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Ways I Will Make a Mary Kay Sale

848543303_a7bdcc1ce0_m.jpgWritten by So Lost In Wisconsin

I am writing to all of you customers out there.  Hopefully, before your next “skin care class” you will take a moment to read what I will do during the close of the class to get you to buy.

If you read nothing else of this article, please read this.  I will make myself look small and insignificant and make you look large and superior in order to make the sale.  And, I will succeed.  Here’s how.

1.  I will take you to a private area.  It may be another room, or a quiet corner of the same room.  I will take you away from the rest of your group under the guise of “your privacy.”  But it’s not.  I am taking you to a private area, because it is easier for me to make a sale when your friends aren’t right there, encouraging or discouraging you to buy.  It’s just you and me.  And I will get you to buy as much as possible.

2.  I will sit on the floor and make sure you sit on the couch or a chair in front of me.  Why?  I am making myself more approachable.  When you are looking down on me, I look small.  You are making the decisions here, and I am in no way influencing you, or are threatening to you.  I’m on the floor.  Below you.  Subserviant.  I am now here to help you.  But you don’t need my help.  You are above me.  You are in control.

3.  I will then touch my face and ask, “How does your skin feel?”  You will automatically mirror my actions, and touch your skin as well.  And, you will tell me that it feels great.  That’s when I go in for the kill.  I will say something to the effect of, “Let’s get you started on the (insert skin care product here.)  Did you want to customize an “I deserve it all bag?””

If you say no, I will say, “So just the skincare set, then?”

If you say no again, I will say, “What can I do for you?”

During all of this, I will not say a word until you speak.  Here’s why.  The person who speaks first loses.  So after I ask each question, I will zip it, and not say another word.  You will feel pressured to buy something, because I’m not talking.  Once you choose an item, I will suggestive sell more.


You say, “I want to get a lip gloss.”

I will say, “How about a lip liner for that?”

If you say yes, I will suggest a lipstick.  If you say no, I will still suggest something else.  I will play this game until I get three nos.  Once I have heard no from you three times, I will stop.

4.  If, for the sake of argument, you buy nothing, I will still give you a bag with a catalog in it.  Or a recruitment video.  Everybody walks away from me with something.  Why?  Because the next person coming in will see that and will feel compelled to buy because you did.  They don’t know you just booked a class yourself or just have a catalog.  Suckers.

5.  Don’t tell me what you want, but say you have no money.  Because I will take payments.  I will take installments.  Or, I will offer to do a class for you so you can get $75 for $25.   Because I will only lose a little money, and that will be made up by your friends who buy stuff.  I will also take credit cards, cash, checks, and a combination of all of it.  I will take whatever you have in order to make the sale.

If I don’t make the sale with you, I will be calling to book a class.  Or to watch a video.  Or to be a model.  So don’t express any interest in anything I have to offer.  You will never get rid of me.  So, if your friend has a party, stay home.


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