Layering and Personality Types

Layering is a technique in which you keep contacting a potential recruit with recruiting information every few months until they tell you to jump off a cliff or sign up to be a Mary Kay consultant.

I recently came across a handout that recommends various techniques, depending upon the DISC personality type.

First we list the biggest fear that each personality type has. Of course, any good recruiter uses as much emotional manipulation as possible related to that fear.

D (Dominant)

Biggest fear: being taken advantage of

Ask the recruit: Which of your qualities or experiences would make you successful at Mary Kay? Can you see yourself working a plan where you are the boss?

Layering tools: Applause magazine, checks, Income Projection Brief (including director figures), personal note respecting her position, “Consider the Possibilites” video

I (Influencing)

Biggest fear: loss of social recognition or status

Ask the recruit: Can you see yourself holding parties, earning prizes and driving a company car? Do you like working with women?

Layering tools: Applause articles from Seminar, Career Conference, Mary Kay events, Look Book, show her the star brochure, seminar recap vide

S (Steady)

Biggest fear: creating relationship turmoil

Ask the recruit: How do you feel about a company that asks people to keep faith first, family second and career third? Can you see yourself investing time in a program where you could get what your family needs while keeping what you value?

Layering tools: Income Projection Brief, Mary Kay events, show her pictures of you with your Mary Kay family at events, “12 blessings of a MK business.”

C (Compliant)

Biggest fear: inability to follow the rules

Ask the recruit: Are you teachable and trainable and can you work a proven system? Do you like having control over your time, work habits and income?

Layering tools: Applause product articles, Income Projection Brief, talk about 90% guarantee, “Consider the Possibilities” video, “12 blessings of a MK business.”

Layering tools for every personality:

  • A three-way call with your sales director
  • Have her check out the Mary Kay website or your personal web site
  • A personal note detailing some of the above benefits with emphasis on why she would be successful in Mary Kay
  • Linda Toupin’s “Choices” tape
  • A specific story that matches hers from, and finally,
  • GREAT customer service is one of the best layering tools you can use. Keep booking classes with her and show her your successful business.


  1. When I was being recruited, the sales director pulled a MK check out of a folder of promotional stuff and acted like, “oh, what is this doing here!” I thought it was so fake and tacky that she did that, plus she showed me how much it was for. I was still stupid enough to sign up. “Stupid tax” as Dave Ramsey would say, but I did return my products.

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