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Mary Kay as an “Essential” Business

To hear the Mary Kay ladies tell it, Mary Kay Inc was ASKED to make hand sanitizer. And being the charitable company that they are, they stepped up to the plate!

Well…. a Mary Kay employee has blessed us with the REAL story on the hand sanitizer and the essential business designation.

It turns out, no one asked Mary Kay to make hand sanitizer. As the stay at home orders in Texas came out, Mary Kay was prepared to close. Employees had been told MK would be shutting down. But during executive meetings, it was discovered that MK could get an exemption and be deemed an “essential” business if they were making hand sanitizer. So off they ran to apply for the exemption, purchase the chemicals, and begin production. Within hours, the supply chain people were ordering ingredients, the engineers were finding existing bottles to use (the pink botanical freshener bottle), the label supplier was asked to create an over-label.

The Illinois and California warehouses were able to re-open after the company got their exemption. But Mary Kay got a little surprise. Local officials told MK that they were only authorized to manufacture essential products.

But… .The Richard R. Rogers Manufacturing and R&D Center (known as R3) could only produce “essential” products like cleansers, body wash, and hand lotion. They are not allowed to produce cosmetics. So now stock of the non-essential cosmetics is getting low. (And of course, sales directors saying “hurry up order before they run out” are only making the situation worse.)

R3 had two employees diagnosed with COVID-19. One was very sick and in the hospital, and one is recovering at home. They did not shut down R3, and have no plans to do so. All branches are open except New Jersey, but apparently a lot of employees are calling in sick because of fears of exposure to coronavirus.



  1. Lazy Gardens

    “stock of the non-essential cosmetics is getting low’ … except on the closets, basements, and garages of all those IBCs whose wagons are full to overflowing.

  2. wasrings90

    It’s almost akin to prohibition, where the distilleries got a medicinal pass to sell a few batches of bourbon if prescribed by a Dr.

    I’d rather have the bourbon…..?. My job as an insurance agent is essential, but the owner of the agency has been very concerned for our health, so in our office of 5 there’s 4 working from home, and since I live closest to the office, I am the one who goes in for a few hours a day to get the mail, check the printer, process payments, take a few phone calls, you know actual office work, not making dream boards, or calling people to buy an extra vehicle (I always advise getting no life insurance tho.) so I can get a junky prize from the agency owner…..

  3. Peaches

    It does not surprise me (and it really shouldn’t surprise you) that MK found a way to exploit a serious situation, prey on the fears of others and have the rank and file IBC’s spend their last dime on something other than toilet paper. After all since MK is a Skin Care Company Wouldn’t it Stand to Reason That They Make the BEST Hand Sanitizer, bar none? (Just Kidding)

    I would much rather err on the side of caution than to “Pretend” that the gross materialism is for the good of others.

    And Shame on those Directors telling IBC’s to “Hurry up and buy, before it’s all gone”. How many times have we heard that? More Like the directors should be inquiring about the health of their team (and I don’t mean financial health) and maybe ask… “Do you need anything that I may have stocked up” (Like TP, paper towels, hand sanitizer etc.

    That would be too much like Right.

    1. roo2

      omg you just made me think the post where Kristin Sharpe did the essential item photo shoot and then played poker with toilet paper. so tone deaf it is disgusting

      1. NayMKWay

        Thank you, Roo. “Tone deaf” is the phrase I was searching for when I saw her holding a freakin’ box of HAND SANITIZER, flashing that fake fly-catching smile.

        Tone deaf.

    1. morningstar

      I wonder how many times a year a fly goes into her mouth. Note the eye puffiness, she is stressed out.

      Thank you to the employee that gave this information. Things aren’t so happy happy at the plant.

      MK really did not give to the sales force, the women paid for it all in sales. And the imploding is interesting, the die hard kaybots are going to wonder when intouch is shut down.

      MY bet is prior to sept. anniversary they are bankrupt.

    2. dew

      Not the ones who worship her. She’s FAKER than fake. And I can’t believe more people haven’t realized it yet. The ones who really kill me are the ones who are sooo obsessed with her “bangs” that are HIDEOUS. She would actually be pretty if she wasn’t so ugly on the inside. Tracy, can you please tag her in this post?

    3. NayMKWay

      Here’s another serious question: Kristin, why are you smiling? You’re holding a box of bottled hand sanitizer, the very symbol of the crisis we’re all facing, and you’re somehow happy about it?

      She really doesn’t understand appropriate behavior, does she?

  4. BestDecision

    I love it when an employee spills the beans to us. The lies come straight from the company to NSDs and then travel on down that way.

    Have they announced what they’re doing about Seminar?

  5. SuzyQ

    MK is scum. It becomes clearer and clearer and the lengths that the directors and nsds will have to go to maintain viable “businesses” will be incredibly awful. I am glad PT is keeping eyes on this… it needs to be documented.

  6. NayMKWay

    It seems Kristin Sharpe’s DPS* knob goes to eleven. Man, she creeps me out.

    Tracy posted a nice DPS collage in the comments of April 13’s post, if anyone would like a little nightmare candy.

    * – Disingenuous, Predatory Smile

    P.S.: Is it any wonder MK corporate is similarly disingenuous, predatory and creepy?

    1. dew

      The Company “graciously” sent all NSDs 10 bottles. Well she got 20 cause she’s living in her mom’s 2000 sq. ft. “basement” and they sent her mom 10 also.

      1. J

        Oh yes, the NSDs. The part of the mk family that would obviously be struggling most during this pandemic and have the hardest time securing essential items.

        Follow up, why does she live with her mom?

          1. BestDecision

            Connie Kittson’s house is only worth about $800,000. For the Atlanta area, that’s not a mansion.

            Not trying to attack your message, but just furthering the truth about Kristin. Her “largest unit meeting in the country” surely isn’t paying her right now, right?

            1. J

              100% right. I’m sure it feels like a mansion to the women she’s scamming. But 2,000sq ft, comparatively, is the size of my modest suburban home. It’s a nice space, certainly, but not luxurious. It certainly doesn’t match the celebrity lifestyle they promote.

            2. TRACY

              She did say on FB that the house is now delayed. She didn’t say if it’s because construction is delayed in general or if she’s scared MK will implode and she won’t be able to pay for it.



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