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Buy a Ticket to the NSD Debut!

How exciting! Jamie Taylor finally made it to NSD after finding recruits to push people through to DIQ, helping to fund initial inventory purchases to get enough production, and pushing women to pay their way to director and car driver.

And if you’re in Jamie’s area (or you’re simply a wanna-be), you can pay $50 to $100 for the privilege of attending her debut. What happens at a debut? Lots and lots of fluff. Go to a hotel or event venue, see a stage with rah rah and sales directors and national sales directors. Get hyped up to join Mary Kay or to purchase more inventory if you’re already in.

The sole purpose of an event like this is to get more women to sign up and buy more inventory, all of which benefits the upline. You will see all the fakery on display: All of the talk of big money (while the truth is that these directors are struggling to make ends meet), the lie that it’s about hard work (it’s simply about recruiting enough warm bodies with credit cards), the nonsense about NSDs being financially secure for life (when the reality is that half of the NSDs don’t even make $10k per month).

Our member Mountaineer95 had the following wise words to say about the whole ridiculous NSD debut….

This entire scenario DOES NOT EXIST in the real world. Never. Anyone OUTSIDE of MLM who gets promoted IN A LEGIT COMPANY (to an also legit, real-world title like that of ‘National Sales Director’) has truly earned a spot atop their own corporate “pyramid”, and the victory wasn’t achieved by how much of their corporation’s products they’re able to BUY themselves (and stash in their basements only to run “inventory liquidation sales” several months later) regardless of if they ever SOLD any to end consumers.

In what instance does a person get promoted and everyone below them in their corporate structure would be invited to a celebration of this promotion but at full cost to the attendees? I’ll beat the horse for a minute and remind our readers (including you, Jamie, and your followers) that this is an advertised celebration of a top-level (read; executive level) MK Director to the highest level of nsd. An EESD (what Jamie was prior I think) is already a coveted and rare title in MK, so Jamie already HAD TO HAVE BEEN earning an “executive income”; the nsd title and its benefits are icing on the cake.

SO WHY ON EARTH DOES SHE *CHARGE* HER DOWNLINE TO EVEN ATTEND HER EVENT?? She’s making the biggest bucks available in MK (a company responsible for employing the most female pa earning over 100k, per fake and lost research) but STILL expects you (as in you who placed orders to help her get there) to PAY FOR A TICKET to her “inauguration” party?

Do you not see how ridiculous that is? Beyond ridiculous, it should be HIGHLY offensive to you.

This is NOT normal in the real business world. There is NO instance (outside of other MLM) in which this would happen. And yet these newbies, who think they own a small business but in fact own NOTHING (another post for another day and has been discussed extensively here) choose to use their money (possibly their kids’ lunch money; their rent money; money that they truly needed for other things) to travel to and attend this “coronation” of sorts for a woman who will possibly make dozens of thousands of dollars per year from this “promotion”, but won’t directly share ANY of that fancy income with these people who got her into that position to begin with.

There is NOTHING regal or heroic about Jamie’s “promotion”. I can spell it out easily: she and her underlings bought enough makeup for her to move up the MLM ladder. It DOES NOT MATTER that much (if not most) of that product remains unsold; MK Corp doesn’t crown NSDs based on what the downline actually sells. All that matters to MK Corp is that the NIQ and the people who make up the pyramid layers below her ORDERED enough WHOLESALE product to elevate her to her current pedestal.

You people who are in Jamie’s area and/or direct downline: what income did you think she was making during her last year as a director? What did she allude to as her income? What do you assume she’s making now as an NSD? Regardless of what your assumptions are, WHY ON EARTH does she “need” to charge YOU a substantial ticket price just to attend the celebratory party about her huge promotion?


*sigh*…the people who need to read this won’t, and con will go on…


      1. Parsonsgreen

        They only had 100 available!!!!!

        VIP tickets grant you access to the VIP lounge to mingle with guest Nationals + Jamie, a free curated swag bag, signature VIP mocktails & plenty of photo op’s with Jamie + guest Nationals! Only 100 VIP tickets available.

          1. Mountaineer95

            There is nothing honourable about buying more makeup than you can sell, and convincing others to buy more makeup than they can sell. And to keep doing it over and over again. This whole “MLM ROYALTY” crap really drives me nuts. So much money is being spent on fluff and appearances, and the women spending the money don’t really have enough of a financial comfort zone to where these expenses aren’t affecting them.

          2. Mountaineer95

            How fun would it be to poll highly successful men and women in the cosmetics industry and ask them if they recognize ANY of the “top” couple hundred MK directors/NSDs?

            The executive heads of makeup/skincare brands like Clinique, Dior, Givenchy, Tom Ford, even Charlotte Tilsbury herself can’t name a SINGLE person in Mary Kay. Not the most decorated Nationals (GMB iS PINEaPple OF SUCkSESS iN MARIE k) nor the highest-ranking chemists/product developers/designers at MK have ANY reputation or reverence outside of MK.

            I’d love to see a side by side comparison of GMB and the lead sales executives of (fill in the blank here) successful (and NON MLM) cosmetics powerhouse.

        1. Char

          “signature VIP mocktails” — I had to look that up.

          “a nonalcoholic drink consisting of a mixture of fruit juices or other soft drinks”.

          Really? An apparently celebratory VIP event where I, an adult, get offered fruit juice and (probably) Shasta. Sounds like it’s BYOB.

        2. Blue

          The description of the event alone shows how deranged these NSD’s really are. They truly occupy another planet. Also, most of these attendees will be young women. I hope they realize they are being fleeced before it’s too late.

          1. Mountaineer95

            In Jamie’s case I doubt it’s possible (as in identifying the fleecing before it’s too late) for her to hit that dreamy Mary Kay Retirement status (as only the NSDs can), two huge things must happen:

            1) Jamie maintains her Area per MK rules for over 30 more years; and

            2) that Mary Kay USA Inc (or however the US entity is described) will still be in business over 30 years from now.

            I am convinced that either Jamie OR Mary Kay Corporate will not survive 30 more years.

            (I don’t mean Jamie “surviving” as a human being; I mean “surviving” as an NSD with MK. Gotta spell things out for the Kaybot lurkers.)

            For Jamie, it really doesn’t matter which one folds first; either event will effectively wipe out any “retirement” she’s counting on. Either right now she socks away MOST of what she’s being paid (but again and to the post here, if she’s making that much money, she surely wouldn’t have to demand that her lemmings spend a few hundred dollars just to attend her “coronation”) or she saves little if any of it. My vote is on the latter, and it’s super easy to figure out if you watch her social media. She asks for financial help WAY TOO OFTEN for someone who is supposedly on track to make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

            Lurkers, SOMEONE is lying to you. I can’t wait for the day when you wake up and decide “NOT TODAY, MARY KAY”. “You’ve taken waaaay too much of my money already, and you won’t get one more single dime.”

            Is this YOUR day?

        3. Mountaineer95

          Sorry for the late (like, one week late) response, but I just had this thought about the “100 tickets only” claim:

          No MK NSD will turn away money. Not a one. So I think this “only 100 tickets” claim was made to create an urgency on the part of the ticket buyers. Because you know as well as I do that after the “only 100” tickets are sold, if other buyers want to attend and have the $100 bucks needed, Jamie and her “team” will happily take their money and “find” them a seat.

          Or maybe they won’t get a seat, but instead will be provided maybe three square feet in which to stand (and if they complain, will be reminded that they’re lucky they were even “permitted” to attend and that standing room only is what you get when you take too long to decide if you’re going, when you should’ve bought your ticket the same morning they were first available).

          I’ll be interested to know how this plays out. In the least, I hope one of our undercover detectives can get photos from the event. After we ridicule and criticize the obvious (I can’t wait, how about you guys) we might be able use photos to figure out attendance numbers.

  1. Pinkiu

    When I achieved a higher status in a real world company/organization, I was taken out by the higher ups who paid for my dinner and that of my peers. I have a 401K, health insurance, bonus hsa benefits, life insurance, and paid time off. I too get to set my own hours and work from home if I want to. When I get promoted, I get an increase in salary that is not based on the buying habits of those below me.

    My son works for an international company that takes them out to exclusive NYC bars/restaurants on a regular basis to celebrate achievements. The tab easily comes to hundreds of $ per person paid for by the company. In fact, my son received two major (think 4 & 5 figures) bonuses just this year for achieving high quality work with his team. Guess what? He didn’t have to buy stock or product in order to earn these bonuses or levels.

    It’s only in the MLM world that the lowest level, lowest paid people have to pay for their upline’s expenses. This is why we call it a PYRAMID! It all flows up to the tippy top of the structure.

    1. Destiny Angel

      My late husband was often taken out to meals in fancy restaurants, tickets to Habs games, concert tickets and Grey Cup tickets on one occasion as thank you’s. Often I was invited along with him, but had to decline due to child-care issues.

  2. AnonyMouse

    In my mind if you’re hosting a party you don’t ask the guests to pay. You’re the HOST. So we have 100 VIP tickets available for $100 each…that’s ten thousand dollars right there. Ten. THOUSAND. My whole wedding cost less than that. Why does she need $10,000? Can she not afford to throw her own party? Is this really how far these people will go to keep up appearances? I would love to know how many tickets total were sold and at what prices so we can see how much she banks off of this.

    1. TRACY

      Oh but they will say you’re just chipping in to reimburse the cost of the venue. They forget that the peons have FUNDED THE WHOLE THING. They’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on inventory to put Jamie there.

    2. Mountaineer95

      But but but, don’t you know that Mary Kay produces the most women gazillionaires in the US? OF COURSE Jamie is charging a hundred bucks a head for this “party”! 🥴

      She has SO MANY car-driving directors and Red Jackets*in her downline, and since they are all SUPER SUCCESSFUL, it’s NOT A PROBLEM for anyone and everyone in her new Area to spend a measly $100 (plus all other expenses) to buy the opportunity to be in Jamie’s presence for a short while.

      Sure, for an already highly-paid “executive” to actually CHARGE her underlings to travel on their own dime and attend a function to celebrate HER success seems quite sketch to those of us on the outside; however, it’s the norm in MK. Why, you ask? Well, we really don’t know. What we do know is that directors (of every level) like to very verbally and noticeably celebrate their “promotions”. Except they’re not normal “promotions”. In MK, the ONLY way one usually achieves a “promotion” is by ORDERING more makeup and skincare than one can sell.

      I’m not going off in that particular tangent (though I want to, lol); instead, I’m going to stick around right here and hopefully watch the beginning of Jamie Taylor’s fall from “NSD” to working a legit job with a legit pay check and all of the benefits that go along with that.

      I don’t wish her ill will, or failure, or anything else similar. I DO wish to see the moment when she finally acknowledges the con to which she’s devoted years of her life.

      Jamie, you’re a pretty girl with a healthy dollop of charisma. But do you have the business chops to know a scam when you see one? And the graciousness to politely and sincerely admit you’ve been wrong? As in VERY wrong and for a VERY long time, during which you helped hundreds of women lose whatever bits of money they had before they met you…can you own that, and pledge to use your talents to help women build actual, real businesses?

      *at least I think Red Jackets can drive Cars, just not fully sure of that

      1. Mountaineer95

        Tracy, thanks for posting this comment of mine (I did catch a typo afterwards, sorry about that!). I appreciate your allowing my soapbox moments, and this one was a bit longer than some others.

        Just when I thought I knew all the ways in which MK is plain ridiculous, something like this “NSD Reveal/Awards Show/ridiculous waste of IBC money” comes along. Once again, I’m flummoxed. Are you able to get us virtually live in to this Awards Debacle? (Blink twice if you can’t answer that right now lol)?

        1. TRACY

          You have really great comments! I don’t always see them, but I hope that when I do and when I think it will help the general public, that you won’t mind me putting them on the front page.

  3. Peggy Hicks

    I would much rather buy a ticket to see Gary Puckett & the Union Gap in Las Vegas than paying $100 for a NSD debut party. For $45.00, I can get front row seats in a nice hotel showroom, enjoy a wonderful trip down Memory Lane from one of the best singers ever, & a meet & greet afterward. There’s nothing phony about Gary Puckett. He’s told me many times that he’s a lucky guy who was in the right place at the right time, with hit songs that have stood the test of time. He’s a humble guy who hasn’t forgotten his upbringing & is a huge contrast with the “fake it til you make it crowd.” I’ll take genuine over phony any day of the week & wouldn’t be caught dead at a NSD debut that I have to pay for. No way!!

  4. Heather

    Ugh… the self-absorbed, money grab continues in the form of a debut. VIP status? Puh-leaze!

    I’m letting out my inner 80s junior high self to see New Kids on the Block, Salt-n-Pepa, En Vogue, and Rick Astley next summer (the 2022 Mix Tape Tour) for about $110 per ticket with FLOOR seats. There will be alcohol and plenty of push it… push it real good!

      1. Heather

        I figured the tour was worth it, and I didn’t give up on getting tickets. I wasn’t let down, and I didn’t have to run around and didn’t desert the computer while purchasing tickets. I didn’t cry or say goodbye to the venue.


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