I Was Lying Before, But Believe Me Now

Last year Kelly Brock left Mary Kay to become a “coach.” She had no sooner gone on the top director trip with her husband…. and then she was quitting and telling the world that Mary Kay almost ruined her life and her marriage. (She tells it a little more low-key than that, because she sells her coaching services to MLM participants and doesn’t want to lose that revenue stream.)

Kelly quit Mary Kay and lost all of her MK friends. But she was happy and she was getting to be her authentic self. Finally! Except apparently she was NOT being her authentic self. But don’t worry. NOW she is sharing her authentic voice.

How stupid are the followers of these “coaches”? They keep “transforming” themselves to keep bringing in new money. You’ve got to keep it interesting to keep the money rolling in.

Except…. you’re telling us you’ve been lying to us. If you were not being authentic before, you were lying. But we’re supposed to believe that now you are telling us the truth?



  1. All these people leaving to “coach” are hilarious. Some have never even had offspring, so why on earth are they believable? That’s what happens when you abandon a career to sell MK. You’re irrelevant and grasp at straws to make money.

    I’m betting a lot of tax issues on the horizon.

    • The sad thing is that Kelly has some really good material. But I see her going down this “Influencer” hole and I’m starting to get turned off. Plus I hate that she sells to MLM people so heavily.

      • I mean I don’t see why she doesn’t just parlay her success into a sales executive position with a non MLM company, right? Since she’s so good at coaching and leading others?

        • Because no one outside of MK takes us seriously! They don’t think holding unit meetings or speaking at conferences equates to public speaking. To them, we just sold lipstick and “got people to sign up”.

          I actually hide my time in MK from people now. It’s embarrassing to see people curl their lips in laughter or criticism when they hear we were in MK. Everybody asks if we drove pink Cadillacs, and, sadly, the majority of people who were ever in MK—which is a lot—cannot say they did.

        • She would have to start at the bottom in any real company, because their promotions are based on performance, not ability to con people.

          That sideways move from management to management does happen, but not from an MLM’s top scammers to a real business.

  2. The amount of effort they put into these mlm is exhausting. Just get a real job. A real basic job will bring in actual income and give you time to post warnings on PT too. Win Win.

    • If she was such a successful sales executive in an MLM business, surely she could make a lateral move into a sales executive position with a real company? Hmmm…

  3. As a certified life coach (I went through an ICF-certified course and everything), it really makes my blood boil when these clowns pop up and reinvent themselves as a coach. I am sorely tempted to email or post to this woman and ask, ‘which institute did you enroll with to do your certification training?” and just read whatever weasel-y words are in her answer.

    • yes! Missy I agree with you! What actual certification for coaching did she go pursue and earn? It’s just like all the new “health coaches” out there for Isagenix, Optavia, Herbalife, you name it. Just because they are involved with a MLM that promotes weightloss products… does not mean they are health coaches. Show me the certification papers please! It really “chaps my hide” with all the ‘coaching crap’ that’s out there.

    • “I am sorely tempted to email or post to this woman and ask, ‘which institute did you enroll with to do your certification training?’”

      Omg PLEASE do this. I’d love to hear her response.

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