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Imploring Sales Directors to NOT Read Pink Truth

One Mary Kay sales director isn’t impressed by the Pink Truth website and the women who post their comments here. However, I think some things hit home with her, especially when she comments about looking at old inventory on her shelf.

She sent this to a group of Mary Kay sales directors:

 I’ve been reading the comments on here about pink truth…. and I am with everyone else that it’s apalling. I think it’s a great idea that xxxxxxx is going to go to the extra work to check out everyone’s status as a current director…. thanks for taking that extra time from your business to do all of that to help secure our forum.

However, I feel like I need to caution you guys…. do not spend your time going to read what they’re saying about us elsewhere. I did that a few months back when one of our top directors was terminated…. I didn’t know the scoop and I have a real love of gossip — I think it goes back to my days as a teacher when that’s all we had to do outside of class. Anyway, I went to one of those sites to “get the scoop” on her termination — and it was SUCH poison to my spirit. I’m still trying to get the images out of my mind

I’ve heard the saying, Garbage in, garbage out…. but I didn’t understand it until I experienced it myself. You all know that this business is between our ears, and boy, did that place mess with my head. I LOVE my business and believe this is the best opportunity in the land, and yet, I started hearing their negative comments as I’m doing a ready set sell conversation. I thought about what they’d say when I looked at some old inventory that didn’t sell last year. It really made me start to question things I do…. things that I know in my heart are done for the right motives.

Ladies, it’s TRASH and will fill up your head with that garbage!! Don’t go there, even just to see what is wrong and to be justifiably angry!! When we see that stuff, it gives the enemy a foothold! At the risk of being quoted on their sites…. I think it’s like pornography. Some people fall into it out of curiosity, (I wonder what’s on there that’s so shocking) but then it starts to work on their head. Wouldn’t that just be the biggest success for them if they thought they were having an impact on us??

Dacia said at seminar one time that “As long as you’re worried about what other people think, you can’t move forward in this business.” That is SOOOO true, and this is a perfect example of it. We all know that MK isn’t a rip off. The pink truth is that Mary Kay is a company with heart who cares about it’s salesforce more than ANYONE out there! I know we’re not falling for their garbage…. and we all agree it’s pathetic that they are spending their lives, which could be sooo productive, trying to destroy someone else’s dreams. Don’t let them into your head by reading their garbage!!

Let’s stop all this talk about them and their nonsense — let’s talk about how we can all get our $500 bonus this month?? I had a great December last year, and I’ve got some SERIOUS work to do to make that happen this month. Anyone got any good ideas?? I’ve heard that success is the best revenge! 🙂

The Mary Kay sales director may call this site “poison to her spirit” but I suspect that it was more of a wake-up call to her. She saw many, many things she could relate to, but just isn’t ready to admit to herself the truth about the Mary Kay pyramid scheme. I am so happy to hear that she had second thoughts when she was having a “ready, set, sell” conversation (i.e. trying to load up a new consultant with inventory).

For the record, our time at Pink Truth is not wasted. It is spent wisely, educating women about the realities of Mary Kay. Every potential recruit that is saved from Mary Kay Cosmetics is worth it!


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