Nothing Has Changed in Mary Kay Since 1980

This is long but worth it. So many of the scripts and catch phrases are still the same, more than 40 years later. Mary Kay is a horrible, horrible scheme that has robbed women of billions of dollars with lies about financial freedom. And they perfected the scam many decades ago.


  1. No mention of a husband or the father of those kids. I wish that video had a running tally, in the corner of the sceen, of the money she spent at each step…especially those trips. At least she admitted the DIQ week trip was at her own expense.

    But having more time for her kids? Maybe she is able to carve out an hour a day to meet the kids coming off the school bus, but as a director she can say farewell to family time on evenings and weekends. And don’t even think about bringing those kids to any Mary Kay functions!

  2. The enthusiasm song is so cringy. It’s reminding me of the video from Waverly Copelands wedding where they got up and sang it. Imagine what the groom’s side of the family thought of that.

  3. Nothing has changed in 50 years. MK loves to tout that they’re a modern company and “this isn’t your grandma’s makeup.” This video proves otherwise.

    The video also is continued proof of the idolatry and worship of Mary Kay Wagner Rogers Eckman Weaver Louis Miller Hallenbeck Ash.

  4. “In Mary Kay you have to earn promotions; you can’t buy them”. Oh, really? All those DIQs who “finish production” or pay for a recruits’ starter kit say that’s a lie.

  5. The sixth sentence in talks about “dreams”. Ten sentences after that, the recruitment pitch starts.

    MLM then, MLM now.

    They all look like a bunch of cloaked monks heading to a Jesus revival.

  6. Their make is so bad.
    Yesterday a lady at a picnic said her neighbor gave her a whole bunch (we know what this means) talk about un-blend-able eyeshadows dry eyeliners and mediocre mascara. And it wasn’t even expired.

  7. There may have been a chance to make money at this stage but there sure as hell isn’t anymore.
    Still interesting to see MK in the 80’s around the time I was born. I love old films like this.

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