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Silpada Business Opportunity

Details about becoming a Silpada Designs representative, current as of September 4, 2007.

Why Silpada Designs Is Unique

Silpada Designs is the original and fastest growing .925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Home Show company in the United States! Our handcrafted jewelry is just one reason why Silpada Home Shows consistently average $750 in retail sales — nearly twice the direct selling Home Show industry sales average!

At a Silpada Designs Home Show, there is no formal presentation and no pressure. Guests drop in for a “Fun Ladies’ Night out Playing Dress-up with Jewelry,”™ and purchase the things they like. It’s just that simple!

Silpada Designs offers a fun and exciting business opportunity. We’re growing rapidly, but we’re still a relatively young company by industry standards. All markets are wide open for Silpada Designs Representatives!

* Earn as much money as you want.
* Set your own hours.
* Enjoy what you do.
* Set your own sales goals.
* Be recognized for your achievements.
* Earn free jewelry, prizes and vacations.
* Meet new and interesting people.
* Receive the training and support you need to be successful.
* Learn as you go, no experience necessary.

Common Questions

Is Silpada Designs Jewelry sold in retail stores?

No. Silpada Designs Jewelry is sold exclusively by independent Silpada Designs Representatives.

How do Representatives sell the jewelry?

Party plan is one type of direct selling, and it’s simple because the Hostess invites friends into her home or workplace to meet the Representative and to purchase the products. Silpada uses party plan, which we call our Home Show, as our primary method of distribution, but our Representatives can also sell to individuals via phone, fax and e-mail.

What if I have no sales experience?

It might surprise you to know that most of our successful Representatives have never sold anything before. As Silpada’s Co-founders, Bonnie Kelly and Teresa Walsh, say, If You Can Wear Our Jewelry, You Can Sell Our Jewelry!™ Seriously, it’s that easy!

How much time will it take?

You customize your business to your individual goals and desires. You may want a fun diversion in your already busy life, or you may choose a career path with unlimited learning potential. Part-time or full-time – the choice is yours! Your sponsor can help you customize a plan that’s right for you.

Would I be an employee of Silpada Designs?

No, Representatives are Independent Contractors, and they are responsible for filing their own Federal and State Income Tax. Independent Contractors may be eligible to take advantage of the tax savings of running a home-based business.

What is “Direct Sales”?

Direct Sales is a method of getting a product or service to a consumer. This distribution system relies on the services of independent sales Representatives, eliminating the need for a retail outlet for the product or services. The sales through this distribution system are growing rapidly – $28.7 billion in 2002, double what it was 10 years ago.*

Silpada Designs is a proud member of the DSA. Member companies must meet the highest ethical standards, and the DSA works with state and federal agencies to ensure that the public is protected from illegal pyramid schemes. The direct sales industry is now studied at prestigious centers of higher learning like Harvard Business School and described favorably in magazines like Fortune and newspapers like USA Today.

* Statistics from the Direct Selling Association (DSA).

Income Potential

With Silpada, you decide how much income you earn. But, how does $55-$75 per hour to start sound? Based on our national Home Show average of $750, you can earn $450/week by holding two average Home Shows per week, working just 6-8 hours. That’s $1,800 a month!

*You earn 30 percent on retail sales of all jewelry and 15 percent on the retail sales of Belts and Watches. Belt and Watch sales typically constitute less than 3 percent of a Silpada Representative’s total sales.
Plan your potential personal profits:


Averages are based on a 48-week year.
Number of Shows Per Week Total Weekly Retail Sales Weekly Income Monthly Income Annual Income Approx. Hours Per Week
1 $750 $225 $900 $10,800 3 – 4
2 $1,500 $450 $1,800 $21,600 6 – 8
3 $2,250 $675 $2,700 $32,400 9 – 12
4 $3,000 $900 $3,600 $43,200 12 – 16
5 $3,750 $1,125 $4,500 $54,000 16 – 20

When do I earn my commission?

You keep your commission immediately when you make the sale. You do not need to submit your portion of the commission to Silpada and wait for payment.

Are there additional earning opportunities with Silpada Designs?

Yes! This is one of the most exciting parts of our Compensation & Career Plan. By sharing the business opportunity with others, you qualify for commissions on the sales of Representatives that you sponsor. This additional commission opportunity begins with your first Recruit.

Does Silpada have sales requirements, quotas or minimum monthly sales requirements?

There are no sales requirements, quotas or minimums to meet to receive your commission on your personal retail sales.

How quickly can I advance to a leadership position with Silpada Designs?

You can advance as quickly as you choose. You advance by sponsoring other productive Silpada Representatives and participating in their training. The more Representatives you recruit and teach to be successful, the more quickly you advance and the more money you make!

If I am interested in growing a sales organization, how do I recruit?

Potential Silpada Designs Representatives are everywhere! From your next door neighbor to your bank teller, you might be surprised to find who is looking for an opportunity like Silpada Designs. Your Sign-up Kit includes recruiting tools that offer several helpful ways to boost your number of Recruits.

What other rewards can I anticipate as a Silpada Designs Representative?

In addition to the amazing income, you can earn free jewelry, fun prizes, special training opportunities in wonderful cities across the nation, and luxurious incentive trips.

There are so many reasons to join Silpada Designs! Become an independent Silpada Designs Representative and have the chance to qualify for a $5,000 shopping spree in New York. Sign up today to learn all the exclusive details!

Free Jewelry

The Fast Start Jewelry Reward Program allows Representatives to earn as much as $3,000 in free jewelry in their first 90 days. Silpada Designs also offers Representatives Monthly Incentives to earn more free jewelry!

Fabulous Vacations

By reaching sales and recruiting goals, you can qualify for our annual incentive trip, Silpada SOAR. Silpada Representatives have the opportunity each year to qualify for a tropical vacation to various destinations and resorts around the world! Each qualified Representative gets to bring a guest along on this luxurious getaway!

Getting Started

It’s so easy to get started with Silpada Designs. Silpada Designs Representatives invest in their own personal jewelry kits to feature and display at their Home Shows. This gives your Customers the opportunity to “touch, feel and try on” our attractive and high-quality jewelry. To find out more, contact a Representative that you might already know or call the Silpada Corporate Office toll free at 1-888-SILPADA (745-7232). We’ll walk you through the few simple start-up steps!
Start-up Special

* $199 Initial Certification Fee – this fee covers all the necessary learning materials to get you off to a successful start.

* Enjoy as many jewelry pieces, Belts and Watches as you want at a 50 percent discount!

Plus, the more jewelry you buy, the more money you’ll save on your Initial Certification Fee!

* Pay only $100 for your Initial Certification Fee with your purchase of $1,500 retail ($750 your cost) in jewelry, Belts and Watches.

* Pay $0 for your Initial Certification Fee with your purchase of $3,500 retail ($1,750 your cost) in jewelry, Belts and Watches.

How would I start my business?

Your Sponsor will begin your training as soon as you get signed up. Invite family, friends and co-workers to host Home Shows to help you get started. You can also host a Grand Opening in your own home to get additional bookings for your new business.

How will I learn what I need to know to be a successful Silpada Designs Representative?

The Silpada Designs Learning System is included in all Sign-up Kits. However you like to learn — through print, audio or video — our Learning System has got you covered. You will also receive coaching and encouragement from your Sponsor, your leadership team, and the Silpada Corporate Office.


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