Mary Kay Sales Director Suit 2020

Here is the first look at the Mary Kay sales director suit for 2020. What do you think???? I’ll add more pictures as they are sent to me.
More pics! Thank you BestDecision!


  1. morningstar

    cabbage patch comes to mind! And the old hee haw show! Cheap looking and the mix of materials a flub!

    The hound tooth jacket is ok boxy but ok, however what in the world is sewn onto the hem of the jacket. Left over from the ’60’s airline stewardess collection! I am not a perfect clothes person but I sure get delight in the fact they have to purchase and wear this all year. I notice the sheath dress, not sure if it is part of the venue or not. That dress is the only thing decent, and you can buy them anywhere. It is a St John copy using poor materials.

      1. BestDecision

        That’s exactly what I thought! The flowers are hideous, and the blue fabric doesn’t drape well. And WE are the losers for not “getting” to wear of them anymore??

  2. DonewithMK666

    I am so glad that number one I don’t have to spend the money to wear that and number two that I don’t have to wear that and number three yeah I don’t have to wear that!!! That is probably the ugliest suit I’ve ever seen Mary Kay come out with!!

    1. MLM Radar

      Notice the rank-based styles. The lowest ranking Directors get the ugliest combinations. And this year they’re really bad.

      The dark blue jacket looks like a patchwork quilt. Neither the pink nor the blue blouse matches at all.

      You have to be a high ranking scam artist to have the privilege of wearing the white blouse.

      Heaven forbid you’re a Red Jacket. You can choose a sweater already covered with pills, or a … what is that red and white thing? A bunny parade?

      1. MLM Radar

        The skirts make the skinny fashion models look like they have paunchy bellies.

        I don’t even want to imagine what they’d look like on size 14 hips who weighs over 140 pounds. I’m glad I won’t have to find out.

        Are there any women on the selection committee?

        1. MLM Radar

          That red and white thing reminds me of the winter coat I wore in 1968. Same pattern, but black and white and much smaller bunny diamonds, so my coat looked a LOT better.

  3. morningstar

    The fake smile on her says it all! It is the one she uses for the MK business. The comments here are priceless.

    Can’t tell if it is snake print or flowers on the jackets, THAT is how cheap this looks!

    And love the racks of the gauche clothes in back of her, ready for the burn pile IMO.

  4. Subu

    Bear in mind that I have little interest in “fashion.” That said: is that a black dress with a blue jacket? Are black and blue supposed to go together like that? And I’d it just me or does the blue of the print not match the solid blue?

  5. Shan

    Why do they keep using that heavy dated material?

    I thought I liked the longer jacket, but putting the whole suit together makes it all look bad. And they spend money on this garbage!

    No thanks, that big girl club isn’t something I want to be part of.

  6. Coffee Queen

    okay. I like the blue short cropped jacket but not with that skirt. Pair it with a black cigarette pant and booties and it would be super cute. But that skirt doesn’t work with it at all.

    As for the other 2 styles, they are dated.

    The red jackets…. super ugly this time around.

    And I have no idea why they can’t wear pants. It was one of pet peeves with MK. They are trying to attract the younger crowd (which at 36, I am not anymore), they need to come into the 21st century.
    Women can look professional and put together with a more casual look and pants.

  7. Lazy Gardens


    The contrast side-panel is not slimming, the jacket lengths are unflattering, and the SD suit looks like they were trying to cobble together something out of scraps on the workshop floor.

    1. TRACY

      The suit itself is all about reinforcing the class system. The haves and the have nots. Don’t you want to be part of the “big girls club”…. which is evident by the uniform.

      And they change it every year because the directors get sick of it. And every time they change it, there is a new shiny thing to parade around to non-directors to get them excited about moving up again.

      1. MLM Radar

        Directors come and go like a revolving door.

        You need THIS year’s suit to show that you’re still a Director.

        If they didn’t change the suit every year you could be a “fake it til you make it” pretend Director after you “stepped down” while you’re going through DIQ again.

        Being a “fake it” Success to the outside world is one thing. Being a fake Director with MK insiders will probably get you shredded by Drusilla and Anastasia.

  8. BestDecision

    Hey, Directors! You’ve got to be excited about going home to convince your unit they need to be wearing this hideous suit. Instead of coming home and resting and eating well, you’re now going to hunt for your next Gold Medal and offspring, aren’t you?

    Lift the lid on that pressure. Get out while the ship is sinking!

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