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Chelsea Still Lies

One of our favorite Mary Kay friends, Chelsea Claytor Adkins, has taken a social media break for the last couple of months. She’s appeared in the posts of others, but her Instagram feed has been dead for two months. Chelsea’s feed used to be a treasure trove of goodness for Pink Truth. So many lies. So much fakeness. This break is a good thing for her. (She’s still active in her Facebook group where she sells her MK products that she over-ordered for no profit, though.)

The (mostly) social media break hasn’t stopped Chelsea from lying to the general public about her activities in Mary Kay, however. She recently participated in a nonsense event put on by some MK sales directors and nationals. Events like these are nothing but a money grab by the organizers. You don’t really learn anything that helps you get ahead in your fake business. Rather, you pay money to be around “Mary Kay royalty” and have a feel-good event. (And later you feel really bad because you wonder why your hard work isn’t moving you up in the pyramid and isn’t making you a livable wage.)

Chelsea was one of the speakers at the event. Lord only knows what she “taught” everyone.

And check out this recent “news” about Chelsea in a newsletter. She says she sold $100,000 of products. Nope, she ordered enough products and got enough double credit that MK pretended she had $100k of suggested retail products in her hand that she sold for full price. The reality is that she paid about $40k for products that she sold at cost…. so no profit.

Her team didn’t have $650k in sales. They had $250k or $300k in ordering of products from MK, and double credit and other promotions put them at a fake suggested retail of $650k. 80% or more of those products are sitting in basements, garages, and landfills.

I do like the little “broken sales records” part. It sounds fantastic. What it really means is she broke her own sales records…. and they weren’t even really sales. It was all about order.

Oh, and Chelsea is also a thief. Check out how she steals from Starbucks. Really? You’re that hard up for money that you have to steal a larger drink than the one you paid for????


  1. Destiny Angel

    three things stand out here

    1) the triangular shape with ‘Dr’ Larinda king at the tip

    2) Star Trek an utopian society where money is no longer used, and presumably no pink Cadillacs.

    3) Shouldn’t Chelsea be supporting her fellow small business owners by getting smoothies and loaded teas from her local Herbalife nutrition shop.

    1. TRACY

      I’m just in favor of Chelsea actually PAYING for what she receives.

      Don’t her underlings understand that she brags about how much money she makes, yet has to steal from Starbucks? What does that tell you about her finances?

  2. Kristen

    What is that newsletter thing that is congratulating her for “sales”? I wish legit sources would stop recommending Mary Kay as a legit income opportunity where you actually can sell.

    Also, why doesn’t Mary Kay advertise? I never knew why.

    1. Peggy Hicks

      I’ve seen recommendations of some MK products in magazines such as Southern Living, Ladies’ Home Journal, etc. Whether that could be considered to be advertising, I can’t really say, but beauty editors get products to try from a plethora of beauty brands & then post their recommendations in magazines.

  3. BestDecision

    There’s the lack of ethics again. Imagine how she’d feel if we took a TimeWise set and put it in a Miracle Set bag, charge just for the TW set but got the MS benefits. Cheating. Some would call it theft. To admit it publicly is proof these people still don’t use much intelligence and have no shame in a lack of honesty.

    And a Red Jacket with 8 team members but not in DIQ listed as one of the featured speakers? Wow.

    So tacky.

  4. enorth

    Larinda is a busy lady, and appears to enjoy multiple streams of income.

    Note the word “branding” in the pyramid. A search for Larinda J. King brought up “Flight of Promise Media Group”, whose services list includes Brand Building, Conferences, and Mary Kay Specials. http://www.fopmedia.com/ (No wonder this was a *four-day* MK leadership conference. cha-ching)

    According to https://cwima.org/speaker/larinda-king/…(I left in the typos.)
    “Larinda J King. Pastor, Speaker, Multimedia specialist (directing, producing, writing), and broadcaster (both T.V. and Radio) resides in Savannah, Georgia, where she is the founder of Flight of Promise Media Group, an umbrella organization for multiple media platforms such as The Force Radio, an Internet based radio station, and FOPtv, a Television Digital Broadcasting.”
    “Larinda also founded, Commissioned to Love Campus Ministry…This group grew and became the foundation of what later became End Time Commission Church, where she co-pastors with her husband, Christopher King.”
    “God has shown her that the Mountain of Mediaa is on of the most powerful weapons of warfare. King is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Ministry from South University in Savannah, Georgia.”
    “Larinda has a Prophetic and Apostolic anointing”

    Pastor Larinda J King – Christian Radio personality; Producer/Writer TV & Radio

    1. Char

      “Larinda is a busy lady, and appears to enjoy multiple streams of income.” — If she’s good at perpetuating non-facts, the unproven, and growing cult participation, might as well diversify. Mary Kay was a smart addition on her part.

  5. Cat Ballou

    The titles strike me as a bunch of alphabet soup. I get that ISD = Independent Sales Director, SSD = Senior Sales Director, and NSD = National Sales Director. But what is an ESSD? Elite SSD? Executive SSD? And FESD? Future ESD? What’s an Elite Executive SSD? Where do all these titles fit into the hierarchy? They sound made up.

    Also, could those suits possibly be more unflattering and unprofessional-looking? Larinda King’s jacket fits so poorly.

    1. NayMKWay

      Here’s what I could find, bottom to top:

      IBC – Independent Beauty Consultant
      SBC – Independent Senior Beauty Consultant (1-2 recruits)
      STB – Star Team Builder (3-4 recruits, red jacket)
      TL – Team Leader (5-7 recruits, red jacket)
      ETL Elite Team Leader (8+ recruits, red jacket)
      ^^^ these groups represent 98% of all MK reps

      SD – Independent Sales Director (from here on is the top 2%)
      SSD – Senior Director (1-2 directors below you)
      FESD – Future Executive Director (3-4 under you)
      ESSD – Executive Director (5+ under you)
      EESD -Elite Executive (8+ under you)
      NSD – National Sales Director (20+ sales directors in your area; we have reached nosebleed level))
      SNSD – Senior NSD (1 NSD under you)
      ENSD – Executive NSD (3 of your own offspring NSDs under you)
      EENSD – Elite Executive NSD (5 offspring NSDs)

      Apologies if I got anything wrong; it’s very confusing.

    1. Destiny Angel

      When my husband was in line for the next vice-president of the multi-national corporation, he wasn’t the FVP, even though it was a shoo-in.

      He was either the VP or not. There was no possible, not potential. He WAS a VP or he wasn’t. no Future, no Star, no Elite.

  6. TRACY

    I nearly forgot to post Chelsea’s “accolades” from the program for the event. I love that they call her a FESD in big letters, but then in the details call her a “super senior” with 2 offspring directors.

      1. Mountaineer95

        Great point! What was her overly ambitious social media post last January…something like “speak it in 2021, achieve it in 2022” or whatever. She needs to start wrangling some major increases in her lines of credit!

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