Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid At MK Events

pink-koolaidWritten by SuzyQ

Ever wondered why Mary Kay Cosmetics has events? The events are scheduled specifically to keep you in the fog and get rid of all that negativity that may have taken over in the meantime. (Negativity= anything that may cause you to doubt your commitment to your “dream”)

Let’s look at the calendar… Leadership for Directors (ah, the TOP 2%) is scheduled in January. We are told about the March launch early (always new stuff in Spring, always) and the fee for Leadership includes FREE product, so we can play “show and tell” with our consultants! So exciting! Can’t afford to go? That’s EXACTLY why you need to go!

Then in March, we have Career Conference. Ah, the drama, the excitement! Always a contest to earn the luncheon. The event usually starts on Friday evening at 7PM (You did eat your dinner didn’t you? No food here…) Runs until around 10 PM. Much hoopla and excitement… And don’t forget that your $75 fee entitles you to FREE product. The NEW stuff! Wow!

Breakfast is on your own. Many of us bring yogurt or something. Oh, and there are usually vendors for food, and it’s really fun to pay $5 for a muffin. And if you didn’t earn the luncheon, there are food courts or restaurants or somewhere close to buy your lunch. The event ends at 4PM-ish, sorry about the no dinner thing again. Who needs food anyway? Can’t afford to go? That’s EXACTLY why you need to go!

The countdown to Seminar begins… you can scarcely breathe, the excitement is nearly palpable. Everyone knows that everything happens in the last 3 months before Seminar. Watch closely (and prepare to pay $10/event) as the beloved NSDs hit the road for “guest” events. Guest events are recruiting events, but you knew that, right?

When your directors, bless their hearts, do the line-up and discuss their highest checks, you do know that this check could have been earned 10 years ago, don’t you? The Cadillac directors are always last. They are driving the “Trophy on Wheels” and as such, have earned the utmost respect. You do know that many of them are making co-pays on those trophies, don’t you? Never mind… it’s working for them.

Then all that is Seminar. The culmination of a whole year’s “work.” Wow. A not to be missed event! There really is food this time, included in your registration fee. That’s a relief and such a perk! Can’t afford to go? That’s EXACTLY why you need to go.

Just think… you will get to buy a new dress, shoes and other accessories, hair, nails, perfect make-up— all to impress a bunch of women who don’t care. But it is sooooo cool! Especially if it is 100 degrees and you don’t have the money to hire a cab, or split the cost of a limo, so you get to ride on the shuttle bus or the tram to Awards night. Ah, what an experience!

Then there is the Fall. Nothing much happens from Mary Kay Inc. They did the Top Director Trip, so they are kind of done. Not to despair though… your director and/or NSD will schedule the FALL ADVANCE! Or retreat, or event or cruise or power up day, or fall gathering… something to make sure you are still in the fog, still drinking the Kool-Aid. Still motivated. Can’t afford to go? That’s EXACTLY why you need to go!

Just for fun, start paying attention to the timing of “events.” Read the Applause and all of the heart-warming stories about those who “DIDN’T WANT TO ATTEND _______________ EVENT AND DID, AND IT CHANGED MY LIFE!” It is just amazing how this all happens, isn’t it?

No, it’s not amazing, it’s marketing. Imagine that.


  1. Great summary SuzyQ. And what exactly are they “marketing”? A pay-to-play club membership disguised as a business opportunity. Not only do the club members pay for everything, they do all the advertising and recruiting with their own time on their own dime!

    This while the club owners sit back and enjoy the cash flow paid in by the revolving door of club members. And to make sure no one catches on to all of this…they need to keep planning more and more club activities to keep up the illusion that this is some sort of business opportunity!

    Spoiler alert: You know it is a scam when you find yourself actually paying money out of your own pocket to hear someone else give you a sales pitch for something that benefits them more than it benefits you.

    That’s simply not how it works in the real world. Don’t fall for it.


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