Mary Kay sales directors are currently at leadership conference in Orlando. Mary Kay Inc. loooooooves to create classes of people (as do all other MLMs). There are the haves and the have-nots in MK, and in this instance, the haves are the sales directors. Don’t YOU want to be part of the big girls club? YOU need to be at leadership as a sales director next year!!!!

Sunday night Mary Kay had a private event at Universal Studios. To hear the sales directors tell it on Instagram, OMG OMG OMG look what MK did. They SHUT DOWN Universal Studios theme park for us!!! In reality, it’s typical for private events to be held in portions of the amusement park. But fine. It was a fun event for them.

But then of course there are the national sales directors. That ratchets up this class system. Because don’t all the sales directors want to be NSDs??? Of course they do. (And I love hearing things like NSD in 5 years… just like my director and senior director were saying TWENTY years ago. My director dropped out all together a few years ago, and my senior is still flailing around as a senior director.)

A key aspect of being a NSD is flaunting your wealth and success. And being referred to as “Mary Kay Royalty” on a regular basis. It’s true. National sales directors ARE worshiped. So much so that they use one of my least favorite MK phrases: “sitting at the feet.”

No. I’m sorry, but I don’t sit at anyone’s feet. If you have something to teach me, I’ll sit in a room and receive it. But I am most certainly not sitting at your feet. Not literally, and not even figuratively. I find the phrase condescending and offensive. And yet, it is said all the time in MK and women go along with this.



  1. Have you seen the new blue Director suit with flowers on it? Horrid! Looks like a Home Ec sewing project!

  2. A question: (because their flyer mentions ‘sisterhood’)–Are there many men who sell Mary Kay? How about at the NSD level? I’ll bet there are a lot of men in MK Corporate.

  3. “They SHUT DOWN Universal Studios theme park for us!!”

    That was the mantra. And the uniform was apparently jeans, tee-shirts, and sneakers. Walking around in small groups, staring at their phones. They tried hard to make it look like they were having fun.

  4. “It’s true. National sales directors ARE worshiped. So much so that they use one of my least favorite MK phrases: “sitting at the feet.”” –

    Wait. Haven’t I heard that phrase before? I have! Thanks NSDs, as I couldn’t have said it better myself. Yep. lt’s……….and calling attention to the comparison, but I digress.

    • I know she isn’t listed in Applause because she makes less than $10k per month. She’s trying to develop her coaching business, but it’s weird.

    • Even in June, Roya Mattis didn’t have a $10,000 commission check. The biggest month of the year for orders, and she didn’t do it.

      —Page 7, October issue of Applause

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