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Keep Pushing that Mary Kay Inventory

Here’s an excellent example of a sales director pushing ordering of products. Now of course she’s mentioning the “profits,” but the truth is that she doesn’t really care if you actually sell it or not. Order, whether you can afford it or not… and we’ll even call it “an investment” to make you feel better about it!

You must find $1500 to do this!!! This director needs your double credit for a unit club!!! *puke*

Hi [random unit] –

PLEASE read this email in its entirety–there’s a great script at the end. If you take advantage of the Miracle Set special, you will have an extra $2,625 CLEAR PROFIT for a $1530 investment!! The break down is below. You must find that $1500 somewhere to take advantage of this!!! Even if it took you all year to sell the 34 sets, THIS PROFIT IS WORTH IT!!!!!!!! and…………you will be officially on-target for one of these fabulous Seminar Court of Sales prizes you see on this email.

One last thing worth mentioning…..if we had just 9 consultants plus myself (10 total) order their 34 sets each, with this double-credit special, we would officially be on-target for the $950,000 unit club–just shy of the MILLION!!!! I have heard from 2 consultants so far who are going to take advantage of this AWESOME opportunity with me–who else will join us???? If you cannot order 34, could your order 17 or even 7??????? EVERY MIRACLE SET ORDERED w/a $200 whs THROUGH AUG 15th WILL HELP OUR UNIT REACH OUR SEMINAR GOALS!!!!

Read below (or see/print attachments) and see what this means for you, your family, and your Seminar goals!!!!!!!!


Here is the breakdown:

34 Miracle Sets X $90 Retail = $3,060 Retail = $1,530 Wholesale (you pay)

You will receive:

$1,020 FREE in eye creams PLUS $75 in Facial Cloths FREE

Which comes to: $1,095

Which comes to: $4,155 Retail for just $1530 your investment

PLUS $4,000 Double Credit Year To Date = $ 8,155

National Court of Sales = $36,000

Minus $8,155 = $27,845 (left to complete)

Divided by 2 = $13,922.50 w/s

Divided by 11 moths = $ 1,265 w/s

This will leave you needing just…

$1,100—$1,200 per month to wrap it up!

THINK BIG!! Then Think BIGGER!!!


Contact existing customers. Tell them that you are re-energizing your business and need their help OR OFFER THIS TO ALL NEW HOSTESSES! Tell them that the Miracle Set is some of the BEST PRODUCTS THAT WE OFFER!! You may have to change the wording a lttle to fit your situation. Call me if you need help!

*same tired old script deleted by Tracy to spare you the agony*


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