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Stalking Potential Victims on the Phone


This is a highly recommended script to be used when a potential Mary Kay victim (either customer or potential recruit) has been avoiding you like the plague.

We’ve all been there… You show up for the appointment, see the curtains move, but no one answers the door. You go to your car, call from your cell phone, but no one answers. You call and leave messages, and you maybe even call while blocking your number. You can’t get through to her and she won’t call you back. Try this script:

Hi, _____, this is _____. I’m calling because I’m beginning to worry about you. I’m nervous that something bad may have happened to you. I’ve left several messages and I’ve even dropped a note by your house. It’s so unlike you to not return my calls – are you okay? I’m also worried that you may not be returning my calls because of this class we have booked. Please don’t worry about that … I’m not! I just want to know what you are okay. Please call me! Bye.

So when all else fails and you’re desperate to speak to the victim who clearly doesn’t want to have anything to do with you, fake some concern and hope that it makes her call you back so you can personally badger her.

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