Do It Already. Just Order. God Wants You To.

Religious abuse of the highest order, compliments of Mary Kay nsd Dacia Wiegandt.

The pressure to order unneeded and unsold products is never higher than these last two weeks of June. All the Mary Kay sales directors and national sales directors are “finishing goals” and they don’t want to do it with their own credit cards. They will if they have to, but they’d rather have YOU do it.

Guilt. Shame. Being a team player. Doing it for the cause. Getting recognized. Many, many ways your director will try to con you into buying. I know, I know…. no one holds a gun to the consultant’s head. She shouldn’t buy it if she can’t sell it. We all get that.

And we’ve all been there. We’ve all been under the incredible, syrupy sweet pressure from the director to do “just a little more.” To stretch. To be that team player. To be a leader. Whatever. They pour it on until you break and agree to order.

Here’s a note that’s going around this year as directors are trying to make the most of that “double credit” promotion corporate has going on. So they hold up Dacia’s record-breaking frontloading year as proof that it can be done and we should do it too!

I love this powerful message that Dacia sent to her unit one year – as they broke records! We have exactly 10 days left in this month and in this Seminar year! Miracles can happen! Please take a minute to read this now!

The Last Mile

You have exactly 57 days left in this seminar year.

Miracles are there for the taking. If you had to, you could stand on your head for days.

But you don’t have to. All you have to do is TAKE ACTION. This doesn’t mean THINK about taking action, or plan on taking action, or learn more about what type of action to take, or talk to other people about the action they are taking, or look for other things to try when you do take action – it means TAKE ACTION.

Pick up the phone and dial.
Walk out of your house.
Drive somewhere and get out of your car.
Talk to anyone and everyone. All the time.

This is the last mile of the marathon. This is where you either get real and get serious or you spend the next year wallowing in your justification for why you “couldn’t” make it happen.

To get it done, you will have to give up or let go of something that is holding you back. Much like driving around with your emergency brake on. You can add more gas but you will not hit top speed until you release the brake. Perhaps it is your need to think it’s too hard so you never have to come face to face with your true potential.

You’re probably not nearly as afraid of failure as you think, particularly if most of your failures have been failures of omission. By that I mean all those things you didn’t try or didn’t do. Those are all failures as well – but you had the luxury of experiencing them in private with out the scrutiny of a public flogging. Perhaps more than anything you’re afraid of potential failure or failure in public. A grand, spectacular, “told you so” failure in front of everyone you know. Of having your nose just rubbed in one more thing you said you were going to do and didn’t.

So your job these next 57 days is to be absolutely, down-right Unreasonable about winning in a big way. You’re done with behaving in a reasonable, average, mediocre, don’t rock the boat, “good girl,” unobtrusive, let me see how small I can be sort of way.

No more.

God has been waiting, very patiently, for you to take off your stuffy mental clothes and put on a robe of full-force, give me more, can’t touch this, “you SO need to meet me” attitude that will absolutely dazzle Him.

At the end of June He will want you to account for yourself. Seminar is the place where He can nod his head and say, “you’ve done well.” Or can you see Him shaking his head in disappointment…again?

You WANT to live large.
NOW is your time.
No more waiting.
No excuses.
Action, action, action.
Do it NOW.

Thank You NSD Dacia Wiegandt

Yeah, sure. Do it. No, don’t go out and sell anything, necessarily. Just order. That’s all they really care about anyway.


  1. Scrib

    This is – quite possibly – the WORST example of religious abuse I have ever seen in Mary Kay Cosmetics.

    Did you know Mary Kay Corporate has not one, but two departments set up for dealing with crooked leaders like NSD Wiegandt? In a 2012 radio interview, Mr. Crayton Webb – Mary Kay’s Director of Corporate Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility – said, “We have two departments, one set up just to educate our sales force on how to conduct their business the right way, ethically, responsibly…and we have another whole department that’s just focused on compliance and insuring that our independent beauty consultants follow their agreement and don’t get themselves into trouble by using pressure tactics or other things that are absolutely not okay.”

    I’d certainly consider religious abuse (and Wiegdant’s frontloading, and her blatant lying) to all fall under the umbrella of “other things that are absolutely not okay,” wouldn’t you? Perhaps it’s time for Mr. Webb to have his two magical departments start working on the crimes of Mary Kay’s own NSDs instead of trying to sue liquidators over on eBay.

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