Losers on a Beach 2024

Written by Parsonsgreen

In 2022, Jamie Taylor held her first Pink Cadillac Director Retreat. She had 8 directors in attendance:

  • Taylor McKnight
  • Kayla Watts
  • Chelsea Adkins
  • Rachel Ryan
  • Darrian Zuspan (formerly Darrian Walker)
  • Sabra Blevins (formerly Sabra Atkins)
  • Brooke Racer
  • Carrie Cardwell (formerly Carrie Zuberer)

3 directors earned the trip but were not able to attend.

  • Megan Coleman (formerly Megan Wilkes)
  • Vi Tabor (Violette Tabor)
  • Kirsten Simon

That’s 11 Cadillac directors in Jamie Taylor’s area in 2022.

Fast foward to 2024. Just two years later. Last weekend Jamie hosted the 2024 Retreat. She only has four directors in a Cadillac: Taylor, Chelsea, Rachel and Megan. Megan was not able to attend.

Let that sink in. 11 Cadillac directors two years ago. 4 currently.

And remember that despite what they want you to think, Cadillac directors are not raking in money. If a Cadillac director is making minimum production, they are only bringing about $46,800 before expenses.

Jamie invited Lynnea Tate (Her Senior nsd) and her Cadillac directors to attend as well….and only three of Lynnea’s were able to attend. A whopping 6 directors present for the big retreat!

Lots of exciting things on the agenda:

Rachel Ryan was energized from the retreat!

Will Jamie Taylor still be an nsd in 2026? How many pink Cadillac directors will there be at the third retreat? She gives the impression of success, but when you look behind the curtain at the hard numbers of the directors in her area, it looks more like Jamie’s area is circling the drain.


  1. A new baby on a beach probably without sun screen since it isn’t recommended on under 6 months. Sounds like a recipe for sunburn.
    Hopefully the baby was only outside for a few minutes for the pictures.

  2. In the “rules are rules, unless we don’t feel like it or it would make us look bad” world of MK, I wonder if she’ll lose her unit even if she’s alone on the beach next time.

    Tay Tay was their golden girl, their rising star, their proof that the next generation of young fresh NSDs would be born of greed and cutthroat tactics and riding their downlines like rented mules.

    Will they even tacitly admit that it doesn’t work and is totally unsustainable?

  3. “Megan was not able to attend.”

    Why spend money to make that long RT drive to the beach? Just to hear the same old drivel and take some jumping-in-the-air pics…

    Besides, doesn’t Megan now have her own photography business? She may have had appointments…you know, where customers actually want your services and pay you.

    • Yep, same crap. And yet they all gushed about how they needed this weekend so much and they heard such wonderful things, etc. Work harder. You’re the failure. You didn’t try hard enough. It’s not the fact that it’s a pyramid scheme. You are responsible.

  4. “Reflect on God’s promises.” What EXACTLY did God promise you? Because I’m pretty sure pink Cadillacs are not in Scripture.



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