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Fun National Area with Heather Daniel Kent

Heather Daniel Kent has been “almost an NSD” for years now. Every single year brings the mantra: “THIS is our year to become a national area!”

But poor HDK never gets any closer. Here’s where she stands currently:

Looks great, doesn’t it? Not if you know the details, it doesn’t.

I’ve been tracking Heather’s people over the last couple of years, and she’s just not making progress. Right now she has 14 people showing in the first and second lines above (which are the only ones that count toward becoming an NSD). 10 are directors and 4 are DIQs. Even if all the DIQs finish successfully (they won’t), she still needs 6 more. And while she’s getting those 6, some in the current 14 are sure to drop off.

How do I know some will drop off? All you have to do is look at what has happened over the last year.

  • Heather has had 4 women finish DIQ and remain as a director for a year or less: Alexis, Michelle, Morgan, and Anna.
  • Current DIQ Aubrey was a director in 2019-2020, then fell out and early 2021. She went through DIQ in early 2021, late 2021, and is now doing DIQ again.  That’s 3 tries at DIQ (that I know of ) in one year. When will Aubrey learn?
  • In the last year alone, there were 8 women who went through DIQ and never made it to director: Tammy, Amy Marie, Adri, Kendra, Amy, Leah, Nikki, and Jess.
  • Current DIQ Diana has been in and out of DIQ for a year now, and this is at least her 3rd try at it in the last year. When will Diana learn?

The most directors Heather has ever had at one time is 14, and that was last year in October.  Since then she’s lost 4 of those directors and has had her DIQs on repeat. She had 6 DIQs in October. 3 of them never made it and 3 of them are on the plan to repeat DIQ over and over, and they’re currently doing it again.

Heather says she’s bringing the fun in 2022. She’s been saying that since 2018. It doesn’t seem so fun to me.



      1. Brainwashed no more

        I love where it says “directors only” on her site. More of that elitist comments. I remember many. “Only directors can sit in the front row. ” “only directors find out about the new products. ” “only directors can room with other directors. “

          1. Gina Romano

            I went to the website. I really do not miss all the Pink hype. I watched her video and found it interesting that she used a Christian song–maybe, just maybe, she is someone who really does believe in God first. If so, it would be the only time I witnessed that in Mary Kay.

  1. Char

    “Since then she’s lost 4 of those directors and has had her DIQs on repeat.” —

    How miserable an existence to be so reliant on what other consultants do in order to reach a certain level. And can you imagine the pressure she puts on them?

  2. AnonyMouse

    Hey repeat DIQ’s who might be reading this and getting angry: You should be angry. But not at Pink Truth. You should be angry at Mary Kay for making false promises. You can stop this hamster wheel of madness. You can walk away.

    1. JM

      Walked away 14 years ago. So did my director and other reps. We’re all much happier now without the anxiety of looking for new recruits and lying to their faces daily.

  3. Mountaineer95

    Any ideas on how much “executive income” Heather earns? Like, based on the directors listed in Applause, does she not show up and thus is earning less than the lowest earner on that list? If we can show that she doesn’t make nearly what she might claim, perhaps it will help any future DIQs in her unit reconsider. If HDK isn’t making executive income, surely the chances that her DIQs will is remote if not impossible.

    1. Heather

      At one point in time, if you failed at DIQ after 3 tries in one year, MK made you wait at least 6-8 months before trying again. This was when you had to have your 12 and be a “team manager” before submitting. MK wanted car drivers before hitting DIQ.

  4. Maggie

    Why do all the mary kay consultants always act like everything is so perfect it’s so annoying! Like Jamie_v_taylor on Instagram.

    She acts like her life is so perfect
    Flaunting her brand new car and fancy dinners and perfect life when others are struggling!

    All the mary kay bots are like the stepford wives movie!

    1. The Asian Girl

      Because they’re trying to sell dreams and aspirations to manipulate other women to join their downline. However, the reality behind the curtain to keep up that façade can’t be as pretty as the IG posts.


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