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Leah Cade Quitting Mary Kay?

We’ve seen this before. The transition to quitting Mary Kay. Leah Cade is considered a “top director” in MK since she sometimes appears in Applause magazine. Her commissions that have shown up in the last year ranged from 6,000 to 9,000 per month.

But if you look at her Instagram account, Mary Kay is rarely mentioned. It’s all about her design business, CadeCo.

And now there is another step toward distancing herself from Mary Kay. Leah Cade has given up the pink Cadillac and instead has taken the cash option this time around.

This is absolutely a good financial move, but it is so frowned upon in Mary Kay. But Leah has been working with the same money coach that our friend Kelly Brock (former MK top director) works with. And apparently her finances were a complete mess! No savings and afraid to look at her bank account balance. We always hear the lies about the big money in MK that the top directors make. Kelly Brock’s money was a mess too. And I’d venture a guess that the money of most of the top directors is a mess because the money isn’t nearly as much as they lead you to believe.


        1. enorth

          She shows on the consultant locator as NSD in NC.

          Her website does not mention MK. She’s selling exclusive coaching sessions. The site includes phrases such as “champion mentality”, “exponential growth” and “how to generate abundance.”

    1. Lindsay

      What do you wait on her posts with bated breath? Have you ever made a change in your career for the betterment of her family and had someone post it in a blog for trolls to drool over?

      1. TRACY

        Ooh hi, Lindsay. Welcome to Pink Truth. What are you doing here? Waiting with bated breath to see what we’re going to post? You do know it’s forbidden to read here, don’t you?

  1. nomoremlm4me

    So a sales director making $9000/month commission (a rarity in MK) is afraid to look at her bank account?!? That, my friends, is soooooo sad. I don’t make that much working for a church, but I have lots of money saved. Of course, I don’t have chargebacks, receive amazing medical benefits, paid vacation time, etc. etc. etc. Needless to say, I love my J.O.B.

    1. BestDecision

      It’s because there’s a constant demand to appear wealthier, happier, and more successful than others. We were taught to dress like the position we desired and never utter a word of “can’t afford” (because that translated to “we aren’t willing to do the work” and that it was always our fault).

      It’s all an act. Even NSDs struggle financially because they’re always trying to give off an image of massive wealth.

      1. Mountaineer95

        Lol…a la Dacia ranting about Delta losing her (legit?) Louis Vuitton bag. Dacia, if you’re THAT successful as an NSD with MK, you can easily buy a new one…that won’t have taped-up handles!

    2. TRACY

      Mostly she makes less than that. If I had to guess, she’s making about $75k a year before business expenses. That’s TOP DIRECTOR, EXECUTIVE income in MK. Yikes.

    3. Mountaineer95

      And your Job at a church LITERALLY “puts God first”! Without the need to beg God for tons of last-minute production, keys to a gaudy pink Cadillac, or for recruits to buy more than they’ll ever sell. Sounds like MK doesn’t understand how to truly make “God first” for its independent “buying” force.

  2. AnonyMouse

    So she’s publicly proclaiming that taking the cash option is the better financial decision rather than taking the “trophy on wheels”, which is the exact opposite of what I heard from everyone above me while I was in MK…and yet she still tries to spin it to be positive about the company. That’s a stretch.

  3. enorth

    Yet another beautiful, young woman who was pushing the MK opportunity but, at the same, was “desperate for financial help…desperate for savings…”

    Why do they publicly admit it and humiliate themselves? I don’t understand.

    1. Char

      “So, God opened that [car] door for her!” —

      That explains why so many “prayer warriors” rallying around people on vents are being completely ignored. He’s been busy opening doors for scammers. It makes so much sense now.

      About the JFF: “This stellar company has been helping an array of people around the world bridge the gap from financial shame and illiteracy to financial abundance and peace with incredible results…..JFF’s goal is to provide the best education around proper money management to the entire world, that we were most likely deprived of throughout our life, and endured many unnecessary stresses and anxieties, and missed opportunities because of.”

      Mary Kay TOP consultants turning to companies that help with financial shame and illiteracy. Lolol

      Something seems very fishy about JFF, as well as a website copyright 2021 and this: “JFF’S $97 PRODCUTS [sic]”

      Note she has referred people to JFF. I hope it’s not another MOBE.

      1. Lazy Gardens

        I looked up the JFF and the guy she’s talking about … they DO NOT list prices for their services. The website is malfunctioning – a link is going back to the parent page. It’s the “sign up for our services” link so he needs to fire his web designer and get one who knows how to test fopr errors.

        And he’s promoted by THRIVE!

    2. Juliet

      That’s what I don’t get – the need to humiliate yourselves because you didn’t think beforehand. I definitely believe that if you espouse something, and then find you are wrong, yes, you should publicly announce that as loudly as you publicly announced the error. But to go on and on, and while I understand appreciation for the person whose business aided her, she’d be better off not broadcasting that business as her judgement is pretty poor, by her own words. I think therapy would be such a better path of action for so many of these “leaders”.

  4. lulutoo

    So, God opened that [car] door for her! Maybe he’ll open one for me–I don’t even have a car right now but I guess he was too busy getting her the one she wanted. I’ll stick with Dave Ramsey rather than her [expensive, I would assume] ‘God-fearing financial planner’. What a load of manure!

        1. TRACY

          Naturally, he still has his nonsense published: https://www.facebook.com/daveramsey/posts/ever-been-pitched-on-a-multilevel-marketing-company-by-a-friend-or-family-member/436932113063768/

          But on that thread, a dear heart named Andrea Andrews simply posted a link to Pink Truth!!!

          I clicked through to the article linked on the FB post, and it’s a different one that the original one (I put a PDF of that one on my article because I was afraid it would disappear). The newer article is even worse. It has all the MLM talking points, as if someone paid him to write it. I guess it’s time for a new critical piece on my business blog. https://www.ramseysolutions.com/saving/multi-level-marketing

          1. Char

            Who is Dave Ramsey? Since I’d never heard of him, I went looking:

            “Ramsey is one of America’s best-known financial advice gurus, famous for his gospel of “financial peace,” “Biblically based, common sense” wisdom on debt, investing, and retirement. Exploding out of the evangelical Christian world and onto the national stage,”

            The Venn diagram rarely lets me down.

  5. Mountaineer95

    So, has Leah actually set up some type of legal corporation for this “CadeCo”? Or is she going to keep playing “fake business” like she does with Mary Kay? I was able to find a “Cadeco” which is not hers. Not to say she hasn’t set up a corp or sole proprietorship, but I didn’t see it. Many legit interior designers have a brick and mortar, have accounts with manufacturers (textiles, furniture, wallpaper, etc) to buy things at actual wholesale and resell to their clients. They pay taxes on the business and sales tax to the county/state. Does Leah have ANY of this? Or is she just planning on people to pay her to come to their homes and make decor recommendations?

    1. Mountaineer95

      I looked up her link from the IG post (Msha.ke/leahbaybay) and it is…well, I don’t know how to describe it. Not the finest “business” site I’ve ever seen. One of the services she provides is to create shopping lists for her clients…so no, she is not any type of designer who is buying home decor products at wholesale and then reselling it to her “clients”. I doubt she has formed any type of corporation for this new venture of hers.

  6. Heather

    To go from a Cadillac to a Nissan Murano…. a bit of a downgrade, if you think about it. (Although, the last couple of model years from Cadillac have been rather meh. Reliability hasn’t been as good as other luxury/high-end brands, and you aren’t getting as much bang for your buck.)

    Also, “home stylist” is not the same as an interior designer. ID is very, very different. (I collect degrees, and one of my original degrees is in interior design.) You can call yourself a stylist or decorator, but you cannot call yourself an interior designer unless you have the education and certification. Even as a nurse, I still work my “side hustle” in design. (I love it – gives me a creative outlet and shoe money) and keep up my certifications.

    1. Mountaineer95

      Heather, I had no idea you have a degree in interior design!
      Being a veteran healthcare professional, if you had the opportunity to do the interior design (including patient rooms and waiting areas for family) for a hospital, what would you do differently than the uncomfortable rooms that currently exist?

      It’s such a unique juxtaposition in areas of study…the artistic side of interior design versus the clinical and sanitized hospital environments. I mean, the sanitized environment is necessary, but I think there would be inventive ways to add more comfort to clinical settings without sacrificing safety. Your thoughts?

      1. Heather

        Mountaineer, I think some of what makes patient rooms comfortable or not is the type of unit/setting. You are going to be way more uncomfortable in the ICU than you will on mother baby. Color theory is also something that is ignored. I think far too often we overlook the drab and dull colors in patient rooms since simplicity is often the game. Anything we use in a room needs to withstand a LOT of abuse and must be able to be cleaned with heavy duty cleaners. That takes a lot of comfort out of the equation but not entirely.

        I’d honestly like to see more color, less sterility (in looks, not the ability to clean cooties off of things), and better lighting. Dimmable lights are worth every penny – get away from those fluorescent tubes.

  7. Scarlett

    She is my old uplines up line and I still follow her on Instagram. I’ve noticed she’s been backing away more and more lately.

    Honestly I hope she gets out and really gives it her all with her interior design thing. You know a REAL business.

    So glad you guys posted about this though!

        1. enorth

          A search for Kelly McCarroll brought up a Power Class document from her with these income claims…

          “Let guests know what they can make:
          1 class per week every week $17,500 a year
          2 classes per week every week $35,000 a year
          3 classes per week every week $52,000 a year”

          1. TRACY

            And that is the same nonsense I was told when I joined over 20 years ago. It was 100% false then, and it’s 100% false now.

            Plus they didn’t tell you how impossible it is to have 3 classes per week every week.

          2. Melanie

            I remember when I went to a meeting many years ago (maybe 2000?) the director said something to the effect of that we could make 20 dollars an hour. Then she said “I’ll bet none of you ever made that kind of money”. I just scowled at her. It seemed like such a rude thing to say to people where she had no clue what their work history was.

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