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Mary Kay Manipulation With Slogans

Written by Raisinberry

One of the devices used to achieve mind-numbing compliance with all things Mary Kay was the use of the slogan. We were led down a path of little to no resistance because no matter what ugly objection surfaced in our heads, we had a cancel, cancel, canceling thought that fought back. The slogans shut down our concerns, convicted us of Mary Kay sin, aroused our enthusiasm, and otherwise controlled our thoughts.

No critical thinking allowed here! “You become like those you hang around”, and what do you know…we did!The de-pinking process is both painful and grotesque. But taking a page from Mary Kay’s book, it seems wise to create a new set of slogans that can replace the old, with accurate information. Maybe even a little humor to help us in those days of regret, and wisps of embarrassing memories.

As we all know, it’s a brand new Seminar year, and no doubt the Seminar attendees all went home with new slogans to light up their behinds and achieve Directorship. I am guessing, “Plan for Plum!” or ”You’ll be really keen in Aubergine” It’s been said that the truth will set you free. It is time to fight back the head trip that is Mary Kay with some slogans of our own. Something like:

“Fight the Lure of the Purple Hamster!” Or, “Your finances end up lean if you put on Aubergine!”

Then we can go after standard Mary Kay fare like,” You have to get out, to dig out.” (Showing up only meant more mind control)

“What you think about you bring about” can be changed to, “When I thought about it, I got out of it”

Then there’s “Believe and You will achieve”. I don’t know about you, but I believed long and hard, and what made it all happen was that 4th credit card that showed up. I guess there are some people out there that want to believe God answers your miracle prayer by sending you more plastic. How about, ”Evaluate and you will do great!”

“Find a way or make a way”, is the one that seems to have been our biggest problem, and might be better sloganized as truth. “Making it happen at any cost is just a manipulation of women equally lost.”

Then we could also come up with some pinktruthisms. You know, slogans unique to our healing and recovery.

“Lazy Loosers we are not, there are more car winners here, than at your local lot.”

“Negative Nellies do exist but not on PinkTruth where truth, persists!”

“Enriching women’s’ lives is a motto that endures, but what Mary Kay’s real objective is, is more purple hamsters.”

With the amount of creativity on this board, I expect thousands of motivational slogans will emerge, and truth will be lifted up in our hearts and minds, to replace the brain washing we took that deluded us into believing that SOME DAY, we would finally “make it” like the Dacia’s.

Sure… if you like this sort of work, frontloading the unsuspecting, dangling prizes for orders, and breeding dependence on recognition and significance, even when you know it wasn’t earned.

Now what was that great slogan Mar always said? “Whatever you fervently imagine, ardently desire, and enthusiastically act upon, must inevitably come to pass.” Hmm.

Okay. I fervently imagine Mary Kay Corporation publicly acknowledging that they have known sales to retail customers are negligible and have been for decades, and that consultants are their real customer. I imagine the President making known his desire to reform NSD leadership and stop the abuse and manipulation both financially and spiritually.

I imagine that ibc’s get a real live franchise-type business where they can advertise, and be rewarded for real retail sales promotions, and where Sales Directors arrive in the position due to proven sales success and longevity. I imagine much less consultant numbers but with real live results. I even imagine a retirement program that starts before becoming an NSD, as a reward for all the building work that Exec. Seniors have done. I ardently desire it. And I believe I am definitely enthusiastically acting upon it. Is it inevitable?

Wait. I think I have a more accurate slogan to banter about.

“Whatever you have been told about MLM’s, whatever you want to believe, if you enthusiastically act upon their manipulation, you will inevitably be passing for a hollow shell of your former self.”

And you can quote me.


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