You Earned That Mary Kay Car… Now What?

Now you finally earned the Mary Kay car and you get to go pick it up. So what can you expect to have to pay for and what does the company offer? Well, here are some answers for you:

First, you’ll want to have a fabulous party at the dealership so you can show off and have some great pictures! You’ll get to pay for it, unless you charge your unit members to attend (I am sure this has been done before) – then they can pay for the party for the car that they paid for! Woo-hoo!

Now, remember this is a leased car, so when you return it, it’s got to be in pretty darn good condition, or any repairs that are needed come out of your commission check. I’ll bet that MK Corporate goes to a reasonably priced auto body shop though. *giggle* And all the regular vehicle maintenance? I remember my director saying, “Oh, MK pays for all that too!” Uh, no Mrs. Director, they don’t. Some stuff is covered though: tax, title, license and state inspections, where applicable – well actually, you pay for some of that and then wait to be reimbursed.

Mary Kay does pay for your insurance, well, part of your insurance. If you are eligible (just like any insurance company, you can be denied this coverage, or dropped like a hot potato after a claim), you’ll have a monthly insurance payment of $73. You can lessen that by $20 by taking an 8-hour defensive driving course, which will be great for your business anyway because just think of all the 15- and 16-year-old minds that you can start molding with pink dreams (i.e., future recruits that can help you earn your next car in two years!). Another $20 can be knocked of if you make no collision claims in a 2 year period, which basically means that discount doesn’t kick in until your second car. Oh, and don’t think those deductibles are going away – $500/$100 for claims comes out of your pocket or can be collected from your commission check.

So the time comes that your lease is up and you want to keep the car. Well, you can do that. MK will send you the paperwork with the current value for purchase. If you aren’t the one driving it, it’s your responsibility to repaint it and/or have all MK striping and medallions removed. Honestly though, how successful are you if you’re driving a car that’s two years old? Although having a car that isn’t pink sure is appealing. . .

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  1. Foxeh

    I remember when my old Mary Kay lady first started pestering me. In a dreary hour long phone call that I half-paid attention to, I heard her mention something about cars and if I wanted a low payment on them, which is irrelevant to me, considering I’m completely focused on my schooling, have a car that is in my family’s name instead of some company, not to mention its fully paid for and I don’t handle the payments for car insurance.

    Is there a list of the cars earned? I heard she earned a Chevrolet Cruze recently (that must be the “starting” car, because her “team” recently became a “car team”) Just curious to see how the money matches up.

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