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Close Like the Pros

Written by The Scribbler

Notes from Volume 3 of an Amie Gamboian CD, offering guidelines for closing a potential recruit.

– Women recruit close to the product and the enthusiasm associated with it!

– An objection is nothing more than a question. Clarifying the question is the key through working through objections.

– Say to your potential recruit, “I will openly and glady accept objections!”

– Replying to a statement with another statement will give an argumentative impression. Instead, respond with a clarification or a question! Example:

Potential recruit: “I don’t have the time.”

IBC: “Would it surprise you to know that most women are working full time outside of the home or inside of the home?” (See? You responded with a question instead of a statement!)

Now bring it back full circle, as in. “Sally, since we actually have a plan that could work this into your schedule, would there be anything else you’re concerned about, or can we get you started today?”

– Use the formula, “Objection/clarify/answer question/full circle.” Repeat this like a broken record!

– What if you get the objection, “I want to think about it?”
Say, “Smart women like to think things through – what is it specifically that you want to think about?” They normally do not answer because they have nothing to think about. Whatever she does answer is her key objection – FEAR.

Respond with, “Is it really just fear that would hold you back? I understand, because I feel, felt, found…”

Or, “Can I just tell you why I think you’d be great?” (One or two compliments) “I am looking for women to cash out the FEAR ticket and cash in the FAITH ticket.”

Or, “How would you know unless you tried?”

Or, “$100 could change your life!”

The smokescreen is the first 3 objections. If you’ve not signed her up after 3 objections, follow-up in 24-48. Decisions made after 48 hours are based in fear.

Say to her, “I want your decision to be 100% based on faith, not 100% based on fear. Faith decisions are made on instinct. Is there any reason why I can’t call you tomorrow with your decisions?”


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