Sales Directors

Grand Prix Director Suzanne’s Earnings

We’ve discussed many times how little money the vast majority of Mary Kay sales directors make. The Premier Club and Cadillac directors are a tiny percentage of total directors. They are seen as the cream of the crop… the best directors… making the best money…. executive incomes for part-time hours.

Yet again I have figures for a Premier Club director who is barely making a living. Check out her director income below, and remember that the actual cash in-hand is the “Total Director Income” less that “Career Car” amount. Who could support a family on that?

The worst part is that this woman has been a director for 20 years. She’s got THREE offspring units too.

Do you notice that this director took a big pay-cut in 2006? Word on the street is that this director is working just as hard as before. Something must be making an impact…

Don’t forget that business expenses must also be subtracted off that income, which could easily be $10,000 or more. Easily. Now if the Premier Club directors are making this little, can you imagine how little the Grand Achiever directors are making? (They are one step below, and the vast majority of the sales directors are at that level.)

So much for the lucrative life of a Mary Kay sales director. I sure wouldn’t want to be treading that kind of water for twenty years!


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