Symptoms That a Director Does Not Have a Strong Personal Business

This is from retired NSD Linda Toupin’s “director boot camp.” I’d venture a guess that almost every single director in Mary Kay fits into 7 or more of these items. (Mostly the broke one!) And not because they’re lazy or don’t want it… but because Mary Kay is a pyramid scheme in which almost everyone will fail.

What do they mean by a “strong personal business”? They mean lots of personal ordering and personal recruiting. As a sales director, you’re expected to carry your unit.

You cannot count on your downline to recruit, so you have to be responsible for bringing in the recruits. And unit production is based primarily on initial inventory orders, so you have to “pull inventory” too. You have to place big inventory orders, even though the money you make from selling products is peanuts compared to commissions on the unit.

Here are Linda’s ten signs that the director does not have a strong personal business:

  1. Lack of confidence.
  2. Lack of integrity. Don’t kid yourself – your consultants know if you held a class last week.
  3. Lack of new recruits in your unit or lack of sharp recruits in your unit.
  4. Lack of excitement at your meeting.
  5. Low meeting attendance.
  6. Family members show frustration with your business.
  7. You are frustrated with your business and begin to doubt if you are director material.
  8. You find yourself only talking to the directors who are not working so that you have something in common. You both wonder should I really be doing this. Lots of doubt.
  9. Lack of belief that Mary Kay is the premier opportunity for women.
  10. You are broke! Yikes! I can assure you that this is not what Mary Kay intended for directorship to look like. You get to this list by no longer continuing to do what put you in the suit.

Remember you will remain the same until the pain of remaining the same is greater than the pain of change.

The great news! Your business is not terminal… it can be healed.


  1. The even better news… it’s not you that’s broken, you’re doing exactly what the system needs you to do!! Keep ordering, keep bee-lieving, keep those credit cards open and loaded with product “you know you’ll sell.”

    But now, the BEST news. Swallow the pride pill. Do a web search or why this “business” might not be working for you. Flip the lights on. Clear the pink fog. IGNORE the sunk cost fallacy – it’s not too late to change your mind. Get out!! 😃

  2. 11. You don’t yet have enough people losing money in your down-line to produce a profit for you. Get busy recruiting more money losers into your downline!

  3. “10. You are broke! Yikes! I can assure you that this is not what Mary Kay intended for directorship to look like. You get to this list by no longer continuing to do what put you in the suit.”

    What most lilkely put her in the suit (rolleyes to infinity) was her own director’s greed and ambition. Eager for an offspring, the director hustled her into the DIQ grind without regard for her own preferences and promised the moon for making it: the big money, the Cadillac, the stage walk.

    So she made sacrifice after sacrifice and spent herself stupid to make DIQ only to find out that that pace isn’t sustainable and the products don’t sell and no one wants to join up. Her oh-so-supportive director has moved on to the next new shiny and doesn’t care because she’s got the offspring she wanted. Instead of the moon, her rewards are so much stinky cheese.

    But of course she can’t quit, because only quitters quit and no one wants to be a quitter, right?



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