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Anyone Can Be a Mary Kay Director

Our good friend Chelsea Claytor Adkins, Mary Kay sales director, is the gift that keeps on giving. She proves that you have to be neither smart nor responsible to be a successful MK director. Last year she admitted that her credit cards were maxed out and had been for years.

Despite that, she went on to throw herself a wedding that cost $35,000. But she didn’t have the money to pay for it, so she was begging for MK orders a few weeks before the affair. She was offering a 50% discount, so there was no profit in this for her, just recovering her cost on the many thousands of dollars of products she’s put on her (maxed out) credit cards over the years to “finish” goals.

Mind you, this begging for orders happened mere days before her big bachelorette weekend in Miami. She was so broke that her fellow sales directors like Jamie Taylor were helping her beg for money from people. Venmo money to Chelsea! Her bachelorette weekend is too expensive! (Also note, she wasn’t even an bachelorette as she had already been married for over 1.5 years at that time.)

Despite being broke and begging for money, Chelsea thought it was a good idea to spend $300 on her own dinner. (Yes, just her. No one else on that tab.)

And the irresponsible antics continue after the wedding. Nearly 2 years after getting married, Chelsea is still Chelsea Claytor because she has lost her birth certificate, social security card, AND marriage certificate. (I’m sure it didn’t help when she and her husband were hastily evicted from the house they pretended to own. How does she explain being a big “successful” Mary Kay director and living in her mommy’s house for the last year?)

And now Chelsea is proud to share that she has run out of gas in her car TWICE in the last 3 months.

This is they type of woman others in MK look to for business advice and mentoring. They might want to rethink that.


    1. TRACY

      I wonder if any MK ladies ever use any critical thinking skills. They’re telling you she’s a TOP DIRECTOR and making a ton of money. She is also begging for a handout. Something is wrong here.

      1. Mountaineer95

        Seriously! Why can’t (or won’t) a SINGLE Pink Truth critic address this! Her claims of executive income vs her begging for money to cover stuff that she SHOULD have NO PROBLEM paying for?

  1. BestDecision

    A complete train wreck. Tacky to ask for money for a bachelorette party! If you’ve got money for that bikini and drink, you can save for your party. Oh, but that would take maturity and willpower to overcome bad choices.

    What an embarrassment to MK, Directorship, and the human race.

    Note to Chelsea: Your Insta-life isn’t reality. When you mature into your 40s and 50s, you’ll look around and see the void you created. Go get a job with benefits, stop asking for handouts, and be a big girl. At your age, there are DOCTORS training to be life-saving surgeons, and they deserve more glory than you’re craving.

      1. TRACY

        I would put money on it that he has no idea what their real finances look like.

        She is busy bragging about how she’s going to “retire” him from his job as a deputy at the county jail, so he can fulfill his dream of racing 4-wheelers for a living.

  2. Missy C

    Nothing about this says, “serious professional business leader” to me. I realize that bachelorette parties and weddings aren’t business events but running up these kinds of big bills and asking people to Venmo money for your fancy drinks just looks like tacky, poor taste at best and “I really don’t have the maturity to be an effective leader who can help you achieve your financial goals” at worst. If you can’t afford that kind of bachelorette party or wedding on your own, then either skip it or do something within your budget. Don’t ask your unit to pony up yet more money they don’t have to subsidize your cute little lark. And while we’ve all had our incompetent moments where we lose things (Poor St. Anthony is tired of hearing from me for sure), to splash all over social media that you have somehow lost every single one of your most important identifying documents is just flaky. Unless they all burned up in a fire, or some other misfortune, her identify may very well be out there for the stealing. She’s just not using good judgment here.

    1. Missy C

      Ugh. . I meant “identity”. Not “identify”. and by the way, I am going to drag her for running out of gas. That’s not only easily preventable but downright dangerous. you run out of gas at the wrong time of day or night or somewhere that you can’t readily get help, and that will really “suck” to use her word. Why is this woman putting all her incompetencies out there for us to see? It doesn’t make her relatable–it just makes her look disorganized.

    2. Mountaineer95

      Right?! And what Chelsea doesn’t seem to understand is that it’s perfectly normal to do all of the wacky things she’s done/said related to this wedding, IF she had kept that part of her life COMPLETELY SEPARATE from her #BossBabe gig. But they’re so intertwined that she cannot separate them, and her “business” persona (lol) is forever tied to her poor personal life choices (like Chelsea, this whole social media “story” about your wedding and lack of finances to support it).

    3. Mountaineer95

      “Nothing about this says, “serious professional business leader” to me.”

      I agree, and it would be interesting if we had a thread that provides examples (anonymized for sure) of some ACTUAL female sales executives’ social media posts for comparison. Like a few legit sales/marketing professional women who have successful careers AND have active social media accounts…I’m sure we’d see that these women do a fine job of keeping their SM lives and their professional lives separate, or in the occasion when they cross, behave MUCH more professionally than Chelsea and Jamie. What we won’t see is these women begging for their BUSINESS contacts to pay for their vacation booze whilst enjoying a fancy drink through a penis–shaped straw

        1. Mountaineer95

          “Who eats like that”??

          Ooooh, oooh, I know the answer! Someone who wants to “fake it” until they “make it”! Like, “lookit me and my expensive meal…oh and BTW please donate to my alcohol fund lol!”

          1. Julie

            Bet she doesn’t realize that the whole point of faking something is having the audience believe that it’s real, but here she is openly telling people that she’s faking the thing she’s faking – that’s not how “fake it till you make it” works!

  3. Lazy Gardens

    “she has lost her birth certificate, social security card, AND marriage certificate.” And apparently has no idea that she can get replacements for them.

    This is NOT a leader or mentor. This is a blazing dumpster fire of a life style.

  4. NayMKWay

    “Who allowed me to be a grown up?”

    Who ever said you were a grown up?

    Chelsea has established a life pattern that is unlikely to change. She’s made such a habit of perpetual irresponsibility, I wonder if she even has the capacity to grow up. It for sure ain’t gonna happen as long as friends and strangers pitch in on Venmo to enable her arrested-adolescence lifestyle.

  5. Kristen

    Chelsea is not only burning her own life to the ground, but many others as well. I shudder to think how many. Those who wish to buy their way into the popular group, listen up. When is the last thing Chelsea did something worthwhile for you that did not involve furthering her own fake business or manipulating you into thinking she cares?

    1. TRACY

      But she provided training on how she sold $80,000 of products.

      SHE DIDN’T SELL $80K OF PRODUCTS, DUMMIES!!!! She sold $30k wholesale for about $35,000 (maybe less), and they pretended it was $80k retail with double credit and suggested retail pricing.

  6. Shay

    That’s a lot of food for one person. Fancy restaurants, you know the ones who don’t let you have A1 sauce for your steak because of the egos of the chef? Yeah. They treat you funny if you ask for a take out box.

    1. Mountaineer95

      I’d like to share a memory from my retail sales career, if I may. Back in 1997 (Jesus I’m old lol), I worked at an actual furniture/mattress retail store. We were horribly understaffed, and we (meaning the manager and me) managed, alone, to break the monthly sales record during that month (we took no days off, as in NONE). We worked ridiculous hours that month. The last day of that month, the manager who I worked with took our petty cash (a few hundred dollars) and said “we are going out for a killer dinner!” He wasn’t kidding; we went to The Angus Barn (google it if you’re curious) and got the most expensive steaks, wine, beer (like $30 per bottle at the time OMG), and sides. And it was okay because WE EARNED IT.

      I doubt any Kaybot has experienced that. But they still can, if they pursue a real JOB!

  7. Shay

    Not sure why my last comment didn’t post. I changed my email a while back.. did I get banned?
    If so, I won’t comment anymore. Here is my comment from other email address

    That’s a lot of food for one person. Fancy restaurants, you know the ones who don’t let you have A1 sauce for your steak because of the egos of the chef? Yeah. They treat you funny if you ask for a take out box.

    1. Mountaineer95

      That’s a good point! If young women can recognize this, why can’t much older and more experienced women see it as well!

      Chelsea def does treat her contacts as a constant supply of money (via pity, mainly).

      She simply is unable to succeed at any mid-to-upper level J.O.B. Especially sales; she cannot comprehend how actual sales work. I propose her career will progress in this way:

      She’ll exhaust her MK potential in one way or another and will “step down” with probably quite dramatic tearful YouTube videos declaring such. But she won’t have another career secured; she’ll basically lose her directorship so she isn’t actually “stepping down”; so she will scramble to find a J.O.B. She might secure an interview or three, but I doubt any would be for a job of the same “self-proclaimed” level that her MK “position” was recognized as.

      IMO, she has very little actual business experience or knowledge, and exhibits narcissistic behaviours. Certainly her MK time doesn’t denote any long term, successful performance or leadership. What it DOES show are horribly unprofessional posts made on social media that pretty much chronicle:

      her horribly poor money management;

      Her lack of understanding or respecting what is/isn’t appropriate business activity;

      Her inability to understand that her personal actions should NOT always be available to her business contacts (especially when they are risqué photos involving a questionably shaped straw whilst in a bikini…”Professionalism For Dummies” addresses this in the first or second chapter);

      Her incessant need to push her SM friends to make purchases AT HUGE DISCOUNTS (which prevent her underlings the ability to make sales since they share so many SM contacts);

      Her HUGE issue with her declarations of IMPOSSIBLE retail sales totals (one cannot offer bogos or 40% off EVERY OTHER DAY and make profit FYI) that are impossible because she offers constant crazy discounts…so the “double profit” myth is just that.

  8. Wasrings90

    You can ask for copies of those documents from the state. Its not hard, my 16yr old nephew needed his birth certificate to get his drivers license, and that’s what he did, it took about 2 weeks for it to arrive in the mail.

    Also what’s wrong with people? How are they not telling her to pay for it herself. I get doing the go fund me route for actual family emergencies health issues, pet surgeries, a natural disaster hit the region where you reside…. I have refused to go to bachelorette parties when I was told I am expected to pay my share and the brides share because the wedding is expensive. Its not my responsibility to pay for others to have fun.

  9. Heather

    How old is Chelsea?? Because I have a kiddo who is almost 27 and WAY MORE responsible than her! He knows where his birth certificate, social security card, and more are located. He has a damn fine job as a pilot with NetJets (kid will make more money than me at 27, and I have a master’s degree and two certifications) He understands a budget and finances, and he’s built up a sizable nest egg so he can buy a house later. Maybe he could teach her some lessons….

    All I see with this is a reality television wanna-be who thinks her life is glamorous when in actuality it’s a dumpster fire.

  10. Shay

    Hey all.
    Go look at her stories.
    She says she forgot to pack her wedding dress.
    I am starting to think she is doing this just to sound “cute”
    No one can be this… you know what I mean.

    1. Mountaineer95

      Also, back in the day, my girlfriends and I did a few epic trips to South Beach. Yes, drinks were expensive (even way back in 2006) and we wanted to be “drunk drunk” lol (I think that’s the goal of most Miami trips). But we sure as hell didn’t beg others to pay for us! We worked hard and saved money for these trips so that we had our OWN “make it rain” moments. As a Caddy director making the big bucks, Chelsea’s news feeds should have been pic after pic of HER buying rounds for the group.

  11. Mountaineer95

    “Chelsea Claytor Adkins, Mary Kay sales director, is the gift that keeps on giving”

    This makes me wonder if she ever actually gives the “gifts” she promises in all of her little drawings she declares on social media…does anyone win the Kate Shpade knock offs?

  12. Mountaineer95

    Oh, poor Chelsea…one of these days, you’re going to apply for some J.O.B.s, and the hiring manager will find your “chipmunk-cheeks-bikini-whilst-begging-for-free-alcohol” bachelorette posts (which are shared with all of your “business” contacts) and chuck your chipmunk resume straight to the trash can. And it will happen sooner than you think.

        1. Destiny Angel

          As a non-Christian I feel the need to point that many of her clothes are not modest in two senses.

          The first being she shows her “wealth” by her elaborate clothing

          And secondly by wearing skimpy clothing aka her bikini, wedding dress, sundry other outfits Princess Chels displays on the interwebs(https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Romans%2014%3A13-23&version=ESV)

          And we will ignore the fact that men need to gouge out their eyes to prevent themselves from sinning.

    1. Peggy Hicks

      You nailed it!! One of the first thing a hiring manager is going to do is to check the social media pages of a prospective employee, & some of the pictures & posts are downright embarrassing. Chelsea is a train wreck & her NSD should be appalled at this latest round of photos & posts. She has single-handedly derailed the facade that anyone can become wealthy in MK with this Venmo stunt she’s pulled. And it would be safer for her husband to remain in his job as a deputy at the county jail than four wheeling. And the benefits he’s getting are probably second to none. Someone needs to throttle her because what she’s doing reflects badly on MK.

      1. LittlePinkFlags

        ” One of the first thing a hiring manager is going to do is to check the social media pages of a prospective employee, & some of the pictures & posts are downright embarrassing.”

        What if a person has old MK videos from Seminar that they’re tagged in but can’t delete? Just out of luck?

        And my heart’s a mile a minute because I read on PT that an SD can activate a person again? I’m going to take some deep breaths and look at my social media in the morning and see what I can do.

    1. The Patient Whisperer

      I hope she does. Or at least someone in her circle does.

      On that note, on the (off?) chance she sees this, I’d like to take this opportunity to tell her she should be ashamed of herself. She posts this insufferable 💩 like she thinks it’s adorable when it only makes her look like an irresponsible, insufferable, entitled brat. If I somehow managed to lose all my important documents and run outta gas twice in a short time, the LAST thing I’d do is put it on blast across social media, especially in between posts about how I’m making SOOO much money with my (fake) business. She should be embarrassed. But no, she actually brags about it.

      Even worse, she brags about it AND begs for money for literally unnecessary expenditures, but I thought she had this amazing business where she rakes in cash hand over fist? And how the apparent morons who actually throw money at her don’t see how pathetic this is, is beyond me.

      Hey “princess” – your entitlement is showing and it’s not cute, it’s gross. Shame on you.

      Then again, I prefer to actually WORK for what I want rather than panhandle. I dunno; I’m just funny like that 🤷🏼‍♀️

      Why does no one in Camp Chels address this? I’d LOVE to hear their feeble attempts to reconcile her ad nausea claim to have SUCH a successful (again, FAKE) business with “I’m broke so send me money for expensive things I don’t need.”

      Sorry to prattle on and on. But this whole thing is disgusting. “Enriching lives,” my ass. Maybe her OWN life…

    1. TRACY

      She pretended to own a house. She did all sorts of things like put in the “backyard oasis” with the pool and the hottub. Did I mention she was pretending to own the house. She got evicted. She moved into her mommy’s house. She still lives there a year later. At one point Jamie Taylor tried to pretend that all of this was because Chelsea was having a mansion built. There is no mansion, obviously. Not even a small house.

      1. Champagne Lady

        The very same is true of NSD Kristin Sharpe. She has been living in mommy’s basement for about a year and a half. Said they were building their dream home this year in one of her previous posts which was featured on Pink Truth. Bragged about how she was going to be debt free. The lot they were going to build on is now for sale. Wonder how long she is going to live in mommy’s house and brag about living on the lake?

  13. Bethany

    Chelsea seems to display a lot of ADHD traits. The impulsiveness – credit card debt, spending sprees, expensive food, buying tons of clothes, dropped 35 grand on her wedding, disorganization, losing important items, has mentioned frequently that she is late, about to leave for a flight but hasn’t packed yet (classic procrastination), disordered eating, issues with sleep and getting going in the morning etc. There have been other times that I had this thought looking at her IG but can’t remember all of them right now.

    ADHD involves issues with dopamine and other neurotransmitters that negatively impact motivation, follow through, impulse control, organization, and executive functions that make it really hard to truly thrive in life much less consistently make healthy choices.

    Often female ADHDers are labelled as irresponsible, selfish, lazy, disorganized, and dumb. I’m not saying she should get pass on her behaviour but I do wonder if she does have undiagnosed ADHD.


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