As the Churn Churns (A Response to Dan Helou)

Written by SuzyQ

A response to the blatant spiritual and religious abuse heaped on Mary Kay consultants by the husband of an nsd.

Okay, came home from being away and SAW DANIEL HELOU’S POST ABOUT KATHY’S NEW CADILLAC . (Just wanted to see if there were any caps left for the rest of us…) Whew.

Just between you and me, this is nuts. I mean, really. Starting with the caps lock and ending with the distorted Biblical reference. It’s Mary Kay at its semi-lowest. I even have the John Maxwell Leadership Bible (*sigh*) and it says nothing in there about MK. It does talk about waiting on the Lord. I will let Raisinberry handle the interpretation because I am on shaky ground here (Biblically challenged) but this rampant use of Bible verses taken out of context has gotten me a little unhinged.

So, Kathy did you or did you not have a Cadillac for a couple of years? You can’t drive one AND take the compensation, too. But, you can drive an old one and take the compensation. So, she has been driving an old one? No biggie, lots of nsds buy their cars or another car that suits their fancy (although the suits at corp are a just little upset by this, I mean the Pink Cadillac is a trophy on wheels and all.)

But anyway, you go girl! You got a big, and I quote Daniel here, “HONKIN’ MACHINE” and I couldn’t be happier. But dog gone it, you are canceling out the positive “Go Green” mission of Corporate. I mean they are planting trees to cancel out the return of the platinum compacts and you are now driving around a “HONKIN MACHINE” that gets about 14 miles per gallon (highway and city mpg averaged, according to the stats on the internet) And that’s okay. I mean really, global warming IS overrated. You recycle, right? Moving on.

My goodness, what really gets me is your ability to spin. Like a spider! You are rejoicing in the fact that “MORE THAN HALF THE SEMINAR ATTENDEES” are NEW? This is good? I beg to differ. Mary Kay is “RENEWING ITSELF?” Au contraire, Daniel. This means that lots and lots of women are searching the internet to find out about this fabulous opportunity are finding that there may be more than a few glitches on that career path. “EACH YEAR THE CHANGES MAY SEEM STRESSFUL” Ya think? I agree with that, and we ain’t seen nothin’ yet. I am glad you are embracing it and you see renewal as VITAL.

I am seeing another foundation line, the on-trend minerals, that will need to be purchased. The Holiday Line will need to be purchased. The new colors and compacts and brushes, and sponges, and of course the shapes of the dual coverage and cream to powders will need to be purchased. The lipsticks. The lip and eye pencils. What a terrific opportunity to EMBRACE change!

I am “GLAD YOU ARE ON A MISSION FOR THE KINGDOM.” We are, too! All of us here at Pink Truth!!!!! See, we do have a lot in common! Can’t wait for the “PHOTO OPS WITH THE BEAUTIFUL PINK ESCALADE!”