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Network Marketing Doesn’t Work

Mary Kay sales director Megan Wilkes is very invested in proving that MK is not a pyramid scheme and if you failed, it’s your own fault. Why are you focusing on the “haters,” Megan? Doesn’t sound like an “income producing activity” to me!

First she shows us how regular companies are pyramid schemes because there is a CEO at the top and an increasing number of people at each level below that. This shows her ignorance. A pyramid scheme is not called that because of what the organization looks like. It’s called a pyramid scheme because of how it operates: constant recruiting of new people into the scheme who bring money and fund the commission checks of the upline with their inventory purchases.

And Megan has to take it further, of course. The winners in MLM are there because of their hard work, and the loser are there because they didn’t work hard enough. Tell that to all of the very hard workers here who failed at MK because it’s a pyramid scheme! 99% of people will lose because there are not enough people in the world for all of us to be successful. The majority must fail due to simple math.

I am curious why Megan has to justify her participation in MK so hard. Feeling guilty for swindling women out of their hard earned money with lies about their chances for success? Questioning why you’re a part of a scam? Trying to convince yourself that this a real job and your work is honorable?


  1. Mountaineer95

    Tracy, do we have an idea of what Megan actually makes as a director? Such as, is she one of the many “minimum wage” Caddy directors? Does she show up on any Applause lists or not? Because if she is making that little, it would be fun to call her out on it.

          1. Mountaineer95

            So when all is said and done, she’s WELL under 100k. Way under. Still a decent income to anyone who LIVES IN A VACUUM, and/or anyone who is EARNING BENEFITS.

            Her bottom-line take home pay would barely cover her taxes and health insurance and then basic living expenses. Interesting how single ladies seem to never get to this “level” in MK. One just CANNOT do it on any MK earnings alone if being the sole breadwinner for every part of a family.

    1. pinkpeace

      I remember as a new director first hearing “full-time pay for part-time work.” All I could think was that it seemed like I was working 24/7 just to try to keep my head above water. I was so naive, I actually believed that that particular director was making an executive income while working part-time. What was her secret? Why couldn’t I do that?

      It would take me many years post-MK to realize that the system was corrupt and success had nothing to do with my personal efforts.

  2. AnonyMouse

    Those diagrams irritate me to no end. All the basic job titles and then “hardworking, entry level employees” at the bottom. As if none of the other people work hard. As if they just kick their feet up on their desks and lounge all day.

  3. NayMKWay

    Those faces she makes at the camera… is this supposed to be motivational? Because they seem calculated to royally piss off the audience.

    I’m not sure she’s management material. She should probably just stick to being a con artist. You know, play to your strengths, and all that.

    1. Ingrid

      Please don’t confuse capitalism with crony capitalism. A true capitalist system does allow all who want to thrive, thrive. It’s crony capitalism that picks winners and losers. It is up to you to pull yourself up by the bootstraps. Nobody but you is responsible for you.

  4. Wild Collards

    These boss babes tell on themselves when they post pictures at their kids events, vacations, holidays, and they are still hustling. In the droll 9-5 jobs they complain about, you don’t have to pay someone else to take a vacation.

    1. Mountaineer95

      Your comment made me think, these boss babes are working 9-5 jobs that they complain about. Not all, but many. We need to ask tHEM:

      WHY are you working a 9-5 job when you love your MK “business” so much? And you say you sell a lot! Then WHY are you STILL working elsewhere when your MK gig is so great???

  5. HER

    To the ladies wracking their brains trying to figure out Mary Kay or any other MLM, here’s a word of advice: your PERSONAL brand is worth more than the Mary Kay brand. Invest in your individual talents, build your confidence, be your authentic self, and use what YOU do best to serve others and build a true community.

    It is a waste of time to try and build a Mary Kay business when the brand is already tarnished. You are literally fighting against a reputation that you didn’t build. You are penalized for many things that are out of your control. Half of your battle is trying to convince other people that Mary Kay “isn’t what you’ve heard before.” You’re inheriting stress and difficulties that have been around for years and likely won’t go anywhere. This is why you see companies try to rebrand themselves. It is an attempt to change people’s perception. With your personal brand, you get to present who you are and most people take an “innocent until proven guilty” perspective when supporting public figures.

    Social media based businesses are booming and a great place to empower women and talk about cosmetics (if that’s what you’re really interested in) without taking advantage of others. Blogs, YouTube channels, etc. may not generate super quick income but if you invest the time in finding your niche and study marketing, some flexibility and freedom that you’re seeking could be yours without manipulation. I say all of this because I truly want women to walk into their greatest selves!

    Believe in what you bring to the table and leave this company with a tarnished reputation behind!!

    1. Data Junkie

      Besides…door to door sales is dead. Unless you are offering a truly unique product or an in-demand service, you can’t make real money selling retail out of your home.

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