Chelsea Adkins Lies and Steals

Don’t you love to hear about the “Mary Kay Way” and the uplifting, positive women in Mary Kay Cosmetics? You see someone like Chelsea Adkins (Claytor) being crowned queen of something-or-another and you want to be like her.

No. You. Do. Not.

She lies and steals her way through life.

The biggest and worst lies are told in Mary Kay in the recruiting process. You’re told about all the money you’re going to make, despite the fact that 99% of people who participate in MLMs lose money. You’ll be told it’s only $100, but you’ll later be pressured to by $1,800 or $2,400 or $3,600 of inventory. You’ll be shown these “successful” women at the top of the pyramid (called National Sales Directors aka NSDs), but you won’t be told that more than half of them don’t make anything close to “executive income.

Chelsea loves to lie about her sales of products. Mostly, she lies about how much she sells. She’ll tell you she sold $100,000 of products, when she actually brought in about $50k from her customers. She consistently orders products she doesn’t need because she wants to “finish a goal” (like that Cadillac she bought her way into), but then she holds massive sales to get rid of those products (which means she makes no profit).

You can read HERE about why the MK ladies don’t profit on their product sales.

And then there is Chelsea stealing. From Starbucks, of all places.  She’s got this fun little trick where she orders and pays for a grande (medium) drink, but asks them to put it in a venti (large) cup. You see, she ends up getting a venti-sized drink, but she has only paid for grande. And she KNOWS she’s stealing because she’s said before that she’s “beating the system.”

How pathetic is it that you have to steal from Starbucks this way? It’s even more pathetic when you realize she is stealing 20 cents from them. An iced chai tea latte near Chelsea is $4.75 for a grande, and $4.95 for a venti. You are stealing TWENTY CENTS from Starbucks.

You’re a pathetic loser, Chelsea. If you’re making so much money in MK, why do you have to steal 20 cents from Starbucks each day?



  1. Little cheats, white lies and very minor unethical actions signal a much, much deeper potential to be truly horrible. My dad’s social, friendly, likeable business partner used a handicapped parking placard, though he was not handicapped in any way. Crappy and disgusting, but a pretty minor transgression. Later, my dad learned this man had been embezzling millions. What you see at the tip of the iceberg is a signal. Chelsea believes that the rules don’t apply to her and as long as nobody knows what you’re up to, celebrate that you got away with it. How many ways is she applying this belief?

  2. This whole business about claiming the “I sold (specific number) retail” should be on the FTC radar for false claims. I wonder, are they aware of this specific practice by MKI and its consultants? It certainly gives the illusion that it’s possible to retail that much, with people also assuming they made 50% profit (also false) on an entirely fake number! “Double retail credit” is a gift to you, FTC. Act on it.

  3. Chelsea gets a venti for the price of a grande, and pretends to sell Mary Kay trentas when she didn’t even sell talls. As Kristin said, a cheater is usually cheating in more than one thing in life.

    That Starbucks “trick” is well-known, and it is highly resented by all the Starbucks people. I’d estimate that for every customer who exploits it there are at least 10 who know about it, but are above that sort of thing. Most people don’t want to be the customer everyone behind the counter hates to see come through the door. And the difference is more than 20 cents, because a stop at the cream pitcher turns a plain drink into a latte. Order a grande coffee in a venti cup ($2.10) top off with half and half, and you’ve pretty much got a foamless venti latte ($4.15) for little more than half price. (A bit of Starbucks trivia: they spend far more money on half and half than they do on coffee. And it has to be fresh, so they usually buy it from nearby grocery stores, is what I’m told.)

    Pretend you’re selling $100k when it’s more like half that, steal a few bucks a day from Starbucks, look recruits in the eye and lie to them about their prospects, pretend that Cadillac is really free when you know very well it isn’t… Pretty soon cheating will become a way of life, if it hasn’t already.

    • “gets a venti for the price of a grande, and pretends to sell Mary Kay trentas when she didn’t even sell talls.” Good phrasing.

  4. I never knew the low down shannigans the so called directors and above do and have done. Thanks for posting and warning the intelligent!

  5. This does not surprise me that Chelsea would rip off Starbuck’s. My Director, Valerie Beck, told me to report my Mary Kay business as a loss to the IRS for the first three years my business was open. Does that sound like a positive, uplifting message from a professional sales director?

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