Your Bad Mary Kay Experience is a Learning Experience

For those who missed it, this was a comment placed on our article with the old seminar video. Our new friend Cheryl wants us to move on.

Thank you for posting this. I actually like this video. It takes me back to a happier time when I was young. This was my first Seminar and I had a blast with my best friend. I had been a consultant for one year and had saved money from my skin care classes and facials so I could attend.

I never over-ordered products and loved helping my customers. Those were some of the best years of my life. I was a consultant for 11 years. It was never my intention to be a director, I just enjoyed the business.

I am still a customer to this day. With more years behind me than ahead of me I would much rather see something like this, women laughing, having fun with girlfriends (as stupid as it may look to you), than people rioting, burning buildings etc.

I get that many of you had bad experiences in Mary Kay. I did not, I had fun, made extra spending money, and met some wonderful women who are still my friends today.

I am not what you people like to call a Kaybot, I am no longer a consultant but I still love the company. I simply choose to see the positive rather than the negative.

Think of your bad experience as a learning experience and move on. Believe me life is too short to focus on so much negativity. I will be dead when Mary Kay celebrates their 100th year in business, but I will be cheering them on from up above!


  1. Oh, Cheryl. I’m afraid you are a Kaybot, exactly the type Mary Kay uses and disposes of. Spent your money on Seminar, bought inventory and moved on quietly with only positive chirps about your MK friendships. This “Oh well, it was a fun learning experience” attitude is precisely why Mary Kay scammers can continue to prey on women. Nobody talks about what happened because they think they are the only one. They blame themselves. Even if what you say is 100% true (I’m sorry but I’m having trouble believing you because deception is the foundation of Mary Kay), the sheer number (99%!!!) of women who have been manipulated into debt with a trail of destruction behind them of ruined relationships and missed career opportunities in a legit field is unacceptable. Ignoring what MLM’s do is irresponsible. Sure, we could move on and go about our business (which is now a whole lot more satisfying and successful than when we were trying to do the impossible in Mary Kay), but we choose to keep speaking out because scamming works best when nobody is paying attention or warning others.

  2. “I would much rather see something like this, women laughing, having fun with girlfriends (as stupid as it may look to you), than people rioting, burning buildings etc.”

    So the choice is Mary Kay or societal mayhem? That is one weird existential framework.

    • I was going to say the same thing.

      We go from commercial cult hypefest to mayhem and destruction. Are those our only choices? Sheesh.

      • I’d rather my children protest injustice than join an MLM. However I’d rather they joined an MLM than attack the seat of a countries democracy in order to overturn the results of an election.

  3. I was like you for most of my time in MK. But this is what happened to me. My SD completed my first order with lots of unsalable product And soon to be discontinued colors and packaging. Of course it put me at a start level for that first quarter. I believed her when she said it would fly off the shelf. It didn’t

    I completed my pears of sharing and whatever the number of faces to get some prize for that first month. The product was still on my shelf.

    It took a good year or more to sell it with much discounting and give aways and another year to pay off that credit card with the ‘profit’ from my sales.

    From then on I only bought what I needed and used the ‘return’ policy to trade for other products to benefit me. I also did a lot of trading of products with sister consultants to reduce my need to order.

    While I paid off my husband’s truck after a few years, I didn’t make money. Not really. When you add in the gas, the shipping, the section 2, the open-houses, etc. it just wasn’t worth it anymore.

    Why am I here when I didn’t end up with huge debt? Because I was manipulated to order that first big inventory with deception. I was lied to. I was told to bring models to meetings to get training in products. That was a lie. Bringing models was about recruiting. I was told to fill my portfolio with all sorts of women with before/after photos. Again, it wasn’t about the product, but about recruiting. That made me made when I discovered the real truth about all of these social events.

    There was continual pressure to order and continual pressure to recruit. I was not taught how to sell the product, the real benefits of products, etc. I WAS taught how to recruit. I stopped going to meetings and became a personal use/refilling my customer’s order needs. After a few years, I didn’t enjoy the calling and being told no anymore. So, I had a clearance sale and donated the rest. THEN I found Pink Truth. Thank God! It was therapy for my soul.

    • Thank you for sharing. I hope lurking IBCs will choose to keep an open mind and thus consider what you’ve shared. We are so much better for your presence here! 😖🍻🥰❤️

      • Eek, the first two emojis are NOT what I intended but I can’t edit my post. So FYI the clinking beers and scary looking angry face are both accidents!

  4. “…women laughing, having fun with girlfriends (as stupid as it may look to you),…”

    My girlfriends and I have a helluva lotta fun withOUT an MLM in our lives. Our fun times cost a lot less than what Seminar cost, and we didn’t have to share a bed with each other.

  5. What makes me never want to join Mary Kay is this website and Jamie Taylor who just turned nsd said in an instagram post she has two girls who are her longest down line members! I thought wow after close to 8or 9 years with Mary Kay being a recruiter only two people stayed and the rest are replaced? forget that!

    • (Holds gasoline-filled beer bottle in one hand, preparing to light the rag sticking out of the neck)

      “Get ready for MAYHEMmmmm, hey, what’s that? Mary Kay is having their Seminar? OK, I’ll put this bottle down and go there instead.”

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