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When women come through the doors of Mary Kay, they remark how “positive” it all is. If they sign on, they are immediately bathed in an environment of support and praise, and they are taught to value it as a precious jewel, because certainly, it is not like that outside the Pink Bubble. You are in the Mary Kay family! We are sisters! We are doing life together!

We all know that things go better when you are positive. Thinking positive is empowering because it makes you continue to do more towards your goal, and that activity almost always produces results. We, like you, were told not to sit next to negative consultants at meeting, to cut someone off if they try to tell you their problems, and to always talk “up” to someone who is higher up than you, when you are experiencing difficulties. You probably have already experienced that “oops” moment when you shared something negative at your Unit meeting, only to be chastised or worse, given a rubber chicken or a stuffed skunk in order to shame you.

For the most part, Pink Truthers would agree that being positive is productive, and does produce better results than being negative ever will.

This might surprise you since you were told we are a negative website. We know we have been called worse, but honestly, Spawn of Satan or “Pink Porn” is a bit over the top. We are simply you. After the fog lifts.

Pink Truth women (and men) are people who have finally seen through the hype and manipulation and denial and are finally facing the reality of their Mary Kay affiliation.

Don’t forget…we wanted it all to be true! Every bit of it. Here is what we believed Mary Kay truly was. See if you agree:

  • A world wide sisterhood of women supporting women.
  • Mentors who take newbies under their wings and lead them to the top.
  • A company of uncompromising ethics, even to the point of personal loss, just to do the right thing.
  • A charitable foundation out of the goodness of their hearts.
  • A superior product, second to none.
  • A career path that was both challenging and rewarding.
  • A retirement vehicle that was unsurpassed.
  • Fun and goofy girl time, a sorority atmosphere without the catty-ness.
  • A positive lifestyle, with priorities in order.
  • An ability to control who you work with, how much you work, and how much you make.
  • Unlimited earnings with mentoring others and giving of yourself, as your real job.

This is fantastic! What some would say was “too good to be true.” And what else do they say about something that is too good to be true?

Here is what we found, and why we understand that you really don’t want to believe us.

At Pink Truth, we have DIQ’s, Directors, Senior Directors, Executive Seniors and almost-NSDs who put a halt to the half truths, manipulation, spiritual abuse, frontloading, and frankly, the lies, that were told to us and that we were repeating.

Once we did that, we started coming out of the fog, which started illuminating all sorts of things we accepted as “normal” and never evaluated before, because we didn’t want to be “negative” or called “negative.” Being “negative” in Mary Kay is the label that cuts you off from all the positive relationships you thought you gained. It is the kiss of death… and since no one wants to bear the chastisement or shunning of asking the hard questions, no one ever does.

You go on your Mary Kay way wondering if and how others are holding appointments, wondering how she was able to get $2,000 of production in to finish her Mary Kay Car, wondering why someone who was #1 in seminar retail sales in the newsletter never stands up for scoreboard… wondering why the red jackets sitting up front don’t have sales or guests…. wondering why a director who says her highest check was over $8,000 dollars a month, still lives in a 3 bedroom bungalow, wondering how we can say we are a Cadillac unit when the area newsletter  says we did $6,000 for the month… wondering how exactly a Million Dollar unit comes up with $75,000 in wholesale on the last day of June…. wondering why your girlfriend who terminated last year is suddenly on the New Recruit list in the newsletter…. wondering how that DIQ who needed 9 more active with two days to go managed to accomplish what 3 months could not?

The ladies here have ‘fessed up. And while you might be tempted to say well good, all the bad consultants & directors who didn’t do it the “Mary Kay Way” are here at Pink Truth… you still have your own nagging thoughts to deal with. We were “taught” all those “ways” to get the job done… by the women who are mostly still your directors and nationals… or have you forgotten? Don’t kid yourself. We learned “the Mary Kay Way.”

Are you clapping for a star consultant at your quarterly event who has not sold it? Are you clapping for a #1 in seminar “retail sales” who is showing some astronomical amount of retail for just 2 months in the business because the newsletter says so? Have you accepted the doubling of wholesale and posting it as retail sales truth for no apparent reason? Are you clapping and fawning over your winning Grand Achiever, with only 3 of her team ever at a meeting? Do you wonder where the other 9 are… and never ask?

Have you ever seen your director’s weekly summary? Or tax return? Could you ever verify any of her selling activity or income, or did you always just take her word for it when she said she was making good money? When you read your newsletter and see 2 or 3 women with large wholesale ordering amounts and 20 or 30 or 40 or 50 women with $225 orders only, do you ask yourself if this business was so profitable, wouldn’t there be higher consistent orders from longstanding consultants? Do you wonder why when your director boasts 65 Unit members, only 3 or 4 women come to meetings?

If all you do is love the recognition, love the attention, love the feel good camaraderie, and tell yourself surely it must all be real, you are in the fog.

If you know right now that you couldn’t bring up one of these points without being told you were negative, you are in the fog.

If the idea of giving recruiting information to every woman from your customer base makes sense to you, you are in the fog. Ask yourself if it makes sense to turn every customer you have into a competitor? Now ask yourself, how did they get you to believe that this was a good thing? Naw, that’s right…you didn’t want to be “mean and nasty.”

This website has the “I-stories” of women coming clean with exactly how it is all done in Mary Kay. The company has known for years and frankly looks the other way because the “Mary Kay way” is just too damn profitable. You have been told to avoid this site with every fiber of your being, and no wonder.

If you read our stories, and realize we gain nothing from you, unlike your Director, you might be influenced to start asking the hard questions. The “Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)” doctrine has been used like a pair of handcuffs, earmuffs and a blindfold. You are deaf, dumb and blind to what you see all around you, and you march merrily along pretending your business is successful and you really don’t have inventory stockpiling in the closet, basement or garage, or worse, debt on 3 credit cards.

You are sucked in by intermittent selling rewards and you live on morsels; Morsels of sales, morsels of attention, morsels of truth. Chasing the dream with your blinders on, as your upline told you to do, has kept you in blissful ignorance… right where she wants you. It is, in fact, right where she is.

So now click off this page, then. And never come back. Because if you stay here, you will discover that the truth you read here, while painful and prone to produce remorse, disbelief at one’s own actions and humiliation, is positive. When the fog lifts, your integrity will have returned, and you will face what denial has cost you.

Hope you stick around.


  1. Great article, Raisinberry.

    She’s talking to you, MK people who “accidentally stumble” upon Pink Truth. No, you don’t. If you were 100% happy and content and sure that all is well, you wouldn’t have any desire to look at anti-MK websites. You wouldn’t care what anyone else thought because you’d be secure in yourself and your feelings.

    You can tell yourself that you’re reading PT just to point and laugh, or scold people for not doing MK the “right” way (there isn’t one; the MLM system is designed to profit a chosen few off the backs of the 99%) or whatever excuses you want to give, but it’s not fooling anyone here because a heck of a lot of them have gone through the same cycle you’re starting on now. You’re just trying to fool yourself, convince yourself that whatever misgivings you’re having aren’t real and it’s PT’s fault for putting them there.

    It’a not PT’s fault. It’s MK’s fault for not giving you an outlet to discuss your doubts and misgivings in a constructive and healthy manner. They convince you that those feelings are wrong and shameful and YOU’RE the bad guy for having them in the first place.

    And that’s a big fat heinous manipulative and abusive capital-L LIE.

    The so-called “negative” emotions – doubt, fear, anger, regret – exist for a good reason. They aren’t bad as much as primal. They’re your mind’s attempt to protect you from harm. They’re your “sixth sense,” intuition, conscience, Jesus tapping you on the shoulder and going, “hey,” whatever you want to call it, warning you that something important is not right.

    Next time, instead of lashing out at PT, stop for a minute and ask yourself WHY you’re having these feelings, why you felt it necessary to “stumble across” PT and defend a system that’s somehow done you wrong.

    Again, lots of people here have “stumbled” over PT and gotten mad, but the difference is that they stopped to think about why exactly they got so upset, and that gave them the clarity to start asking questions instead of just reacting.

    They de-pinked when they were ready, and they can help you, too, when you are.

    • The so-called “negative” emotions – doubt, fear, anger, regret – exist for a good reason. They aren’t bad as much as primal. They’re your mind’s attempt to protect you from harm. They’re your “sixth sense,” intuition, conscience, Jesus tapping you on the shoulder and going, “hey,” whatever you want to call it, warning you that something important is not right.

      Women are so often told to down-play these emotions in order to protect the feelings of others, especially men. “Keep Sweet” as Michelle Duggar said.

      It’s not for me. Why should I put aside my valid feelings? Why are MK ladies more valuable than me?

      We as a gender need to start and put ourselves, our feelings, our lived experiences first. This is why websites like Pink Truth are still needed. We offer validation to the women who have been lied to, mislead, cheated and betrayed by those that she thought had her best intentions at heart.

      Sorry, not sorry, if my need to acknowledge what (general) you consider negative emotions makes you feel bad.

      • “Keep sweet” basically describes my entire upbringing – never show negative emotions, never talk back, especially to authority (notably my termagant of a mother) and never put yourself forward. Be a doormat, basically, and you know what happens to doormats. It caused me a lot of unneeded angst and harm over the years and undoing it has been difficult and painful.

        That’s why I always make a big deal out of the importance of so-called “negative” emotions and allowing yourself to feel/ express them. They build up until you explode, and you learn not to trust yourself and wind up making bad decisions as a result.

  2. “They’re your mind’s attempt to protect you from harm. “

    It’s called discernment. Up-lines, on the other hand, tell you to “put your blinders on” and to “be too dumb to doubt.”

    Women exploiting women.

  3. I am happily out of the pink fog. Reading this brought feelings of disgust, because I have been that woman. Thank you so much for writing it. I hope it reaches other women still in the fog and it changes their minds.

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