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What’s Your Favorite Part of Mary Kay?

There are all sorts of ways to use social medial to recruit people into Mary Kay. Probably the most common is flaunting your lifestyle. (It doesn’t matter if you’re buying everything on credit or if you actually have the money, so long as you show a lavish lifestyle, you can pretend it was purchased with your MK money.) There’s the “day in the life” type of thing, where you show how much flexiblity and free time you have, all thanks to the MLM. There are posts related to products, but those don’t get much traction so they’re not that common.

Another tactic is to ask a question. The result is that you get engagement (which makes you look better to the algorithm, and then helps you get greater visibility in the future), and you also get to have OTHERS sell your MLM for you. Sales director Rachel Ryan did that recently, asking her followers what their favorite thing is about Mary Kay. Check out some of the answers:

Just one question: If there really is “limitless” earning potential, why are so many sales directors in Mary Kay only making minimum wage?

And you might want to ask Kelly Brock about how that “true friendship” thing works out once you leave Mary Kay.

Also, what’s with the MK directors advertising their failures on social media? Here is Rachel Ryan bragging that she has 25,000 unread emails. That’s not cute or clever. It’s proof that she is not any sort of serious businesswoman.


        1. TRACY

          That’s her! One of the three who had no idea how much money they make from MK, but are certain that it’s a lot! Who have no idea how much it costs to run their “businesses,” but they’re still certain they make a lot of money!

              1. enorth

                Looks like Ryan’s also in the coaching business.

                “20 years and over 10,000 hours coaching executives, various industries’ leaders and competitive coaches to their highest levels of leadership achievement.
                For 15 years, I’ve also built a platform through coaching a sales team to the Top 1% of my company.”

  1. Heather

    The MK “True Friendship” is a farce. Those women only want to be your “friends” when you are ordering and making them money. They are selfish and conniving and only look out for themselves. You, my dear MK consultant, are just a number and a dollar sign.

    If/when you leave MK, you are shunned and ostracized by everyone because you didn’t bee-lieve or were negative or whatever.

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