Use Your Stimulus Check to Start Mary Kay

Mary Kay ladies have become masters of exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic for their own selfish purposes. Fake fundraisers to “bless” healthcare workers (i.e customers buy products, consultant profits, and healthcare workers are given products they don’t want or need).

Most notably, they have been trying to recruit women to MK during the panic. They offer an opportunity to “make money” when people have been laid or or permanently terminated, even though they know that 99% of people in MLMs lose money.

Now it’s amped up as people are getting their stimulus payments from the government. Families are getting $1,200 per adult and $500 per child under the age of 17, and the Mary Kay ladies are saying that money should be used to start a MK business. It’s only $100!!!!

Except then they’ll tell you that you need inventory. You need thousands of dollars. (Or at least $600, since that’s the magic number for your recruiter when it comes to company contests.)

Mary Kay is not an investment. It’s a waste of money. Keep your stimulus money and use it to feed your family, which is what it was intended for.



  1. S_marie

    “Thank God for Mary Kay”…….

    Thank God you can lie and manipulate women into debt and losing money so it will fund your production and keep up with your quotas you also lie about not having!!!!

  2. DonewithMK666

    OMG It’s from one of the most stuck up and snobby directors in all of Colorado Springs!!!! She is absolutely horrible and a great example of fake! She also likes to think that she is so much better than everybody else such a lovely example of “GO GIVE”. NOT!!!

    1. morningstar

      In Colorado, the heat is on and not from the virus. They are hungry here in this state more to appear. I am tracking some directors, taking a nose dive, cars, production, 0 recruits. I one case and the same downline going in and out of DIQ for years and I am talking a rotation of 5 ladies. I have not seen a director that has the same DIQ’s and directors rotating in and out for the last 10yrs. Very strange, and you can see the unit never grows because the women toddle in and out. Don’t understand why..she must have ahold on them.

      One director that could not afford the pink car in my hood, purchased an older hummer and had it painted pepto bismal pink. This is so her husband looks like a stud driving it down the road. Pathetic

    2. J

      She’s the one whose house burnt down in the Black Forest Fire right?

      I saw her once at a Starbucks, and within minutes she had a lady pigeon holed in a corner with her $8 Section 2 mk planner out. The poor lady could not get away from her.

  3. MLM Radar

    Lying by omission again, and it’s a huge omission. $100 gets you the starter kit, but you’ll need to pay another $250 (plus shipping plus tax on $500) to qualify for the 50% off discount. Of course your Director is going to push you to pay $600 instead of $250 (plus shipping plus tax on $1,200 “retail” price).

    The omission lies add up fast.

  4. Peaches

    This is just me but… Why would ANYONE take ANYTHING out of their stimulus check for something as iffy as MK. That money might be the only money that may keep the wolf from the door or food on the table.

    How could you sell something that is NOT a necessity when the whole nation is “Home” Social Distancing and Trying to stay well. Money is tighter than it has ever been.

    Give people a break. IF you want to do something for the nurses, first responders, homeless, unfed children ect. “LEAVE THEM THE HELL ALONE

  5. pinkblacksheep

    Did you see the new $30 online only option?! Things are getting tough if they’re doing online only. You know those $30 people aren’t going to buy inventory. Not sure how this will help. With raw numbers, yes. With production, not sure.

    1. DonewithMK666

      We do have some doozy directors here in Colorado for example Nita Godwin had to strip off her clothes to make money because her Mary Kay wasn’t paying the bills! Then there was another director named Candace and I forget her last name because it switched when she got married she can’t keep an offspring director to save her life! Then you have Pam Kelly who has been trying to buy her way into NSD forever and it’s not going to happen because she’s too old now!!! Isn’t it funny how MARY KAY says you own your own business but yet they dictate when you move up?

      1. Enorth

        “Candace and I forget her last name”

        Is it Doverspike? According to her FB page, she is a Financial Solutions Advisor at Merrill Lynch and also a Future Executive Director with Mary Kay.

    1. Char

      A comment under the video:

      I am 5,000 in debt I have tried to quit. It’s like a cult or a mob! I am still a consultant technically but i don’t sell or recruit or buy I’m just dodging calls and pressures to eventually terminate my contract. I know exactly who this girl is she’s bubbly and has a mother who is VERY HIGH UP ALSO IN THE COMPANY! Like a mother who is about to have her own national area! (Which is a major Mary Kay thing) I am nauseous and nervous when I think about it or talking to anyone about quitting. I can’t return stock because my stock has been purchased more than a year. I was manipulated as a new mother, desperate to stay at home with my baby, post baby depression, lonely! This video is amazingly accurate! I’ve been in this directors class before and she has taught women to do this for years. She’s young! You want to trust her! 😩🤦‍♀️ I was so blind and now I’m paying literally.

    2. BestDecision

      That video is fantastic! It was always push, push, push. MK is not recession-proof because look how few women are wearing makeup right now. Things are about to get very desperate and very ugly!

    3. Phoebe's Mom

      Thank you for sharing that video. It was great! I love that she did her research about the legalities of recording the phone call with the director. I can just picture the skeezy director’s face when she realized her threatening legal action and the money she spent on an attorney was for nothing. I bet she blubbered her crappy MK lipstick right off – LOL!

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