Let Me Tell You What God Says About Mary Kay

Written by Raisinberry

Recently I posted a tongue-in-cheek rebuttal to the spiritually manipulative letter that was circulating and attributed to NSD Dacia Weigandt (through another author). I value my faith and the Sovereignty of God above all other things. I am a student of the Hebrew and Greek scriptures (over 28 years) and take the call to “rightly divide the word of truth” seriously.

All kinds of people say they speak for God, or God says “this” and God says “that”. They use their “logic” and their knowledge of sermons and other man-centered dogma to be their guiding light.

Most people today get their doctrine through the fast food window, instead of digging deep into whatever holy book their religion uses. As a follower of Christ, and one who has been trained to “rightly divide”, my “letter from the Almighty” was a humorous-yet pointed conviction of all those who attempt to tell us they know what GOD says.

Some who got ruffled by it might want to remind themselves that literary absurdity is sometimes used to highlight the absurd. It was understood on my part that of course, God did not “write the letter.” Apart from HIS revealed word (from which I drew my conclusions), any message that adds to or fails to fully make known His meaning to us in this era, is at best, playful or at worst, deadly deception. God being “partners” in your Mary Kay business, for example, where you lie to women, inflate your earnings, keep important information from them, and otherwise manipulate them, would be a grotesque lie.

Deadly deception does sound dramatic, does it not? And yet, I hope you permit me this illustration. As in days of old, when false prophets appeared they were despised and engendered the greatest of anger from the ones truly called to administer Gods councils on the earth. And rightly so- Paul, the apostle to the Gentiles, warned repeatedly that false prophets HAD ALREADY GONE OUT. By 100 AD, false teaching permeated the Earth, and evidence of it is widespread today. In a nutshell, Paul’s message was, God has provided the remedy to sin and death, and all the Universe will partake in its eventual unveiling. (Colossians 1:16-20) This is not a forum for that particular discussion. But it is a forum for how false teachers get emboldened and gain deadly authority. How is it that we blindly follow any wind of “doctrine”? How is it that we bought into Mary Kay-isms that became our gospel?

Lazy Garden’s post on the Mary Kay Clichés, while proving they stop critical thinking and are cult-like manipulation, also shows that Mary Kay does indeed have a religious “doctrine”. There are Mary Kay-isms that cover just about every question of the human heart! Are these doctrines found on the pages of holy writ? You’ll be surprised to learn, that the scriptures, both Hebrew and Greek, teach the OPPOSITE of typical Mary Kayisms.

“Believe and you will achieve!” is met by “count the cost. He who builds a tower without counting the cost of finishing is a fool” In other words, if you do not have the resources to finish, do not undertake the project! Believing won’t get it done. Believing won’t make you achieve it. Being financially responsible to wait until you have what you need is the formula for success! How would this apply to DIQ for example? It would mean, holding classes long enough to build consistency in personal sales before you ever recruit the 1st team member. It would mean, not undertaking DiQ until you know you have over 200 customers and from that pool, find those who would respond to the “opportunity”. It would mean that “do it fast” is a LIE and insures destruction and benefits only the upline. And it also requires that the sales of products are real and that said products have a market!

“Find a way or make a way” is met by, “In all things, let your yes mean yes and your no mean no”. Finding a way to meet artificial benchmarks while ethics go out the window is a sure sign of following the advice of a false prophet. If you have to exaggerate claims of income, order in someone else’s name, reinstate the dead, or borrow credit cards, your “yes” means nothing at all. You have no honor nor integrity.

“God can’t steer a ship that isn’t moving.” This adage is designed to make you feel guilty because you are not taking steps to acquire more unit members or more production. You are immobile and therefore useless to God..but is that what the scripture says?

On the contrary. Every act you do—whether you know it or not, has been orchestrated by GOD. Sure you don’t feel His hand moving you, but all this while, It was Him. Even putting you into Mary Kay. Did he want you to “win” a car? Perhaps. Was He choreographing the affairs that led to your decision to order product you didn’t need? Indirectly. He says so. He had Paul pen that HE wanted you to work out your salvation in fear and trembling, FOR IT WAS GOD Operating in you BOTH TO WILL AND TO DO, FOR THE SAKE OF HIS DELIGHT! Major doctrinal breakthrough here! God is taking the affairs of success and failure and He is crafting them into a maturity that you will learn from, and be better for, having experienced it.

So while we might resent Mary Kay Cosmetics for all the heartache we have endured, what it is producing in us has far greater ramifications. We are attaining to a greater outcome of His purpose. We get to see what we never want to do again. We get to see how like sheep we have been led astray. We get to redouble our efforts to hold the line of truth in our lives. We get to focus on Our God for truth and diligently seek Him. And we get to show mercy to all those who injured us.

GRACE says, What do you have that was not given to you? Even our knowledge that Mary Kay Cosmetics in its current configuration is totally totally wrong, He still used to bring about His purpose. None of us here will ever be the same. We have been softened by humility and our foolishness. We have greater compassion for those who struggle for a better life. We are more wise, having heard the serpent speak DIRECTLY to our ears, and now will no longer be victims of flattery. What we are all becoming, regardless of our individual “religions”…are women who have more assurance in who we are and what we are becoming, and to prize above all things, our relationships with humanity and the one who made us. Mary Kay has broken us. When we are weak, then He is strong. For that we say, Amen.

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  1. ThePinkStink

    “Every act you do—whether you know it or not, has been orchestrated by GOD. Sure you don’t feel His hand moving you, but all this while, It was Him. Even putting you into Mary Kay.”

    Wow, I needed this. One of my struggles with overcoming the resentment I have towards MKC is remembering when I first signed on I believed deep in my heart that God led me to MK and I had found my calling in life… and after quitting MK looking back on that and thinking to myself, “How could I have been so blind to think God would lead me to financial ruin and heart ache?” But, after reading this, I see maybe He did… and maybe I needed it. Great post.

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