Start a Mary Kay Business for $30!!!

Mary Kay is hurting for new consultants. The ship has been sinking for some time now. But the COVID-19 pandemic has sent the company into a tailspin. Recruiting is down. Ordering is down.

So what can they do when the business is wholly dependent on large inventory orders from brand new consultants? Do a promotion to get people to sign up!

It isn’t bad enough that consultants and directors are telling people they should use their stimulus checks to become Mary Kay consultants. MK Inc. has to get in on it by offering a special deal to sign up.

The idea is that you can become a consultant for only $30.

Except you can’t really.

You do NOT get “everything you need to run your business virtually” for only $30. All your $30 gets you is a crummy website and access to the new Skin Analyzer app. You don’t get any products to try. You don’t get any samples for your customers. You don’t get any catalogs or other materials that might help you sell some products.

If you want the actual starter kit, you have to pay the usual $100 for that PLUS the $30 to get the website and virtual tools.

But what’s worse about this is the fact that you’ll have to spend an additional $250 to get some products. The minimum order for products is $225 retail, plus you’ll  pay shipping and sales tax on the full retail value of those products. Yes, you might have customer orders that will cover the cost of that initial order. And you might not.

No matter how you slice it, no one is really going to start a business for $30. This is simply bait. And just wait until your recruiter starts twisting your arm to spend $600 or $1200 on an inventory package… because of course you need products on hand so you can ship them out right away and we’re not sure when manufacturing will resume, so you’d hate for Mary Kay to run out of products just when you need them to fill customer orders….



  1. Notice the careful tip-toe dance around the truth: For $30 you “access a 50% discount” (get access to purchase at “wholesale” price).

    You don’t actually GET to purchase at the “wholesale” price until you make the qualifying $225 order (plus shipping plus tax on $450). But WOW! Since you are an official consultant you have ACCESS to place that qualifying “wholesale” order. Only official consultants have that kind of access!

    Umm hmm. Along with anyone who has a free eBay account. Now doesn’t that make you feel special?

  2. You can’t operate a business with what is given for $30. Completely impossible, even with The Look now going digital. Everything in the “back office” is going to point towards buying inventory, so they’re never going to feel like they can function or get ahead.

    • I’m a new Mary Kay Consultant and I joined in on the $30 e-Start option. I am happy to say that you can make money with this option. I have been in for just a little over a month and I have sold over $3000 in retail! You do not have to purchase products up front! The author of this publication needs to get her facts straight! The e-Start Business has been setting records with Mary Kay! 95% of my business has been done taking preorders. I send my customers an invoice, and then I have the products shipped directly to them, and Mary Kay only charges, $3.50 to ship to your customers, regardless of the size of package. Also, I did lots of research before joining, and there was no evidence that the Mary Kay Company was ever dwindling down. Also, the author failed to mention the millions of dollars that Mary Kay donates to women’s shelters & cancer research throughout the United States and over 30 other countries. Also, you get way more than just a crummy website and access to one app, as one person stated in the comments. We have access to numerous apps, links, online education, too much to even mention. And of course, it’s smart to invest a little more into your company! I have certainly, now, purchased samples and even purchased the $100 starter kit, because my online MK business is doing so well. With the $100 kit, I received almost $500 in full size products and the materials needed to do one-on-one facials. I have not regretted one penny of the $30 I spent to sign up or the $100 for the kit! As a matter of fact, I sold most of the products out of my kit and more than made my $100 back! Before you totally try to trash something, get facts and don’t always believe everything media feeds you! Rant over!

      • Suuuuure, you sold $3,000 in one month. I believe you! Mary Kay sucks. It’s not a business. You sucked into a grand scheme. It is almost impossible to develop a consistent, profitable retail base. But good luck!

        (P.S. Pink Truth isn’t “media” and no one is feeding anyone. We are the ones telling ALL of the facts.)

        • The new Applause with the first results of the $30 offer/fiasco/desperation is out. Here are the highlights:

          Only 6 NSDs are on target for Inner Circle. Normally, there’s double that.
          Only 60 NSDs made $100,000 in gross YTD commissions with just 2 months left of the year.
          Only 64 NSDs had $10,000 commission checks.
          Only 6 people finished their car at Grand Achiever level.
          Among the Top 400 units for retail production was one that did approx $16,000 wholesale ($32,324 retail).
          Among the Top 400 Director commissions was a check for $5,339, which would equate to < $65,000/year if she earned that every month. (That particular Director did the Top Trip last year. See how unstable a MK career is, ladies?)

          When I was lectured over and over how unstable corporate America is and how my MK business would work when I worked, the proof is on those pages. When I’ve since been criticized, ridiculed, and lied about why I chose to leave, nothing makes me feel happier than to know how I don’t have to dredge the bottom with a $30 offer and hope I get lasting results from it.

          Wow, I’m glad I didn’t stick around!

      • Go ask your Director what she thinks of New Zealand and Australia’s markets being closed overnight with no notice.

        Sustainability with a $30 e-kit is not going to happen, and you just admitted that by saying you’ve bought the $100 kit. Do you realize MK just got you? They got, instead of just $100 for a normal kit from you, $130 from you!

        Also, go ask your Director why there are Top Director Trip and Million Dollar Directors leaving at the fastest rate I’ve ever seen in MK. I thought I was an unusual circumstance as a Cadillac Director, but I wasn’t.

        Enjoy those Thursday and Friday nights and Saturday afternoon away from your family watching MK’s annual dog & pony show called Seminar!

        Sitting on over a DECADE of facts,

        • Nothing in life is free. So you dont have $130 then or cant sale $225 your in the wrong business. See people often look for what’s free try working for a living.

      • Another “expert” with a whole month of experience…

        Liz, has your upline instructed you on paying estimated taxes on that income? You do know that you owe the government taxes on your earnings, don’t you? Or have they told you about all the tax write-offs? Well guess what, if you have so many tax write-offs that you don’t owe taxes, then you made no profit…

      • Hey Mkorpse. thank you! You hired a LITERATE troll! The cringe & flinch-ometer is not on overload FOR THE FIRST TIME reading a “testimonial”. Please be sure to have “Liz” return with her Schedule C next year [as if…], it will be enlightening to at long last SEE an income tax document from a CURRENT kbot. Not holding my breath but sure appreciate the effort in providing a literate kbot!

        • And Liz, make sure that Schedule C reflects those miraculous retail sales profits you’re banking on continuing.

          Because if by chance you show a profit, and it’s from majority endless-chain recruiting (aka building a huge team with downline commissions), you’ll be nothing but a successful con artist. After you file with the IRS, please send to the FTC, thanks.

      • The qualifying purchase is 225.00. And no you never have to purchase product inventory upfront. It’s all about strategy.

        • Or you lose commissions because you’re not Active. Or a customer orders that 1 item you have to order.

          Bless you. I can tell you’re very new at this, but this former Cadillac Director knows what’s around your corner. Been there, done that.

      • Dear Liz;

        Everything you wrote down is so true, I started back 2003, because my husband was in the Airforce reserves and sent to join the many men and women of the United States Military to go to war. Even though we had 3 children back then, that varied in ages.

        My husband was a reservist and he worked at an aerospace company. So he had to take a huge pay cut in pay between the two jobs, So I knew about skin care and especially about Appling make-up, also with what colors women should wear depending on what they were cold, warm, or neutral colors. I was recurred by the company that I was selling their products at J. C. Penney’s’ make-up counter, I made that company so much money that I was receiving commotion checks to my home and heard from their make-up reprehensive during their board meetings the members’ of the company would speak about me in their meetings. I was offered $25.00 an hour working at different J. C. Penney’s’ store applying make-up and giving tip on skin care. I accepted the job but fall down some steps and hurt my knees and needed surgery. At the same time my future, Mary Kay group leader tried to recruit me, also.

        I immediately realized how much I really enjoyed the hours, meeting and speaking with women, I had never met before, but most of all the commonality of a sisterhood of the group of ladies who I had the pleasure of working with them and going to all the Mary Kay Conferences. It was my faith in God, my children and those women that help me during such a painful and extremely fearful time for me. I truly believe that without them in that order I would have had a brake down I would give ladies Mary Kay samples in a little sheik see through bag that had beautiful shiny crystal beads attached to the bottom of the bag. These bad cost me less than a dollar, which help me sale on a weekly average of $800 to $1,000.00 per week.

        When my husband came back home I could not dedicate the time I enjoyed and they deserved so I gave my business to a friend that would treat my clients’ in the same business ethics, pleasant manner, and values my clients would received from me. Now that the children are all adults, and my husband has retired from the Airforce, and I had retire due to the accident at the law office, I now live in Utah, unlike California, these people aren’t as friendly as the people in California where you can walk up someone and start a conversation but some of the people won’t smile back at you. They pretend the did not see you and keep walking when you right in the middle of Good Mor. . . Sometimes it is funny, but most of the time it is hurtful. So I have to learn a new way of defrosting the cold reaction of saying “Hello, or Hey I like your T-shirt” in a way that they will reciprocate back to me. So wish me well or any ideal. Well, back to selling Mary Kay again.

        Sorry it is so long, as an attorney I so use to being through, so there will not be any misunderstandings in communications.

        • No attorney misuses that many words.

          Which years were you on the Queen’s Court of Sales?

        • An ‘attorney’ who ‘was recurred by the company that I was selling their products at J. C. Penney’s’ make-up counter, I made that company so much money that I was receiving commotion checks to my home and heard from their make-up reprehensive during their board meetings the members’ of the company would speak about me in their meetings. I was offered $25.00 an hour working at different J. C. Penney’s’ store applying make-up and giving tip on skin care.’

          No decent attorney would be working for $25 an hour in retail.

          This is nearly “My Immortal” level self-insert fanfiction.

  3. Can’t use CDS or Receive 50% sales + discount until you place your $225. They really like to leave that out for some reason. I even confronted a director on her Instagram about it and she deleted my comment and blocked me lmao

  4. They are trying to collect a 1/3 of $100.00 times xxxxx people. It based on volume thinking and has to be proof the ship is sinking. The price is still 225.0, they are layering the entrance fees. Aren’t they a nice bunch. Take the 30 from people (give them hope as bait) and whether it pans out or not – they got 30.00 from you to turn a switch on electronically and give you 0 and you are new prey for the director.

    • “They are trying to collect a 1/3 of $100.00 times xxxxx people.”

      My wholesale/retail career salesperson mind finds this tactic very interesting. MK Corp must know what it costs them to process every new IBC whether that IBc ends up buying anything or not, and has decided that this $30 is worth the cost that Corp incurs to try and fill its funnel.

      I hope lurkers here realize that, if nothing else, this $30 sign-up deal proves how MK cares not one iota if they flood the market even more than it is (if that’s even possible). They’ll happily sign up EVERY SINGLE POTENTIAL CUSTOMER of yours for $30 bucks and leave you NO market to sell the product to yourself.

    • I’ve never carried inventory. I’ve been able to collect orders to cover the $225 plus more. Only thing I paid for was the $100 for the kit. I just told customer I was collecting to become active and that was it!!

      • good for you, how long have you been a consultant? And please explain the last sentence, it really makes no sense – I just told the customer I was collecting to become active – what? Collecting what? And what was ”that was it”? Thank you.

        • I also meant to ask why you posted in the middle of a comment about the $30 starting fee when you say you paid $100.00?

      • If you are okay making less than $50/month net profit for something that takes you hours per month to sell, go for it. And also if you’re okay representing a brand that doesn’t actually lead by the Golden Rule, is full of egotistical/attention-seeking/lying people, and that tests its products on animals in the name of the almighty dollar, go for it.

        I, for one, couldn’t sleep at night knowing I was a hypocrite and got far away from the brand.

        Don’t forget to claim your income on your annual taxes. Even $50/month is income.

  5. You know, now that I’m reading this, I think I’ve figured this out.

    MK lost MILLIONS, and i did actually hear M-I-L-L-I-O-N-S by canceling the 27 Career Conferences they had slated for March. I hear they didn’t have event insurance, which seems completely ASININE for a multi-BILLION dollar Company run by lawyers… but let’s go with it.

    So they lost MILLIONS, and ended up doing a VIRTUAL Career Conference that they were then going to CHARGE the sales force to “attend” virtually to help recoup some of their losses. But the NSDs stepped in and told them they would practically be digging their own grave if they did that, so they put it on for free and let everyone watch.

    NOW it all makes sense… THIS is how they’re going to try and recoup some of those millions they lost. Sign people up virtually, it literally costs them NOTHING. I’m sure they worked out a deal with Propay…. Viola!

    10,000 directors x 10 new $30 consultants = 100,000 new consultants.
    100,000 x $30 = $3,000,000 before ANY order is ever placed.

    Hmm…. makes perfect sense to me.

  6. One of the worst parts of this is that directors are telling consultants to order order Order! Because there could be a shortage of color products and “non essential” products. Yet now they are pushing to recruit saying these new consultants can just have their products shipped directly to customers? Which is it…? Are the products running so low that they need to order it all now or is business doing so well that new consultants should sign up and sell sell sell! This makes zero sense. Also, you cannot use the customer ship option UNLESS you have placed a 225 order FIRST. which means that 30 investment (plus tax) is now 225+30+ tax + shipping which in total will be between about $260-300++ with taxes depending on where you live.

  7. this is really sick is amazing they can just advertise this so dishonestly. and judging by Kristin Sharpe’s over the moon excitement except her face does not move at all… Tells what a wolf in sheep’s clothing this scam must be … shop ulta… shop sephora… shop you are supporting jobs there too!!!

  8. This part:

    “you’ll pay shipping and sales tax on the full retail value of those products”

    Is such a ginormous, flag-shaped, glaringly red clue that THE IBC IS THE END CONSUMER in MK. You (IBC) prepay the sales tax on the full markup of items before you sell them, and even if you DON’T sell them. This doesn’t happen in the real world, where a retail seller buys product from distributors or manufacturers at the wholesale cost ONLY, and then only pay sales tax according to the laws of the state’s and counties in which they actually sell said products.

    Is it even possible in MK for an IBC or director to request a refund from MK corporate on the sales tax they paid for products if they ultimately don’t sell the products, and if they’re not trying to get the 90% buyback? Is it possible for an IBC or director to demand that they only pay the wholesale cost of products to MK Corp without paying this sales tax to MK up front and before product is sold? I’m curious as to the legalities of this.

  9. I was thinking about joining for $30 just to order for myself for my personal use. Please explain to me how much I need to buy and when to get the 50% off discount? Do I purchase at 50% off or 100% and I’m sent a check for “commission?”

    • You get no commissions unless you recruit people and they order product. Your $30 gives you nothing, really. You’re going to hear how you need inventory, and those packages start at $600 plus tax and shipping and go beyond $4,000.

      I was a Director and drove pink Cadillacs. My advice is stay a customer I’d you must, but do NOT sign an Agreement. I devoted over a decade of my life to MK, and it’s the worst thing I’ve ever done. They’ll tell you they’re successful, but any Director not in a Cadillac is making way less than $48,000/year. It’s VERY expensive to maintain a facade of a successful business, and few tell the truth about their net profit.

      For personal use, since you’ve referenced it, you’ll have to place an order every 3 months of over $200 wholesale/$400 retail to keep your discount. That’s a lot of product for 1 person to use every 3 months. It’s actually not designed that way, but people in MK have figured out a loophole to earn commissions and prizes based on you doing “just” that. My Director is notorious for it, and she wonders why she hasn’t moved anywhere in MK over the last 20 years.

      Run. Run quickly. I have a college education, and it’s embarrassing what I saw and witnessed in MK and that I was ever associated with that toxic environment.

      • I’m also thinking of paying the $30 for the 50% discount, and I’m having a difficult time finding the downside to that. I’d be purchasing the skin care sets for myself and my teenage daughter and gifts for my relatives. I have no intention of recruiting or selling. I realize the the $30 “consultant fee” and tax on the full retail amount will diminish my overall 50% discount, but it still seems like this is a good way to get a high quality product for a reasonable price. Maybe it’s a crappy way to earn a living, but it appears to be a good way to get an individual discount if you buy their expensive products on the regular (like their skin care systems). What am I overlooking?

        • You mean other than supporting a company that financially and emotionally abuses hundreds of thousands of women a year?

        • Downside? You’re giving money to a company that has lied for years about animal testing. That turns its head from massive cheating. That charges money for educational events for its sales force. And that abuses the love of God by preaching Golden Rule but then hasn’t given a raise to its Directors in well over a decade.

          There’s far better skin care and makeup out there. Trust me.

        • Just buy the products on eBay to help support someone trying to get out. Can’t you get those for at least 50% off? It will save you from the harassment and stalking that will always come from some woman frothing at the mouth trying to recruit you.

        • It’s not a high quality product – for the money you can buy much better products.

          The local Walmart sells better product: Revlon, Cover Girl, Mabelline, L’Oreal and other brands.

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