This email was written by a Mary Kay sales director who doesn’t want women to read Pink Truth because it might cause them to doubt Mary Kay. The thing is…. we’re just telling the truth. And yes, it causes doubt because it is in conflict with the misrepresentations women receive from corporate, sales directors, and recruiters.

If you read “that” website I’m writing this email for you. It’s from me, xxxxx xxxxx. I wrote this a few weeks ago but I’m sending it because I want you to know you’re not alone.

If you have NO clue why I’m writing this – just delete this email and enjoy your MK products at cost!!I don’t think it’s fair that all of the negative gets said and MK corporate or nothing gets said to promote the positive and draw attention to the good.

If you doubt yourself – that website adds to your doubts. If you doubt your business – that website adds to your doubt.

If you doubt yourself and it’s added to – you’ll hear more doubters. Just like when you go car shopping and you start to like a car, have you ever noticed you see the car you like everywhere all of a sudden?

Why am I saying all of this. BECAUSE the doubt gets all of the press and society is so negative and I find myself that it’s easier to ‘believe’ the doubt and gravitate to it.

Have I read that website, absolutely! Why? Cause I can relate to some of the stories out there and because I don’t want to be accused of doing things that bring up hate and sadness and bad feelings that consultants posting on there have had. I’ve even read things about products that I didn’t hear anywhere else and I’m not sure who to believe.

MK to me is a unique opportunity and it’s a business. It’s a business where if you treat it like a hobby, it will cost you money. If you treat it like a business it will give you an opportunity to make money. The opportunity costs $100 bucks to take advantage of. For my $100 investment I’ve LEARNED a ton and gotten back TONS! I have days that absolutely it’s worth it and I have days that it’s not.

Can I be a stay at home mom and make money – nope. Can I afford to have a nanny here 2 days a week so I can work in the house and interact with my kids so I’m the mom I want to be – yup! I’m a hard worker and I love what I do. Would I do it if I wasn’t making money – absolutely not – I work because I have to just like you. I’d rather work this than anything else, that’s my choice. Can you guys working full time do MK and make money. Yuppers – if you’re dedicated to it and work it consistently.

Hear my heart – if you have doubt – if you read that site and it makes you question things and you’re not sure about your choice and your commitment, please talk to me. I’ll be honest with you! You can look at my taxes, my inventory, my expenses and I’ll be honest. The website has made me doubt myself too!!!!!!!!

The ONLY way to make money working your MK business is to do Skin Care Classes and move product in volume. To be a director, a consultant, a red jacket, and a free car driver you have to be doing 3+3+3, coming to meeting, investing in your business with inventory (not tons, just the right stuff), and staying plugged into the community so you always have new people to be talking to. There’s NO other way that anyone can show me that I’ll believe other than that. (I’ve tried everything else and it hasn’t worked). I can sleep at night because I know that I’ll always hold appointments and meet new people and sell product and take personal responsibly for my business. No one other than me can control that – so I’ve taken responsibility for my paycheck and seen the results. The friendships, learning, growing, tears, and pain are all part of it and if I didn’t deal with it in MK, I’d have to deal with it somewhere else on someone else’s terms.

Read the negative so you know how you shouldn’t work the business, participate in the positive so you can see it really can work if you do! That’s why I have SHOW ME at the top of our website – do SHOWS/CLASSES and show yourself too!

If you have NO clue why I’m writing this – just delete it and enjoy your MK products at cost!! Luv ya!!


  1. “Can I be a stay at home mom and make money – nope. ”

    Not with that attitude. But there are plenty of jobs that you can do while at home with your children.
    Child-minding is probably the easiest. Especially if you can offer something to set you apart, a second language for example.

    Tutoring be it school subjects or music.

    Call centre work can be done at home, especially when the children are old enough to go to school.

    I’m told medical coding is lucrative as well.

    The author of the Harry Potter books was a SAHM.

    There are women who turn their hobbies into businesses, catering, needlework, vegetable growing and preservation.

    Being in an MLM isn’t the only option.

  2. “You can look at my taxes, my inventory, my expenses and I’ll be honest. The website has made me doubt myself too!!!!!!!!”

    She’s saying her consultants can see her taxes, something we ask every director to provide as proof for their earnings claims. You still reading here, luvya? We’d love to see them too.

    Then the next sentence is the fact that Pink Truth has made her doubt herself, too. Shouldn’t that tell her something? She’s all over the place here, on the one hand making earnings claims and on the other admitting that PT has valid information.

    It’s so exhausting to be a sales director knowing deep down that something’s not quite right but not being able to name it or claim it.

  3. oh good lord if that wasn’t the most gaslighty thing I’ve ever read, and I’ve never even sold MK.

    “IT MADE ME DOUBT MYSELF TOO!!” Notice after all the requests (and I’ve been a lurker for a while) no one will produce their Schedule C. but this one will be honest about everything if you jussst ask.

    Enjoy your MK products at cost (psst after you’ve spent a boatload to stay “active”)

  4. Don’t think of Pink Elephants! Just forget about them. Oh, you don’t know what I’m talking about? Well, just delete this and forget what I said. I mean, everyone’s talking about Pink Elephants but you should just delete this email and forget about it if you don’t already know what all the hype is about. There’s no hype. Nothing to see here people. Step away from the website.

    Yeah, that usually makes people forget their curiosity…

    Pink Truth’s visitor count probably got a little surge after she sent out her cautionary email.

  5. I’ve always found it kind of funny that directors and MK huns just say, “Don’t read that site!” They have no solid argument for what is discussed, and they are unwilling or unable to have a reasonable discussion regarding the facts stated here. They offer nothing but attacks.

    “You didn’t work hard enough!” “Your belief wasn’t big enough!” So, it’s all my fault that I didn’t succeed? It’s all my fault that others did not succeed as well?

    Telling people not to read Pink Truth is like telling your child not to do something… because they’re going to do it.

    • Base pay at a local hospital for new grad RNs is $32/hr. And it’s not even one of the higher paying facilities! They just need to prove us wrong because all they do is tear down all these careers, yet the suit isn’t all it’s polished up to be!

      • Yep – tear down another career field to make yours look more enticing! That’s the go-give spirit!

        I’m on contract at a small hospital here where my parents live. My average take-home after expenses: groceries (although I will say momma does a lot of cooking for me – I contribute to the weekly grocery budget), gas, and a few meals (WHY does the cafeteria have to make such an amazing grilled cheese sammich??) is about $3,700 PER WEEK. I’m working about 50 hours a week, and my housing stipend and per diem are not taxable income.

        How many directors are making that each MONTH based on what you see in Applause?

  6. Directors, prove us wrong. She’s us your gross profit and then your net profit ONLY after saving every receipt for every purchase you made for your business. When you throw away receipts, you actually are hurting your own bottom line, but you’re also living a lie that you kept more profit.

    Career Conference registration is going on right now, so please stop promoting it and tell the truth. Prove us wrong!

  7. “MK to me is a unique opportunity and it’s a business.”

    It’s not that unique and it’s not a “business”. It’s an MLM.

  8. “It’s a business where if you treat it like a hobby, it will cost you money.”

    That goes against all the training saying you decide how much you work and how much you put into it.

    • “That goes against all the training saying you decide how much you work and how much you put into it.”

      That’s what is so maddening about people in MLM’s. They are always touting mottos that conflict with each other. They say whatever is necessary at the moment to get you to join/stay/participate/buy. Truth be damned.

      That’s why they have their little scripts, so they can spout off whatever lie they need to.

  9. “Can I be a Stay at home mom an make money- nope.”
    OK, cool, then WHY do so many directors tout that people can w/Mary Kay?

    Also, about “doubting” their business…In all of my jobs I’ve had, I’ve never really “doubted” my work or my income. (I have had some jobs I didn’t like & left to find something new.) Even when I was a 1099 employee, it was clear whether or not I was earning money. The problem ISN’T doubting your business; the problem is you’re not actually earning the amount of money you expected. Doubting is such a strange choice of words here. If you are doubting, LISTEN to that doubting voice. The problem is Mary Kay, not you!


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