Another Consultant Quits

Written by Melody

I realized quickly after starting my Mary Kay business that this was going to take more of an effort than I could give. The first year I worked my 40 hour per week job and did my MK business almost every evening, taking my daughter with me to meetings and such when I could. After My ex and I divorced I noticed that everything started to go downhill with my unit.

My recruiter stopped working her business altogether but then picked it back up after urging from our Director. I started feeling like the only reason our director even bothered to contact us was because SHE needed the money. Her husband had met with us regarding how wonderful the opportunity was but I also realized after about year of this, he worked so many hours he didn’t even see his wife and was probably just glad she had something to do so she would leave him alone.

Currently, I avoid several phones call a week from my director and recruiter among the hundreds of emails they send. Today I actually cancelled the email account because I am so sick of seeing their names EVERY TIME I log on. I am also seriously considering changing my phone number so they will leave me alone.

My problem is though I really enjoyed meeting new people and enjoyed showing people how to take care of their skin. I believe that is the way to go regardless of what you sell, take care of your skin, do not buy anything you don’t need and I did not try to sucker anyone out of money.

For instance, I had a customer who was going to buy several things for herself and family for Christmas. Her total order came to about 240. I had to use her bathroom when I was there and upon looking for a towel to dry my hands I saw 4 unopened microdermabrasion kits she had purchased from someone else. I told her that if she wasn’t going to use it then there was no sense in buying it. Why waste money on something you will not use? I ended up not selling her anything but I can’t abuse it. It’s not fair to her and would be going against what I believe in.

I would enjoy providing skin care to men and women if there was not so much pressure from the company and the consultants who want you to make money for them. As of now I am inactive and will soon be terminated. I was wondering if I wanted to keep myself active just to purchase items at ½ off for my family and friends.


  1. It sounds like Melody should become an aesthetician. Then she can help people take care of their skin, recommend actual quality products, and no longer be harrassed by MK. Also, I’d vote for going inactive and putting the whole nightmare behind you.

    • Yes, and get paid actually money for her services. How nice would it be to have actual customer demand for your business?

  2. You can get the items on Ebay or hundreds of other resale sources for the same price and stop supporting the company that way. Also, you can help someone who may be trying to get out and needs to recoup some of their cost. All over America are women with garages, basements and closets full of Mary Kay.

  3. Melody, after Mary Kay, I got a job with Christian Dior as a makeup artist. I started out a seasonal worker primarily with perfumes. But often, I was the only Dior person there besides the counter person and did double duty selling skincare and makeup. Because I did that well, the account executive hired me exclusively as a traveling artist in our region. You might be able to get a job at Sephora, Ulta or department store or you might contact your favorite makeup line’s account executive (ask for their info at a department store counter) and try your luck from there.

  4. As for selling half-off to family and friends…I found it wasn’t worth it. You’re still paying shipping and taxes on the suggested retail price.
    I thought at 50% off, my friends & family would buy a lot of products, but they really didn’t! An eyeliner here, an Eye Make-up Remover there, it was a pain to reach those minimum orders & a pain to try to time my makeup & skincare purchases for 2 to 4 times a year. And you’re still tracking down people/asking if they want to order. I did the 50% off thing for way too long, mostly because my mom & mother-in-law liked to order. Not worth it. Even at 50% off, people still wanted their Free Gift with Purchase, that I paid for. (I think they assumed the company offered them for free.)

  5. This woman has integrity and that is why she will never last in MK. I remember struggling to find those sales, but I was like her, I did not want to sell to someone who was not going to use the product. I tried to be honest in approach to my MK business, but I was surrounded by fakes and phonies who would tell me anything to keep me buying MK even if it was sitting in my basement.

  6. I quit in 2008, after 5 years as a consultant. Returned everything back to them. You can buy the products anywhere, like Ebay. Not worth staying on for the discount. I don’t use any MK products anymore, as there are better quality items in Ulta. Even drugstore brands have gotten so much better over the years. I was in DIQ a few times, but my conscious wouldn’t allow me to keep lying to women during my recruiting interviews.
    So much happier now away from all of that. And my director and sister MK reps all quit too.
    There are some legit, caring women that want others to be successful, but via MK is not it!

  7. I am about the throw up!! I just signed up about three months ago and have spent over $6000….I truly truly thought this would be a great back up plan for me…and to engage with other women to honestly help them with their skin and cosmetic needs. Went to my first seminar, I keep trying to push down the uneasiness. I questioned myself, what I am seeing and feeling is not matching up to business practices that was explained to me. I have watched as my director wanted me to do zoom calls, as they continued each meeting I felt more and more like I was part of the big fat lies, and that goes against my cores values big time! How do I tell my customers that I MADE A MISTAKE after influencing them to buy product. How in the world do I handle returning all this product…..I didn’t want to believe….no one could be this misleading, eye to eye, sharing, talking, oy my goodness I feel so violated…..any ideas and comments would be appreciated so very much!!

    • “How do I tell my customers that I MADE A MISTAKE after influencing them to buy product” You do it calmly and honestly. Say something like this: “Sandi, I have found out that the Mary Kay business was not what I thought it would be. The products are not the quality I was led to believe. I apologize for misleading you. I am ending my relationship with Mary Kay immediately.”

      As for returning all that stuff … do NOT ask your recruiter or director how to. Visit this page and follow the instructions. You will get back 90% of the purchase price PLUS 100% of the pre-paid taxes.

    • You can return product! I was in for a few months and spent around $3500 on product. I tried a few parties but was no good at recruiting. My director told me I kept inviting the “wrong” women – I.e. those without lots of money to spend. She took me to Costco to show me how she approached strangers and tried to befriend them. It was pretty slimy. I think I paid something like $300 to mail the product back by FedEx. It was an incredible relief to me to be free before I got too far in. You can do it!

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