Mary Kay’s Million Dollar Lie

If women in Mary Kay told the truth about the “opportunity,” they’d never recruit anyone. The truth is that it’s not about selling products, it’s about recruiting. Very little of the products that are ordered are actually sold to customers. The real opportunity is in recruiting, and even there, most make little. (Most sales directors make minimum wage or less!)

It annoys me every time a sales director or NSD refers to a “million dollar director” as someone whose unit sold a million dollars of MK products in a year. It is not even close to the truth! A “million dollar director” is someone whose unit has collectively ORDERED about $400,000 of products from MK Inc. That’s $400k that was taken away from families and put into a nonsense “business opportunity.” In return for their $400k paid, the consultants receive products that they mostly won’t be able to sell, and the products that are sold will be for very little profit.  (Mary Kay gets to the million dollar figure by adding on all sorts of bonus pretend sales to get to $500k wholesale, and then doubles that to $1million suggested retail.)

Do not celebrate this million dollar director status, people. Those who get there have deceived and abused the most people.



  1. The tag of “false earning claims” is 100% accurate. Hyping these phony events on social media could get the company in hot water with regulators, and I wouldn’t be mad about it. It’s shameless and everyone knows their claims aren’t based on real numbers.

  2. Yeah, all those new Consultant inventory orders aren’t “sold”. Neither are people finishing car production. Or their Star. Or inactive people stocking up for their family to regain their Active status.

    $1,000 weeks gets less attention than Star Consultants. Where are “Grand Week” events? Where are their is not at all the company MK Ash started or believed in. Credit cards changed everything, and now the power of ego on social media has made it over the top.

    A defining moment for me was when I did Century Club and got no recognition at my meetings or by my Director. I got a cheap pin that no one presented to me and that I had to pick up at Seminar. I sold 100 Basics in a year and NO ONE CARED.

    And then I was dumb enough to stay in and keep going.

    • It is 2021. The “Grand Week” thing was created at least 30 years ago. Back then, the profits on that type of week would be meaningful. Today, you’d have to bust your ass in a big way to have a grand week. You’d probably give a bunch of discounts. 50% off an item or BOGO. If you sold at full suggested retail, your grand week would give you $500 in gross profits (before supplies, postage, look books, etc.). In reality, with all the discounts, you’ll be lucky to make $250 or $300 before expenses.

      You would once again be better off finding a part time job. You’d make more.

      • This gave me pause…my director posted numbers for the last seminar year. She had $40K in sales, and the rest of the unit did $200K in sales. I was recruited while she was in DIQ, so she only had her unit for 10 months of the seminar year. So if I’m doing the math right, she had a “Grand Week” every week?? Hmmm, I don’t think so.

        On a side note, I made the top 20 court of sales for the last seminar year. I did one party other than my grand opening. Yes, one party. I wasn’t in 20th place, either.

        • You’re on to something! That was my point: $1,000 weeks are rare in a unit, yet they’re not celebrated as those buying inventory. No sashes, no special events or invitations to anything. Just a 20 cent ribbon and quick applause at a meeting.

          It’s all about production and never about real sales.

      • On a good day, my daughter can make $300 in commission. On one Black Friday she made over $600 in 4 hours on top of her salary. Makes all the hustle in MK really seems ineffective.

        • Oooh but but but your daughter can’t “make her own schedule”, she can’t “earn full time pay in part time hours”, she can’t “put her family before her J.O.B.”, she can’t meet her potential “customers” at Starbucks whist sipping a venti drink in a grande cup (or however that scheme goes)…yeah, sorry DA, your daughter is doing horribly for herself when she *could* be living the (bankrupt) life of a MK #BossBabe!

          (I’m sure you get the /s here, but I have to note it for the Kaybots who might read this) 😉

          Seriously, good for your kiddo. Those are great results for a dedicated, professional salesperson. One who doesn’t have to go try and drag unwilling busy moms shopping at Target to a fake “spa pampering experience”.

  3. Nemacolin Woodlands. A resort that doesn’t let the locals on the property. If you aren’t staying there, they don’t want you.

    And there MAY be a dusting of snow here in PA, far from “snowy”. Quit exaggerating Dacia.

    • Is the Nemacolin casino at that resort? I’m picturing these “million dollar directors” not having enough money to actually try any gambling.

        • About as good as Taylor McNight’s ripped jeans, Jamie’s slobbering on YouTube and posting “professional” things involving the Cardi B WAP dance, Chelsea’s cheating Starbucks, Dacia’s attempts to sell maxi pads on Instagram.

          Meaning, if top level directors hit the craps table, as long as they’re wearing skirts and are fully made up, it’s probably okay. But their earnings are fake and instead they have to charge $100 bucks a head for any of their devoted downline to attend their royal coronation party.

  4. Cleta has been posting from the million dollar scam weekend. She has not had a million dollar “sales” year. She keeps claiming it, but doesn’t achieve. Kinda like her NSD goal…

      • Is she inching ever closer to the mandated retirement age of NSDs? If so she’d better promote herself, or increase her deserve level real soon.

        Related question: if a director toils for years barely making any money, and not reporting what they do earn in a financially appropriate way, do they have little to no social security once they’re able to collect it? I dint know much about SS, but I thought it was based on how much you’ve earned during your career.

  5. Dacia! It’s been forever since she’s been featured on the front page! Good to know she hasn’t changed one bit. Still claiming false income.

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