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Many years ago, I was advised to send the third letter. Not the first or second one I wrote, but the third one I wrote, I could send. I have expanded that wisdom to include the third email. Pink Truth Critics, send us the third email.

There is sound rationale behind this practice. By the time you write and rewrite and rewrite yet again, you have calmed down and are able to articulate your message in a more thoughtful manner. It may have more of an impact if we can actually understand what you are trying to say.

A few more hints for your hate-filled missive, dear lover of Mary Kay:

  1. We have already been told that we didn’t have a gun held to our heads when we signed our agreements or ordered inventory. We’ve heard that no one forced us to do anything, we should have said no, it’s not mandatory it’s a choice.
  2. We have been called lazy loosers and also lazy losers. This site has been referred to as “pink porn.” We have been called terrorists, too, so come up with a new bad name to call us. We are bored.
  3. We have been repeatedly reminded that we didn’t work our businesses enough, or didn’t work them correctly. We wanted to get rich quick without putting in the work.
  4. We don’t consider ourselves to be negative.
  5. We also don’t believe that truth is negative. We believe that truth is truth. Neither negative nor positive. Let’s repeat that, truth is truth.
  6. We talk about our truths. Our experiences in MK. We are not entirely sure how you can argue with that, and we are tired of hearing that our experiences don’t matter.
  7. We’ve heard you say that we just had one bad apple leading us. That your recruiter/director isn’t anything like that. That everyone in your area is focused on selling and lots of women make money. We know better.
  8. If you want to talk money, then scan and attach your tax return to your email. Show us some proof for what you claim. We will block out the names.
  9. Just a little FYI, some of the icky people were women you saw at seminar, wanted to emulate, were on the path to NSD, drove a number of company cars, and were in Unit Clubs, and Courts, and went on Top Director trips. (Just a little reminder that you are not messing with consultants who signed their agreements last week.)
  10. We can out-script you to death and have probably done more recruiting interviews than you have.
  11. If you weren’t questioning MK, you wouldn’t be on Pink Truth in the first place. It’s incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to click on a link on Google or another search engine accidentally.

Thank you for your input, thoughtful Pink Truth Critic. But you’re going to have to get some new material, because we’ve heard it all before. And 15 years after it began, Pink Truth is still going strong. Guess corporate’s plan of waiting for us to go away didn’t really work out so well, did it?


  1. It truly boggles the mind, how in late 2023, going into 2024, there’s sufficient people to STILL fuel the MK Pyramid Scheme. How can that many people still think there’s any real opportunity/money to be made? How is it not BLATANTLY clear that THEY are paying the top .02% of the sales force (upline) with handsome commissions. Think about it this way: IF MK was the opportunity they say it is – WHY DOSEN’T EVERYBODY SELL IT? In speaking with many women, and asking specifically about MK, I’m told things like: “I don’t ever use MK, I don’t know anyone who does/why would I buy makeup from a stranger?” ONCE I was told “my daughter and I tried selling it, but we gave up after like 6 months, because you can’t really make any money.” I’m nearly forced to conclude that MK’s days must be numbered. If not just due to cultural shifts, then because folks can’t afford to keep going further into debt, to fund others paychecks.

    I admire Tracy, for keeping this site going, all these years. Also, the others who take the time to write well thought out articles. As mentioned in today’s piece: Critics, please prove your success, instead of saying you’re successful. Talk truly is cheap.

    • Yes! Actions speak louder than words. This article should be reposted often. I am also amazed MK is still in business. However it is shrinking and MK Corp has been streamlining and reducing their workforce from what I hear. They would have to as their salesforce shrinks. One can’t survive without the other. The Dallas Morning News ran another article again about Mary Kay’s grandson taking over the reins. As if that’s going to attract more people to sign up as beauty consultants. I doubt it.

  2. Suzy Q 4. We don’t consider ourselves to be negative.

    Or bitter or any other forking words that are used to diminish our experiences. Our emotions are valid and so are yours. just because (general) you haven’t experienced them does not mean that they are not the correct response to a situation.

    Please allow us to fully express how we feel with out gatekeeping/gaslightling/girlbossing out emotions.

  3. Well, this website does not allow promoting of Mary Kay. It does, however allow different opinions unlike MK run Facebook pages run by consultants where no criticism aka critical thinking is permitted
    I vote to stop publishing the letters, unless anything new is argued cause the letters I don’t even read them all anymore o just scroll to comments.

    By the way we know MK is “dual” marketing. MK sells to consultants and it stops there cause the products are overpriced. That’s why it ends up in land fields. I bet MK could get away with not even putting any product in the boxes or contacts and consultants wouldn’t even know.🤣 not funny actually 😞 sad

  4. Oh have you all seen the new MLM Seint? Wowzer. $16 to $20 a pop for a tiny tin of makeup. They promote it on TikTok, like it’s God’s best invention. They also promote the falsehood of no minimums, when, in fact, you do have to spend a certain amount of money to be able to get the “discount. “


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