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Mary Kay Consultants: Predators in Pink?

A review of Mary Kay Cosmetics and our website, Pink Truth with an entertaining account of being introduced to Mary Kay, complete with a discussion of the entertaining (yet factual) discourse received on this site.

Excerpts from the article:

On one side you have former and current “Independent Business Consultants” from Mary Kay Cosmetics spilling the beans about how and why “working the business” doesn’t work. The blog owner, who remains anonymous, has some amazing sources within the Mary Kay power structure. Some of the contributors have been multi-year award winners for ordering lots of inventory and are passing on all the dirty laundry they have for a public airing. It’s an impressive collection of dirt.

The other side, the still-beelieving consultants, usually limit themselves to leaving comments insulting the work ethic of the bean-spillers, and saying that all is well in their little part of the Mary Kay empire and the pink Cadillac will be arriving soon. They all use the same vocabulary and phrasing – either it is one very busy woman or they can only think in platitudes.

The Mary Kay power structure – the sales directors and national sales directors – are rushing around in damage-control mode, trying to keep the lid and the blinders on the sales force. They send emails to their underlings, reminding them to avoid mentioning the nasty blog with all the negative thoughts. The CEO sent a fax to the power structure telling them: “Yes, sometimes ignorance is bliss, and this is one of those times.”

I have never heard a company say “lets keep our sales force blissfully ignorant” before. Occasionally, they send incoherent rants to the directors, about the “PEOPLE WHO JUST WANT TO KEEP UP A BUNCH OF MESS BECAUSE THEY WERE TO LAZY OR TOO EVIL OR TOO SLICK TO WORK THIS BUSINESS IN AN HONEST MANNER”.

(* By a bizarre coincidence, “get out there and work your business” is a phrase a pimp uses to tell his downline to start strollin’ and struttin’ to attract some “business”.)


How did I find out about this hair-pulling match? I was stalked warm chatted recently by a Mary Kay lady. It was disturbing…

Which side do I believe? The “Kaybots” who say that MK is the road to riches, or at least a profitable career? Or the ones who have gone deeply into debt and psychotherapy because of the pressure from their upline (oops, can’t call it an upline) director and national sales director? Too many people are reporting the same bad experiences for it to be a fluke.

Under the pink fluff, the Mary Kay business model is the same old unworkable MLM scam…

I love how LazyGardens draws attention to the Darrell Overcash rant to the nsd’s, as well as Mattie Dozier’s bashing of us!


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