Chelsea Adkins Lies About Her Sales

Chelsea Claytor Adkins leads the pack when it comes to lying about product sales in Mary Kay. I am so sick of consultants and directors pretending they sell a ton of products when they don’t. They order tons of products, then they pretend they sell them all at full suggested retail price.

First problem: They aren’t selling all of the products they order. They’re stockpiling them because they’re ordering to move up, get cars, or finish other goals.

Second problem: Mary Kay ladies aren’t selling products at full retail pricing. They’re offering numerous discounts and incentives to move out this product they’ve stockpiled.

We talked about this issue a last week. And then Chelsea doubled down on her claims.

Let’s back up. Last year, Chelsea claimed she sold $80,000:

The truth is that Chelsea ORDERED about $30,000 to $35,000 wholesale. But she did not sell all of that product, and more importantly, she had little to no profit on her sales because she did so many huge discounts.

Chelsea has done the same thing again. She’ll probably be in the top 10 for director Court of Sales. She is saying she sold $100,000 of products. It’s laughable.

What really happened: Chelsea ordered $40-45k of wholesale products from MK. Add some incentives like double credit, double the wholesale amount, and pretend she sold everything at full retail.

Yet we know she didn’t. She gave massive discounts throughout the year that left her with almost no profits. You can see how all of these sales shook out on this post.

This is not something to be proud of. It is not an accomplishment to sell things at cost, especially after you’ve paid a bunch of credit card interest on your orders. (Chelsea has publicly admitted to having maxed out credit cards.) When you factor in all the related expenses, Chelsea might even be losing money on her product sales.

STOP LYING ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU SELL. I understand it’s impressive to say you sold $100,000 of products. But you did not, Ms. Chelsea. Unless you collected $100,000 plus tax from your customers, you are big fat liar.

And yes, I’m going to keep calling you out, Chelsea.



      • I could read posts about “The Jamie Show” and the great new soap opera “Chelsea’s Lies” on PT all day long (some days, I actually do lol), plus some Delightful Dacia trying to be paid to sell maxi pads and household cleaners (but the Dacia threads have been super quiet, has she not done or posted anything ridiculous lately?) thrown in.

        And if either could refute WITH PROOF any of the “negative” (but very truthy!) things posted here, you’d think they would present proof. Hmm, I wonder what it means that we haven’t seen any proof yet from either? Oh yeah, they’re too busy working their “MK business”, breaking records and enriching lives, to bother with sending any proof to that lazy looser website.

  1. On the last day she was asking for one more to sign up at $30. Did she have so much unit attrition that she was short bodies at year-end? I can’t imagine it would be good use of her time to try to get a new $30 recruit to pony up an order in the final hours. I can’t imagine that the $30 people generally order inventory at all, let alone make that decision on the spot.

  2. “saying she sold $100,000 of products. It’s laughable.”

    It is laughable. Thank you Tracy for exposing these antics. I’ve received quite an education on Pink Truth.

  3. It’s nonsense like this that keeps most people from taking MLM seriously. Nearly every MLM (including Mary Kay) pretends they’re not MLM because it has such a bad reputation.

    It’s not just the lying. It’s also the sad, sad spectacle of social media posts trying to gin up excitement: “OMG y’all, I’m just so excited about my new car!! Look at this picture of me pretending to joyfully scream at the unveiling at the dealership!!!” (Long string of emojis.)

    You can’t put on displays like that and expect to be taken seriously as a businessperson. It doesn’t play in Poughkeepsie, or anywhere else. Most résumés with MLM listed as experience end up in the round file for a reason.

  4. Um. God doesn’t care how much skincare and makeup you convince your downline to order. In fact I’m pretty sure God is kinda pissed at you for convincing women to max out their credit cards and keep massive stockpiles of products they will never sell.

    *God up in Heaven turns to Jesus: “Son, get the whip.”

    • “In fact I’m pretty sure God is kinda pissed at you for convincing women to max out their credit cards and keep massive stockpiles of products they will never sell.”

      But that was her “goal”. She reached her goal! Aren’t you proud of her for accomplishing her goal?

      Aside from passersby learning that Mary Kay is an MLM scam, I hope they are also catching on about these con artist terms and how they trick your mind. Words like: opportunity, successful, work, skills, negative, hater, faith, believe, goals, etc.. Examples:

      – Opportunity to do what? Con people
      – Successful doing what? Scamming others
      – Work at doing what? Lying to people
      – And so on…

  5. I’m not even religious, but her post and use of the ol, I’m a god favorite, makes me mad for religious people.

    So if this were all God, and we assume all people are worthy of God’s love, why does He make your business skyrocket but not others? Remember, we said this was all him.

    That’s a very toxic statement for those who acknowledge their business is failing. It tells them ‘God loves me less.’

    • It is toxic, and it has the double-whammy of consultants also thinking “God doesn’t love me any less than Chelsea, therefore, any day now He’s going to bless MY business, too! I just have to have faith!”

  6. Meanwhile, the poor consultants in her downline are thinking “If she can sell $100K, I can do it, too. Or, My goals-when I was in- were much smaller…”If She can sell $100K, I can surely sell $10K – 20K, to supplement our income, right?”

    So thanks for calling this out, Tracy. I would’ve quit sooner (and bought a much smaller start-up inventory) had I realized Suggested retail sales does NOT come close to actual retail sales.

    • And Lynnea and Jamie are sure getting their full commission on her product orders!

  7. Chelsea needs to get her cliches in order – God created the world in 7 days, not Jesus, and for the love of pete, It’s Big Girl PANTS you put on, not panties!!! blech

  8. Did she earn the Top Director trip? She’ll need to set aside money for income taxes. The IRS does not accept Timewise sets or beard oil.

  9. Like “Million $ Directors”. Did your unit SELL a million? Nope. Stop lying!!

  10. You know, all that Chelsea needs to do to completely shut down this argument is to produce copies of her sales receipts from last year that show she did indeed sell the $80,000 retail she claims. That’s it.

    Sure, might take some extra work on her end, but doesn’t she have an assistant? And even if it takes more than just a little extra work, isn’t super important that she proves her claim? We know that PT comes up pretty high when anyone searches her name online, and it’s likely that at least some potential recruits who found this site and all of these “negative” things about her and MK got spooked and chose to not join MK. So this affecting her “business” negatively. If the post isn’t correct, and she really did sell that much, I’d think she would be hustling to get those receipts to Tracy, stat. No worries about exposing her customers’ private info; she could black that out. And Tracy wouldn’t post such info anyway.

    So Chelsea and her minions who read this: show us the proof! $80,000 in RETAIL sales for Chelsea in one year.

    • Even easier: just show us the $80,0000 plus tax deposited into your business bank account throughout the year.

      • Or tax returns. Wait…that would require her to actually file them.

        Yes, it happens A LOT in MK.

  11. God: “Hmmm…let’s see: this grandmother has late-stage cancer and wants me to heal her…and folks in XYZ country are starving to death and requesting my assistance…and oh look, there’s Princess Chelss, and she is handing her Mary Kay reins over to me…okay, cool; now, SHE, I’ll help.”

    HEY CHELSS: read that again, and then re-read it, and after that, READ IT AGAIN.
    That is exactly what you are implying.
    You sound RIDICULOUS.
    Your post reads like a bouquet of narcissism, delusions of grandeur, and superiority, all neatly tied up with a shiny little bow of entitlement.
    You should be ashamed of yourself.
    Hopefully one day, you will be.

  12. For some reason I haven’t been booted from a lot of the Facebook director groups, and I just saw some poor director looking for tips to “replicate Jamie’s results” and it was enough to make me cry. These poor women really believe that their heroes are actually making money and that if they can “find a way make a way” to get there too they will be rewarded by finally being able to crawl out of debt they’ve gotten into trying. Sad sad sad.

    • We would absolutely LOVE screenshots of posts like this and the answers that went along with them. It makes wonderful front page material.

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