I Quit Before My Director Debut

Written by Christine

8 months after starting my Mary Kay business, I became a director and earned my car. 3 months later I was supposed to have my director debut with over 200 guests attending. I quit right before the debut.

I came back from from Leadership Conference and just thought, what the hell am I doing??? I’m in a cult, I’ve sacrificed everything this past year. My family time, my friends, my happiness. My everything. My world.

I am so free right now: Mary Kay put me $9k in debt and I lost a year with my small children. I got lost in chasing that carrot that is constantly dangled in front of you. Manipulated into thinking that being a good mom meant leaving them in tears so I could go change women’s life which in turn just put them all in debt.

At leadership an NSD stood up on that stage and said only share positivity with your husband never the negative in your life?? WTF? What kind of marriage is that? He is my partner, I share the good and bad with my husband because he is my everything. They say that because our husbands are not brainwashed and can actually talk some sense into us.

I’m guilty of getting caught up in the designer purses and jewelry which is someone I have never been. End of story I lost a lot of money, but I was able to rebound. Mary Kay will never steal another moment of my life. I took my power back.


  1. “Mary Kay put me $9k in debt and I lost a year with my small children. “

    Thank you for your honesty. That’s a lot of debt in this “business”. If you were doing so well you shouldn’t have had that debt. There should have been lots of profit if it was a real business, which it isn’t.

    Glad to hear that you got out and can enjoy your children. I get that. I also lost out on time with my kids. My youngest was born and I realized that she’s more important than this hamster wheel I’m on.

    And you wrote about not sharing the negative with your husband. They’re manipulating you to break your bond with him. There’s other ways they teach this as well. Sleezy.

  2. It’s so great to read victory-lap stories like this. Congratulations on getting out, Christine!

  3. The whole MK thing is so passe. Just craving more supply to dump- Yes dump-cosmetics at your feet. Many times over the years MK corporate had some type of segway into co- branding (i.e. kohls and sephora), but not enough profit pulled at the top from the con. Con is you get to have a cr$p loads of cosmetics and good luck finding someone to take it off your hands. MK had enough trouble eeking out your money….so you could sit on the product mountain right at your home.

  4. I just finished sending my inventory back yesterday. My husband was helping me sort through it and asked why I kept buying more if I couldn’t sell what product I had already. I had no good answer for him except my director told me to.

    One of my biggest surprises was when I found out we can’t sell at a vendor fair. I learned we can get names to call later. How ridiculous is that? If the fair charges admission, we can sell on site. I didn’t do vendor fairs to “get names” of people who wouldn’t take my call anyway.

    Anyway, my upline is furious with me bc my leaving hurts their bottom line. My husband is proud of me for realizing and admitting I made a mistake. I’m much more concerned about his thoughts and feelings than my uplink’s!

      • Kudos to all who realize the truth and share it. Amazing how one can be a director and get a car and not only not make a profit but get in significant debt. Anyone in LA LA land listening? How about the advice concerning your spouse?? Hello????

  5. Be glad you only lost $9,000. I had way more debt. I even refinanced my house due to debt all because I wanted to be a “Director”. Thought it made me somebody. My director kept encouraging me to order. I was at Seminar with Directors and telling them how bad my debt was and they just told me to sell more. I finally decided I had enough when all I needed was $400 more wholesale that month to keep my directorship. I didn’t care how close. I was tired of the constant debt added. UGH! I was lead to believe how much money I would make every month when I quit my real job. I was a single mother and thought it would bring financial freedom and more time with my son. Oh also you were made to feel like don’t give up cause success is just around the corner. LOL!

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