Why Directors Want Star Consultants

mary kay star consultantWhy do Mary Kay sales directors push so hard for consultants to be “star consultants”???? It’s not because it helps the consultants. A star consultant is simply someone who has ordered $1,800 wholesale or more during a quarter. In real businesses you don’t order products if you’re not selling them, but not so in Mary Kay. They encourage you to order regardless of your sales.

So why the push to be a star consultant? Because those stars (i.e. the ordering) help the sales director get a car and get into a unit club at seminar.

Here’s a piece that illustrates how many stars you need. And don’t forget to increase those initial inventory orders!!!

One way to build a million-dollar unit is to build Star Consultants. One director went from the $650,000 Circle of Excellence to the Million-Dollar Circle in one year, and here is how she did it.

Set a yearly goal for Star Consultants
Decide what you want your unit retail production to be by the end of the seminar year and then use the following general rule of thumb to help determine how many Star Consultants you may need in order to achieve that goal:

$300,000 Circle of Achievement = 30 Star Consultants
$500,000 Circle of Achievement = 50 Star Consultants
$650,000 Circle of Excellence = 65 Star Consultants
$800,000 Circle of Excellence = 80 Star Consultants
$1,000,000 Circle of Excellence = 100 Star Consultants

If 30 Star Consultants in one year seems overwhelming, break it down into quarters – that’s only about eight Star Consultants each quarter.
Increase the initial orders of first-time Star Consultants

During your inventory discussions with new Consultants, explain the benefits of having a larger inventory. For instance, they can receive more free product from the Company.

Raise the expectancy level of current Star Consultants
Are some of your Consultants perennial Sapphire Stars? Then give them a reason to work for an Emerald, Diamond or Ruby Star. For example, you can supplement the Company’s Star Consultant program with your own unit promotions. To encourage $500, $600, $700 and $1,000 retail weeks, offers prizes that are not very expensive. For instance, here are some of the prizes you might offer:

  • Popcorn or pizza at a unit meeting
  • Lunch with your sales director
  • A weekend at your director’s home for four quarters of Star Consultant status

Think of all the things that you could do to build your Stars, to build to the top and it may take you there.


  1. “For instance, here are some of the prizes you might offer:
    Popcorn or pizza at a unit meeting, Lunch with your sales director,
    A weekend at your director’s home for four quarters of Star Consultant status”

    This makes laugh. Are these bonuses or what. (insert sarcasm) Do real jobs give these incentives or do they give trips that you don’t have to pay for? Do they give cash bonuses? Yet while I was in mk this was normal… sounds like incentives for naive teenagers not women with a business…oh, this isn’t one…

    • “A weekend at your director’s home”

      Arrive late Saturday afternoon. Spend Saturday night with your SD and pink girlfriends babbling about MK and taking silly photos in your PJs. Bring your own food and bedding. Sleep on the den floor. Leave Sunday morning.

      My favorite was the prize week-end at the NSD’s home. Along with food/bedding, she wanted you to bring your own toilet paper.

      • I always envisioned the housekeeper hurriedly arriving immediately after the set time to leave. And the NSD cringing at invasion, such as bring your TP, must wear own socks or they will be provided, etc. The star order has metrics inside MK corporate. The pulling of the star order MK count on top con artists. it has nothing to do with anything, except accounting, layered and served up with emotion.

      • And yet, no one questioned this. No one wondered…. if the NSD is making all the money she says she is, and if that’s because WE are ordering large amounts, why can’t the NSD provided us with an actual treat instead of “bring your own toilet paper”?

        • Tracy, I would love to see current Applause stats posted for NSD’s. Also maybe Chelsea’s commission and Waverly’s.

      • For real? Bring your own TP?! What the…?! 🤣🤣 That’s hilariously horrible. BYOTP. Maaaaybe during toilet paper crisis of March 2020? But then everyone was stuck at home.

        Interesting that nothing in this article mentions teaching consultants how to SELL product.

    • If my boss at my real job offered a weekend at his house as an incentive, I would be seriously creeped out. That would be a big old nope from me.

  2. Ooh popcorn at a unit meeting! That I pay a weekly dues to attend.

    “Bring your own toilet paper”. That. is. unbelievable. What did she do? Write “BYOTP” on the invitation?

    • I mean, really, how much can a roll of toilet paper cost? Ten dollars?

      [With apologies to Arrested Development ]

  3. Let’s see if I understand this in simpler terms?

    The more people I recruit to invest $1800, the higher I climb and the more I make. Sound about right? And, if the people I recruit also recruit new investment, I’ll make even more.

  4. “Retail production”
    “Retail weeks”

    “Retail,” she says. Such a cute little fantasy. But hey, a rich fantasy life is healthy, right?

    Dream on!

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