Friends for Life in Mary Kay

[rerunning this piece from our archives because it’s so powerful]

Women in Mary Kay are often heard talking about the lifelong friends that they make. You hear them talking about “doing life together.” It’s such a sisterhood! You make the best girlfriends in MK.

Until you leave.

Then you are shunned. Women in Mary Kay will avoid you like the plague because they are afraid your “negativity” will rub off on others. Really, what they fear is that you will share the truth about the scam with others.

Former top sales director Kelly Brock found out the hard way. She quit Mary Kay  in 2020. And following her departure, she told us about how MK almost ruined her marriage and how MK basically sucks the life out of you. She was making an average of $8,000 per month in commissions, but left to become a life coach.

Kelly was asked on Instagram whether she lost friends when she left Mary Kay. The answer, of course, was yes. She lost “a ton of people” who she thought were friends. She’s now thankful they dropped her, and I don’t disagree. With friends  like that….

It gets worse. (But we at Pink Truth already knew this.) People in MK were told to NOT work with Kelly. So Kelly now mentions GROUPTHINK, which is everything that Mary Kay is founded upon. She also says “It was actually crazy to be rejected bc I changed.”

I’m curious…. Did Kelly really NOT know that women who leave Mary Kay get shunned? Did she never do the same thing? Were there women who left … and Kelly never spoke to them again because they were no longer part of the club?


  1. When you are running a fake business, it should not be a surprise to discover that your relationships in the fake business are also fake. Just like the fake interest shown in strangers as part of “warm chatter”. And let’s not forget the fake success of “fake it ’til you make it.”

    How about that fake spa day, or the fake facial? Fake awards for fake sales? Fake drawings (where everyone wins the drawing)? Or the fake contests where no one actually wins?

    How could any of this not lead to fake outrage when some decides to step back out of this fake world and back into the real world?

    The emperor’s clothes are fake, after all. Of course the emperor will disown you for pointing this out.

  2. I’m glad things are working out for Kelly now BUT a life coach? She can’t spell the word “lose” and her writing is a little hard to follow.
    I remember a few of the original NSDs writing books and charging consultants to speak at their events. The scam that keeps on scamming.

  3. “Did Kelly really NOT know that women who leave Mary Kay get shunned? ” Yes, but she thought that somehow it would be different for her … because.

    • Exactly. Everyone thinks “it’ll be different for me; I’m special; I’m nothing like Whatsername, who deserved what she got in the end….”



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