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How Much Did Chelsea Really Sell?

Last week Chelsea Claytor, Mary Kay sales director, claimed that she sold $7,000 of products in March. And that was with staying at home for 2 weeks!!!!

I don’t believe it for a minute. Chelsea has lied in the past about how much she sold. She has lied about her profits. She’s actually lied on a large scale about how much she sold and profited. Heck, she even lies about buying her first house! Chelsea didn’t buy a house. She lives in a house owned by a lady named Kelly, and Chelsea hopes to someday own that house. But she would have you believe Mary Kay helped her buy her first house.

I believe Chelsea may have ordered $3,500 wholesale to get her double credit for the personal court of sales and unit clubs. She probably placed a big order because it was the end of the quarter for Cadillac production, and her cash compensation depends on how much she and her unit ordered. And frankly, Chelsea’s unit doesn’t order enough to sustain the Cadillac.

Here are some hints to whether or not she’s lying:

  • She doesn’t even fill out her sales slips, so she has no totals to add up. How would she know how much she sells?
  • There aren’t any dates on the slips either. She may very well have photographed sales slips from months ago.
  • Does she use the total amount from her payment app? That includes sales tax, which isn’t an amount she “sold.”
  • Let’s talk about the discounts Chelsea gave. How much did that eat into profits?
  • What about the free products she gave away? (You can zoom in and see some “free” notations.)

But why lie? The MK cult would likely say she has no reason to lie to us. Of course she does! Recruiting is way down, and therefore so are commission checks. They’re getting desperate to recruit, and claims like this may help. (You can sell from anywhere! You can make money even when your friends can’t go to work!)

Do you think Chelsea sold $7,000 in March?




    1. TRACY

      I’ll give you a hint… She hasn’t yet made Cadillac production once since qualifying for it. (I should really say “qualifying,” since putting a bunch of product orders for your downline on your own credit card to finish doesn’t really count, does it?)

    2. Joscelyne K Brookins

      Well haters she was crowned QUEEN last night….
      So I guess you all will say that’s a scam too huh? Instead of trying to debunk something how about be proud of someone who did something each of u haters couldn’t do

      1. TRACY

        Why would we celebrate someone for recruiting a ton of women into one big scam?

        You’re right that I “couldn’t” do that, because I’m unwilling to be a liar. I’m sorry Chelsea got an “award” for telling the most lies to the most women. But I won’t live my life that way. I’d rather work my honest business, making an honest living, and doing far better financially than most of the “top” women in MK.

    1. TRACY

      She’s fun to watch. She’s so desperate for approval from everyone (from her unit all the way up to the NSDs) that she keeps posting on Instagram all the time. And from there, we get wonderful material for Pink Truth.

      1. NayMKWay

        She’s the very definition of a guilty pleasure. Part of me wants to see her get off the hamster wheel for her own good. But the other part can’t help but enjoy the spectacle.

        1. Juliet

          NayMKWay, you aren’t encouraging her hamster trails, you would tell her to stop if you could. Watching train wrecks we didn’t create…..kind of human!

    2. KayNotMary

      I haven’t checked in for a while, I’m amused to see Chelsea still flailing around like a goose with it’s leg stuck in a trap. I am entertained.

      1. Mountaineer95

        Maybe I don’t follow the MK math correctly, but doesn’t selling $7,000 retail in one month equal at very best a profit of $3,500? But profiting $3,500 isn’t possible, because she has to pay the self employment taxes. And is that figure after all of her business owning costs are factored? For many year I worked in sales in an actual “job” and made much more than $3,500 a month, even after all taxes were withheld.

        If she’s making $3,500 a month even before any taxes or expenses, that’s not executive income. Whatever she takes home MUST be less, because she can’t have zero costs.

        1. BestDecision

          Same as NSDs that boast they’re “millionaires”. 26 years in MK with $2 million total means AT BEST and WITHOUT EXPENSES a net profit of $57,692/year after taxes (recent Instagram post by NSD Cecilia James). There are LOTS of professions that make way more than that, and they don’t sacrifice nights and weekends.

      2. Ruby Slippers

        It’s pricey. Looking at their sample packs, I think each probably costs about $2-3 minimum.
        Plus add in postage, cello bags, mailers. They are spending a min of $5-$8 per pack.
        And I’m sure the ROI will be less. I used to track all of that when I was a Director.
        Now take into consideration the time invested to order, put together, mail, FB message, follow up, order what the lead wants, deliver or,mail, follow up, etc.
        It’s a never ending hamster wheel. I’m so glad I’m off it.
        I have been enjoying my time off (paid by my company) for those of us who want to stay home and the ones who want to work are making extra $ and extra OT.
        I feel bad for the MK Directors because some of them are still friends.
        No, really acquaintances now, because when you NOT PARTICIPATING IN with the MK crowd, you are basically ousted and forgotten.

  1. NayMKWay

    In Reddit’s r/AntiMLM sub-reddit, one of the posting categories is “Low Effort.”

    I would say Chelsea’s pile of receipts qualifies as “Very Low Effort.” Come on, Chelsea, a scattered pile of mostly-blank receipts isn’t going to fool anybody. If you’re going to fake it, don’t just phone it in like this.

    1. J

      Right! The receipts alone (and the lack of writing on them) screams minimal results. Show me a handful of stapled receipts that are totally filled out if you want to impress me…or if you want to look like an actual business owner, a spreadsheet ?

    1. Phoebe's Mom

      No kidding! Somehow, I don’t the the bewigged, business suit wearing Mrs. Ash would approve of such attire! I don’t think she meets ‘sugar sharp’ criteria.

      1. J

        Also it bothers me that she’s standing in front of a garage door. When did that become professional (or even a thing?)
        It would make me giggle if I saw my neighbor taking a photo shoot like that.

        1. EyesWideShutNoMore

          It’s probably where she keeps all of her inventory! On her way In to check to see how much more room she can use to add more MK crap as the end of the year is looming. Hahahaha

  2. Ginger1819

    I’m counting around 8 (10 at most) sales slips where you can actually see writing on them. This could be a very well-planned photo and all of those other slips could be completely blank!

    1. J

      It’s odd for sure. I think it showcases that she really doesn’t know what $7,000 in sales actually looks like. One would imagine you’d make your most impressive receipts the easiest to see, but none of these are impressive. Especially for a product that sells itself.

  3. roo2

    dang, I was almost duped for a second!! Wow, 7k in sales!! she did this other post in her story where she “listed all the names of these alleged sales” but what truly gives it away that this was malarky was the $7000 number double credit month you say??? she must of absolutely put an order in for $3500 and that absolutely means $7000 in sales. The picture in front of the garage is so symbolic of the OZ wizardry foolishness these ladies play. Don’t look behind that door!! you will find my $7000 in sales.

    1. Ruby Slippers

      Dear Roo, that’s why I call myself Ruby Slippers.
      It’s all smoke and mirrors at upper level.
      You can maybe make a little extra income as a consultant. Fun money.
      But going for Director is a huge expense.
      And when I became came a Director, I saw the The Wizard was just a little old man behind the scene. All the pink fogged glasses came off.

    2. MLM Radar

      Double credit for $7,000 means she ordered $1,750.

      Normally she’d claim 2x $1,750 = $3,500 “estimated” retail sales. But in a double credit month she gets to claim 2x her “estimated” retail sales.

      She’s lying and she knows it.

      1. roo2

        Oh my goodness, you are correct. It is already a sick scheme to call your product order, product sales. Just ask any real small business owner ordering merchandise doesn’t mean a thing until it walks out the door bought and paid for. So she bought even less and claims an even bigger made up number… got it.

        And now, as if she could not have deceived her peeps any harder, surprise!! I am actually already married!

          1. TRACY

            I don’t think it is meant to have an MK vibe. I think it’s about the style she wanted (pear shaped, rose gold, halo) but at a more affordable price (cluster of small diamonds). It’s not to my taste, but I’m not the one who wears it, and I’m happy she got something she loves.

            1. J

              I agree, I don’t think it’s an intentional mk style twin. I just see the pressure she feels to promote a life of luxury despite her crushing debt. Depending on when she picked this ring, it’s possible it better represents that pressure versus something she really wanted. I could be totally wrong, but I hope she didn’t choose this because she felt the center stone she wanted wouldn’t be “impressive” merely because less finger coverage.

              Again, beautiful ring. I’m just concerned it represents another avenue of feeling insecure and being pressured to over promote. Poor girl has to be nearing a breakdown.

  4. Mountaineer95

    I was so hoping Chelsea would show up and provide either proof or her income claims, or proof for any reason why these claims made sense. But it looks like that’s not going to happen.

    People, (and by this I mean lurkers), ASK your upline about sales figures. Do NOT take their answers at face value. Ask for proof!

    And when a director makes claims…ie any specific sales figure (ie $500,000 unit etc), ASK them if thy sold all of their production orders. Keep track of their est orders…and when past production doesn’t equal their bragging retail sales numbers, ASK why that’s not true.

    IBC, YOU have the key. Y9u have the key to see this for what it is (scam)! But if it takes you s little li;get to figure it out, that’s okay…the bottom line is that you did figure it out and escaped.

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