1. J

          Well said!

          Anyone else see the “Who Didn’t Stay Home” map The NY Times published? WV has done a far better job than its southern neighbors by implementing measures protectively.

          1. Mountaineer95

            Thanks for suggesting that article, I just read it. Very interesting. While most of WV was doing a really good job staying put, a few hundred idiotic students at my alma mater (WVU) had a ridiculous block party (right outside my old apartment from the early 90s, no less) that didn’t dissipate even after police used smoke bombs, so they had to resort to tear gas. It’s probably not a coincidence that this particular county has a lot more cases than the rest of the state.

              1. J

                Ha, yes those idiots ?. They really enjoy making WV look worse at every opportunity. When I was in college (down the road from WVU) much of the excessive partying came from bored Washington DC students. It was always a great culture shock, because Morgantown has a pretty snobby reputation for a town of just 30k. You end up with an interesting mix of depressive partying. Kids who realize they were big fish in a small pond and kids from out of state who can’t wait to transfer.

    1. Nichole

      Well, I live in New York City, where officials are looking seriously at a contingency plan to dig temporary trenches in city parks for the bodies that are piling up because the freezer trucks are at capacity. Give yourself a round of applause for being in Georgia where everything is peachy, I guess, but bless your heart if you think it’s media hysteria.

      1. eric

        again, less than 3,000 people dead in NYC of covid 19, of over 8.8 million residents, 99% over 70 with co morbidity

        it’s simple math, take it for what it is

          1. EyesWideShutNoMore

            Well Eric, maybe you should sign up to be a Mary Kay lady! You obviously have a flair for numbers, you’re exactly who they’re looking for. You can trot around spreading your germs and your gift for statistical analysis, who wouldn’t appreciate that right about now?

        1. BestDecision

          That’s what every company function is. You leave Seminar feeling like a loser because you didn’t go onstage or get to go to the Awards Reception, and then you’re scolded in classes. I left more than one Seminar and Leadership Conference completely undoing everything I did as routine because some superstar told us it doesn’t work or challenged us to be like her. Or, and this is the worst of it, an NSD would tell us we weren’t doing enough but then couldn’t tell us how much our mascaras sold for. If you haven’t been in the field, you shouldn’t be lecturing, period.

          It’s the sickest I’ve ever been mentally because I was constantly torn down. Unit size, Gold Medals, car status…all of it placed before you to make you uncomfortable.

  1. Rebecca

    When COVID-19 is all over, I plan to tell those pesky MK consultants/recruiters that I can’t attend their parties or meet for coffee because I’m maintaining a permanent social distance from all things Mary Kay.

  2. Mountaineer95

    To the MK lurkers (and yes, we know you’re here, it’s okay):

    When you strip out the accolades and prizes and rings, how are you making more money with the double credit promotions? You paid the same amount for the product. You have the same limited venues in which you can sell it. The product isn’t any different than it was prior to double credit.

    So what, exactly, are you getting? Really, take a minute to sit down in a private place and ask yourself, what is this double credit really doing for me? I promise, when you crunch the numbers and come to see some cold facts, you’ll realize that the double credit doesn’t help you in ANY way. None.

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